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Jubbs Wiki - Wikipedia site devoted exclusively to the most cutting edge information in Nutrition, Cell Rejuvenation, Zero Point Energy, Ancient Archeology and more. Requires membership in - organises Dr. David Jubb´s schedule in Europe. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Social Networking site for Lifefoodarians around the world. Integrates with Facebook. Free membership ! - Lifefood community in Long Island run by Luke Cummo, certified by Dr. Jubb - Miami cafe run by John Schott ( 1248 SW 22 Street, +1 305 8566767) - Lifefood website & herbal store in Florida run by Will Painter and Jacqueline Plachta. -  Will Painter´s blog on health, Lifefood, Dr. Jubb and the Gallbladder/Liver flush. - Lifefood community site in Norway. - Annie now lives & works in Los Angeles and has gone on to create her own project. Health Transformation; Lifefood and Vegetarian Nutrition; Cell Rejuvenation and Lifefood Cleansing; Kundalini and Power Yoga Instruction

Quintessence NYC - owner Dan studied with Dr. Jubb

Jill Pettijohn - studied with Dr. Jubb

Corin Stephenson´s website and her blog

Ace Raw Living Foods - studied with Dr. Jubb -  Ask Dr. Jubb a question on the first Tuesday morning every month on!  Call in Number (877) 904-1630 -  Archives of interview sessions of Dr. Jubb

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Lifefood Norway

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Lifefood Iceland

Lifefood Morocco

Lifefood Recipes

Livsmat - 14 Day Fast - ( in norwegian )

Lifefood Gourmet

Support for Dr. Jubbs return tour to America

Jubbs Irish Sea Moss

Jubbs Lifecolloid Probiotic

Jubbs White Gold (the Philosopher´s Stone)

Phoenix Fasticians in Training

Whole Brain Functioning Manuals

Sexually Rigged

Church of I Awareness


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