Distinctions of the program

1) There is great emphasis on the insight into life force and paying attention to life force as a nutrient (unlike the approach found in many uncooked and “living” food programs., Life force translates as a substances capacity to grow in the wild and eco-sterilize against mold, fungi and yeast). This includes paying attention to which lifecolloid, such as fungi in silos, has colonized the nutrient brought in. An oxidative metabolism of lifefood guards against dysbiosis. The enzymes of food with cultured dysbiotic as mold are involved in fermentative process.

2) Bio-balance is re-established and maintained by paying attention to various systems and substances, such as antioxidant, albumin, hormone, essential fatty acid, mineral, sugar and blood volume, and endocrinology; one must also, while cleansing, guard against prophylactic shock.

3) The importance of upstream cleaning is emphasized. Upstream cleaning starts at the nose with proper inspiration and expiration. Cleansing occurs in a progressive sequence. First organs above the mesentery diaphragm are cleaned – stomach, pancreas and gallbladder/liver – then organs beneath this diaphragm. This is typically followed by a parasite flush, and pelvic suppository if needed.

4) Whole-food vitamin-mineral supplement and herb are used to restore energy and assist the body with cleansing. 

5) Rest is vital: nature wants to heal you, while you give nature a chance by cleansing and resting.

6) Lightly blending rather than juicing is recommended, as blending retains “whole” food nutrient and allows for a more sustained energy release. It also retains more fiber. Fiber brings moisture into the intestinal tract and acts as a solvent for toxin as well as an intestinal “broom”.

7) Attention is paid to life-habit, eliminating sources of stress and maintaining human growth hormone and albumin at optimal levels. A true healing therapeutic involves changing one´s ways. 

8) The individual is educated to tune in and sense naturally what is required. For instance, one´s own aliesthetic taste change is the natural ability to chemically sense what is needed through taste change. When one has had enough Lifefood in a meal, the attraction to the taste is completed. Only as one eats lifefood is the aliesthetic taste change activated.

9) In the early stages of cleansing, adding extra sun-dried sea salt to lifefood soup and sorbet for a short duration acts powerfully to aid the body in mineralizing and maintaining bio-balance.

10) Emphasis is placed on decision-making, with the individual as “the doctor within.”

11) Unnatural craving is cleared away as we assist the body to be bio-balance during the cleansing. For instance, on other “uncooked” and “living” food programs, glucides in sprouted grain and other starch food, when ingested, signal the digestive systems that a form of sugar being consumed will not be processed. Yet that food is without adequate cell salt and without glucide transfer into real-time energy. Drastic deficiency and a craving for sweet and oily food can be the result of other cleansing programs that lack this insight into the importance of manageable sugar and life force being present.

12) The stomach is best empty going to sleep, and one rests the intestinal tract by going without breakfast. This lengthens the space between the evacuation of the bowel and the next intake of food.

13) Drinking what is chewed and chewing what is drunk is encouraged. All nutrient brought in has to be complexed with parotid hormone.

14) Castor packs, salves, suppositories and compresses are used extensively throughout Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation Program. Castor oil has the ability to absorb three inches into the body and saturate tissue, easing inflammation. Castor packs account for approximately 50% of the success of the Jubbs 14 Day Nutritional Fast.

15) A cleansing blood sugar level is maintained at 85 milligrams/deciliter and a calcium/phosphorus ratio of 5:2.

16) There is a 5:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fat intake, with an emphasis on a modest amount of monosaturated fat. This is closer to the design of the ancient architect, as determined by a number of indicators.

 - Taken from Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation



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