Most people have gall and liver stones mainly due to a diet high in insoluble fats and animal fats, undigestible proteins, refined sugars and refined carbohydrates combined with a lack of adequate insoluble dietary fiber. The liver and the gall bladder would normally be able to break down these acid-forming foods but due to their overconsumption the bile in the liver and gallbladder becomes supersaturated and insoluble and “stones” are created as these fats and cholesterols solidify. These stones can also become hard as sometimes they are encased in calcium and other minerals.











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The liver is the body´s factory, and also sewer and irrigation treatment facility. One can imagine the body when it is not in a healthy state to be like a wet, dirty kitchen table, with the liver as a cleaning tool and kitchen sponge. When not in a healthy state, the liver of most people is like a dirty wet kitchen sponge, with a plastic bag around it. Saturated and sealed, it cannot fully perform its function.

Taking in olive oil and lemon juice on the flushing day of the cleanse creates a flushing effect in the liver and gallbladder and the stones are passed easily in the stool. They may come out as a green, slimy mass or actual stones ranging in size from the small to medium-sized pellets; sometimes larger. Their color also varies, ranging from brown to dark green, bright green, black or muddy white. Their odor is usually quite strong.

Passing stones is only one element of success on this program. It optimizes liver function, and improves bile flow and is designed to help cleansing to be increase to some 400% over what might ordinarily be occurring.

This is the foundation of cell rejuvenation and along with Lifefood nutrition - which is rich in food-based minerals, enzymes, vitamin and soluble and insoluble fiber - allows the body to maintain bile flow in the liver and gallbladder.


The Jubbs 14 Day Lifefood Nutitonal Fast is 14 days of cleansing on which you are fasting from five things:

1) cooked food

2) starch

3) solid food

4) flesh

5) breakfast


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Castor Oil, The Palm of Christ compilation, taken from articles online.

Castor packs account for 50% of the success of the Jubbs Liver Cleanse.

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Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy