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According to David Jubb, who has done the breakthrough work in this realm, life extension and health optimization require protein and antioxidant synthesis. Colloids of life and lifecolloids (spores), he says, are the real primordial building blocks of life, not the body cells. These colloids comprise the body's flora, whose vitality is crucial in creating sustained good health and long life. Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation focuses on how to optimize this bio-terrain, giving readers solid information about the science and techniques for reclaiming that inner terrain in relationship to protein and antioxidant synthesis. In a world of health practitioners who talk only in terms of disease, Dr. Jubb's focus is on the forces that allow health to flourish. This work represents a nontoxic, natural approach that gently creates a symbiotic relationship among body functions that contributes to overall health. Chronic fatigue, digestive insufficiency, cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune challenge are all demystified in this important work.






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This book provides a scientific explanation for cancer through an analysis of the blood. The Jubbs explain how LifeFood nutrition—a diet rich in vegetarian foods found wild in nature and served uncooked—can detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Included are four herbal formulas for making colloidal medicines for proper hydration. These alkaline beverages can be readily absorbed to purify "dirty blood"—acidic and full of toxins—making the body inhospitable to cancer. Secrets of an Alkaline Body is informatively illustrated and includes testimonials from clients who have successfully cleared cancer from their bodies using the Jubbs' techniques.








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Life force foods are those found wild in nature and served uncooked. A life force diet is vegetarian, and mainly vegan, congruent with the philosophy that good food choices promote a sustainable future on the planet. This book applies life food principles to daily life. The authors explain how the LifeFood diet can strengthen the mind and body, and show how to make lotions, tinctures, and potions with food. With illustrations throughout and over 150 easy to follow recipes to maximize health and well being, this book features such dishes as Aztec Quiche, Emerald Broccoli Soup, Spicy Ginger Tofu, and Pina Colada Cookies.





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 A Phoenix Fastician is a doctor of the future who educates one how to take care of the body. Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation Lifestyle Therapeutics has evolved as a true healing therapeutic that addresses imbalance at its root. Able to read the body’s signs, and having applied what is universal, the Phoenix Fastician does away with focusing on related symptoms and helps an individual empower themself with the ability to allow nature to heal. A major cause of dis-ease is toxicity, thus natural healing involves clearing obstruction from the body. Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation proceeds in a manner that is progressive and sequential, so cleansing occurs within the body’s capacity to maintain vitality. This revolutionary process and applied knowledge redefines how to assist an individual to take care of one's health. Dr. Jubb forwards that a true healing therapeutic involves changing one's lifestyle. (279 pages)

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           The more one keeps a blank screen,

This is a realization of what is original.

All things arising and falling

on this screen is temporary.

Mindless being is wholeness.

The only necessity of thought would have been to clear up what was dichotomous.

All actions springing from this bare state of mind are noble.

This is where there is only arriving and becoming.

 (116 pages)



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Whole Brain Functioning assumes wellness and excellence as innate qualities and thus recognizes the value of primarily focusing on what works and on growing this. Thus, learning occurs best as it taps into experience a person already has.

Pleasure is an important element in creating Whole Brain Functioning and integrated behavior.Pleasure neuro-inhibits aversion, thus any stuck state may be resolved if the resource state is large enough. Change work is framed in fun and adventure.

Playfulness is one of the most flexible states of the human experience. Framing change work in fun is elegant and streamlined.

The body is the mind’s experience of itself.

There is a direct and specific physiology behind each thought, word and piece of behavior. Ninety percent of what is programmed into the brain is proprioceptive (limb placement and movement). Movement is the broadest pathway for programming the human brain.




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Whole Brain Functioning technology is based on the latest understanding in neuroscience, psychology of learning, information theory and linguistics. Researchers probing brain function during states of genius show specific neurological patterning to be involved. David Thomas Jubb, the founder of Whole Brain Functioning technology, has been involved in ground breaking research at New York University into verbal and non-verbal language patterns implicated in states of pleasure and. aversion. Whole Brain Functioning technology shows interest to be the major factor in figuratively lighting the neocortex mantle.

Experiential exercise is used extensively so participants experience and internalize learning and use it immediately in daily life. In this training, participants are introduced to state-of-the-art methodology for and skills in leading, motivating, setting and achieving personal outcomes. Whole Brain Functioning technology is used to weave models and lay down structures that permanently reorganize and imprint patterns allowing participants to live in excellence throughout life. (166 pages)




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Major Topics include:

1.  Instigating Whole Brain Functioning patterns that tap into positive and pervasive attitudes helping facilitate the process of change occurring.

2.  Catalyze Internal Generators that sculpt subjective experience toward preferred Whole Brain information sorting styles while using verb tense and time distortion to re-imprint desired behavioral patterns.

3.  Build State Specific thresholds to compel one toward desired outcomes with layering techniques linking one’s faculty to inspire creative influence of the future.

4.  Reframing Perceptual Filters through expressive and provocative humor, playful exaggeration, creative choice; use of metaphor and trance states to re-focus attention with the desired outcome while desensitizing stuck states by making them seem unfamiliar and ridiculous.

5.  Instrumental Non-verbal Communication is the way non-verbal behavior is used to help sort and reorient clients toward resourceful states and away from stuck states. Assure future satisfaction by sculpting the body (being the mind’s experience of itself) in a manner that generalizes resourcefulness throughout life. (117 pages)




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The relationship of pleasure and aversive moods to the lateralization of body movement

Professionals in the field of leisure studies recognize the importance of nonverbal syntax in accessing states of playfulness and peak performance (Lee, 1982). As modelers, there are many opportunities for professionals to use nonverbal as well as verbal techniques from neurolinguistic programming, to establish rapport with clients, to help them change behavior and increase choices, all helping to achieve maximal playfulness and enriched leisure experience. As any internal mood involves a unique and distinct representation of the senses, changing the visible, kinesthetic portion of behavior to access a desired mood can serve our intended outcome well. The posture and physiology of any mood is easily discovered and may readily be changed. For instance, equilibrium is maximized as eye movement leads the movement of the body (Alexander, 1974; Fukuda, 1984).

Knowledge of human behavior is being enhanced through findings of how the body is involved in behavior. Recently, behavioral physiologists have discovered that the brain’s hemispheres seem to be specialized for mediating mood in addition to processing verbal and visuospatial material (Jaynes, 1982; Kinsbourne & Gresco, 1983; Lezak, 1983; Springer & Deutsch, 1985; Walsh. 1982). There is a large literature indicating hemispheric asymmetries in the mediation of positive or negative emotion (Robinson, 1995) (119 pages)




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War mongering and the use of young boys for slaughter has caused a gross sexual differentiation to emerge that has dissociated males from females in extreme sexual polarization. There is enormous evidence that this extreme polarization is intensely ideological and exploitative. Structures of human 

consciousness, however, are gender neutral. In the deep structures of ourselves we are without gender biases.

One third female, one third male and one third both deity figures are found in horticultural societies where in agrarian society we find only male deities.

We less than label any sexual activity as politically less than correct, esthetically less than pleasing or morally less than right. People who try to make others feel guilty about their sexual experience generally are doing this to control the others life. This book is an attack on genderizing sexuality that makes her body eroticized and his de-eroticized ( 135 pages)