Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-Biotic

Welcome! You've reached a vital connection to your health questions. Right

off the cuff, having Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic is you dissolving acid deposits.

Detoxification, you would agree, is a necessity in today's world. Jubb's soil born

lifecolloid is the first and only fresh lifecolloid pro-biotic in the world. It is a 1 00%

vitality restorative; and the most essential successful bio-terrain restorative, and

heavy metal and chemical detoxification product on the market. David Jubb PhD .

recommended, this product is effective enough to facilitate the dissolving of calcium

phosphate [the silent killer]! Daily application in combination with adopting the

principles in Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation can erase body fat, wrinkles, restore blood

sugar, and clear away disease. Wow. You can learn more about this at

www.davidjubb.com; so stay excited and tuned in . . .

Until you've actually used Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic it can be not easy to imagine

how powerful it can cause such spontaneous remission; numerous users claim it

powerfully does. People of all ages using Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic receive

immediate and noticeable result daily that are cumulative, compounding, and

synergistic with miraculous result that can be seen within a few weeks of continued

use. There is no comparison.

Can you save time? Can you time travel at the 22nd century innovation's speed?

Today you can make a choice, or be stuck with yesterday's solution. Jubb's

Lifecolloid Pro-biotic is exclusively available to you here and is not available in

stores. In this story you journey into capturing cosmic energy as a black hole and

also a supernova; as a veil of illusion is being lifted for you about health; and, a

twilight zone of unseen dimension is given to you here exclusively to benefit you


Order Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic if you are caring to get concentrated, bio-active,

rich, cleansing, and restorative, vital nutrient ingredient; in merely a pinch of Jubb's

Lifecolloid billions of such life colloids abound! It is lithophilic [rock eating)

lifecolloid that can transform insecticide, pesticide, petroleum, and heavy metal;

and provide a powerful persistent activity against parasites.

You can heal the polluted water of your blood by chelative and clathrative element;

and dissolve calcium phosphate deposit [a silent killer] through a learned daily

application of Jubb's Lifecolloid Probiotic. This miraculous pro-biotic can be

described by the most concentrated heterogeneous matrix of lifecolloid

communities- in the world! It is full of dynamic, auto poetic [self regulating]

processes in chaotic space and time. Your intestine requires an ideal bioremediation

lifecolloid inoculant.

This product has double the richest deposit anywhere on the Earth of lifecolloid

species that have bio-film/rhizosphere "compherence" gene, and only improves

beneficial pro-biotic process; and has lifecolloid species that degrade a wide range

of body toxin at high and low concentration. It provides a veritable software

program for reprogramming mineral starved cells, provides resistance to heavy

metal pollutant, displays chemo taxis [locates pollutant hot spots] it also increases·

bioavailability of all vitamin/mineral complexes by producing surtactants. ·

Detoxification by Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic, functions as a neutralizer and also

donor in horizontal transfer of radioactive waste, acid, and catabolic plasmid. It

·eats tar and resin; and laminated intestinal debris; and turns this into useful

antioxidant and immune and body building vital elements. The lifecolloid are

transients and remain up to three days. These lifecolloid provide the body with a

bio-photo-electro-magno-gravetic function that the body can locate and dissolve

contaminant concentration at its body location.

Spontaneous remission and bio-augmentation depends upon specialized

lifecolloid in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic. Lifecollodial inoculate contain missing biodegrative

pathways; and, it also donates catabolic genes for your symbiotic

resident lifecolloid body flora; cells are composed of your body's biochemistry and

management of acid deposit can only be dissolved and healed by element in

Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic that is lithophillic botanical-lifecolloid interactive

element. 22,000 premature deaths incur every 2 months in the United States and

pro-biotic health is a single culprit that nutoxin is not made inert and broken down.

Necessary vital organic acid such as humic, butyric, fulvic, malonic, malic, oxalic,

prop ionic, succinic and other useful vital acid are not readily avaitable in other

lifefood supplement; and whole food vitamin/mineral complexes can only be

cellular digested and assimilated by such elements. Only upon such lifecolloid is

the basic "clean up" present for clearing away transforming and dissolving organic

and inorganic body pollutants. Use Jubb's lifecolloid pro-biotic and say good-bye

to mold fungus and dysbiotic yeast. Live free now of wrongful intestinal yeast! Avail

your self of a mysterious miraculous energy encoded in these words. This probiotic

has natures pre-programmed auto code to normalize and heal various

conditions that mold of body tissue wouid have resulted.

This probiotic vibrational energy that is dark, light and sound vibration that

eliminate harmful microbes that are making you sick. This is natures solution to

antibiotic resistant disease it is the only natural element that can heal food

poisoning instantly. You must learn more about this product and assist help your

self and others heal disease.

Are you interested in breaking the aging cycle? If there is one supplement in the

world that can do this; its Jubbs nutrient dense lifecolloid vital pro-biotic! Inside this

nutrient dense adaptogen (brings all into balance) is a natural bio identical vitamin/

mineral hormone that naturally mobilizes energy by getting therapeutic water to

flow in your body with spare electrons to give you a full pulse. Get rid of yeast and

mold and heal up psoriasis and other conditions. You can detoxify and alkalize

your body, and clear away wrongful stone calculi debris. On this note nothing has

more power than Jubb's lifecolloid pro-biotic; you have the power of a rock to

withstand the ravage of oxidation and have a true anti-aging remedy.

Bioremediation of Jubb's, lifecolloid inoculant species introduces donor strains of

lifecollodial, compatible with intestinal symbiotic lifecolloid that are; then allowed to

colonize your intestinal garden; for a prolonged survival of the inoculated lifecolloid

is not a prerequisite for successful degradation of toxin. Much transfer of degrading

plasmid and lifecolloid inoculants is incurred to provide a library of useful immune

and other communication molecules to exist; to restore vital neuro-endoimmunological

vitality. Essential soil science research can assist you with deep

insight into the contribution that lifecolloid as a pro-biotic (as spore, bacteria, mold,

fungus, and yeast) makes to contribute to a vital healthy body and earth. Given that

200 cancer causing toxin can be found in an umbilical cord blood of a new born; a

body early on becomes contaminated in a similar way as the land has also become

and a developed successful remediation detoxification program requires natures

lifecolloid as a pro-biotic to be healed.

Fungi rhizosphere is the region adjacent to roots of plants where lifecolloid

biochemical properties differs much from the bulk of other soil born lifecolloid. The

darker rich hemates and other organic acid is very vital in detoxification; and

nitrogen fixing in the intestinal tract for protein synthesis; and in good soil vital

produce is grown under the influence of plant roots is a dynamic and diversely

dense lifecolloid community of available pro-biotic nutritive element; so vital for

your healthy intestinal garden you are wrapped around, such as 1 6 essential

sugars, protein, fat mineral and essential trace elements that can clear away all

toxic debris from your intestinal tract and body leaving it vitalized; your body's

healthy tissue song comes back in where it should be.

Jubb's Lifecolloid is a pro-biotic collected from a rare deposit of a water-soluble

tar/pitch like substance teeming with billions of lifecolloid. It is collected

underneath the litter layer close to the surface where numerous biotic carbon and

silica energy source is concentrated most. Only in this natural layer does the soil

water interface of lifecolloid develop. And it does so within a glycoprotein bio-film.

This root growth layer is the site of the highest lifecolloid concentration and highest

fungal hypae interaction. Troublesome xenobiotic and metabolite of such is always

found in the layer; and is in this layer you find the most powerful detoxifying

lifecolloid can be found.

Lifecolloid communicate to each other via their condominium mode of extracellular

polysaccharide, this facilitates information and genetic exchange to be vitally

incurred. Jubbs pro-biotic is made of transient lifecolloid; and for some three days

or more lifecolloid deposited daily through a regular intake you end up making an

antenna through the intestinal tract; providing a paramagnetic force not found

without such! An extra cellular polysaccharide produced by Jubb's Lifecolloid

assists first symbiotic surface colonizers, as dysbiotic lifecolloid is eco sterilized

against by antibiotic function. Environment allows an autopoetic (self regulating)

environment to be instantaneous via semi conductive structure involved where a

holographic biophotonic laser-like field instantaneously exists. You get this entire

nutrient in one teaspoon of Jubbs Lifecolloid Probiotic.

Xenobiotics can be found in your intestine and are strange biotice of toxic effect;

inoculated mostly by nu-toxin (nutritional toxin). Root exudates and decaying

matter of organic acid of a low molecular weight acid; and also humic monomeric

substance that form important ligands found in Jubb's Lifecolloid pro-biotic forms

oxidate coupling reaction; and; can be catalyzed biologically by enzymes or

abiotically by clay or oxide.

Degradation of xenobiotics from the intestine is related to pro-biotic lifecolloid

activity. Intestinal availability of lifefood nutrient consumption is related to lifecolloid

activity. Availability of nutrient is influenced by lifecolloid. Only by weak organic

acid can mineral be released by chelation and reduction. Mineral is broken down

by lifecolloid and solubilization is also achieved by these same lifecolloid.

Bioremediation is the faculty of lifecolloid to synthesize antibiotic when requiring

space and its own nutrient.

Synthesized antibiotic can easily be produced and applied by lifecolloid to control

undesirable dysbiotic lifecolloid. Jubbs cell rejuvenation also applies

phytoremediation in situ through plant-based formula to heal a contaminated

intestinal tract. This approach is a low cost effective clean up natural process

applied for a variety of intestinal contaminants and waste. Jubbs lifecolloid probiotic

has specific substrate enzymes that perform key clean up and terrain

restoration function; and is indicative of a stressed or degraded intestinal lifecolloid

condition that such a pro biotic be applied. Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic is you

staying pollution free in a contaminated world. You detoxify deep laminated

deposited toxin; including calcium phosphate deposits from the brain and body.

Neutralize the toxic effect of fluoride and Chlorine; and bring in a powerful antioxidant.

Your Ph is brought into balance; while harmful xenobiotic viruses (spore)

bacteria mold fungus and yeast is cleared away forever. Pollutant as well as

xenobiotic lifecolloid is adsorbed on surfaces of Jubb's Lifecolloid pro-biotic

adsorbed, such pollutant is subject to microbial degradation. A “driven” desorption

incurs as lifecollodial pro-biotic attach to your intestinal lumen surface; this leads to

a healthy vital bio-film formation at the lifecolloid pro-biotic interfacial intestinal

region. This influences the rate and extent of contaminant sorption by physical

obstruction of the xenobiotic sorption site; and also by creation of diffusion

obstruction; changing the intestinal tract and other body sites diffuse into small

surface pore of lifecolloid substrate; that is accessible to symbiotic lifecolloid that

direct contact incurs between such lifecolloid and contaminant that necessary

biotransformation incurs.

In the early 80's this author popularized the value of soil born organisms'

inoculants to assist detoxify and adaptogenically be restorative. Any bug you know

as avian flu, or lime disease is the result of tissue of the body having become

fermentative. Ones body immune system can have been in overdrive, or your

terrain can be healed by oxygenation. This is what Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic

therapeutic is about. All dysbiotic lifecolloid rely upon low levels of oxygen. Bio

available carbon and silica abound in Jubb's pro-biotic that is oxygen loving. In

such an environment oxygen has all transformed and de-differentiated


Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic produces an abundance of spare electrons from

organic and inorganic substance. All you do is ingest, and benefit abound to

eliminate odor and yeast, your body and home will actually smell cleaner. Jubb's

Lifecolloid pro-biotic transformers tar and resin into negative ions Electrons in such

a state are "exited" via lifecolloid biotic electronic oscillating circuits, influenced by

zero-point energetic and residuum vibration. [See Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation]

Only what is dissolved is transported across a lifecollodial membrane [as a

dissolved substance] is available to passively diffuse; and/or bind to its protein

colloidal chaperone. Such a mineral can only be acted upon to be given a

chaperone to be available to a plant and animal by lifecolloid; an abundance of

which exist in jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic. All minerals to be available require it to

be biologically complexed. As this can occur it occurs in·an aqueous fluid state.

Dissolved organic matter as lifecolloid abounds in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic.

Neutron proton and electron is given and received. Zero point energy is tapped by

lifecolloid; and this is what is growing the earth. Its 1 2 times larger than it was

when the land masses where together. Colloid of life is continuously being created

by process of aggregation fusion and differentiation.

Deep within the earth colloid of life assemble into lifecolloid by aggregation, fusion

and differentiation a great continuum of colloid of life exist that can assemble into

lifecolloid by a process of aggregation. Fusion and differentiation life water has

clathrate [little hollow spheres] that are made of oscillating circuits. Information is

readily received and broadcast by such; and providing that a fluid state can exist,

organic compound is favorably cleared away by life colloid degradation.

Only upon a teaspoon of organic and inorganic fraction introduced into your body,

through Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic [with some honey]; provides a force that can

break any element consumed down and biologically allow element consumed to

be assimilated; or cleared away. Chlorophenol and chloromethane as ubiquitous

chemical pollutant is dechlorinated and polymerized. Intermediary radical cation

make a toxin inert; and lifecolloid abiotic reduction of petrochemical such as

nitrobenzene by mineral adsorption incurs onto lifecolloid complexed mineral as

montomorillonite and other clay-like particle in Jubbs Lifecolloid Pro-biotic. Jubbs

lifecolloid has an anti-ulcerogenic effect.

Plant; animal; fungal; marine; spore; bacterial; mold; lichen; moss and numerous

other life forms goes to make up dibenzo alpha pyronechromoprotein (DPP] like molecule;

molecule are a bioactive boon to health; and exist in Jubbs lifecolloid

pro-biotic. Lifecolloid have evolved to degrade pine tree terpenes. Co metabolism

is changing a non-growth substance into lifecolloid food! Enzyme activity as

cellulase, xylanase, protease, lipase, amalayze, activity is matched by lifecolloid

resperation activity. Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic contains an enormous array of

amino acid; including I carnitine. Such enhances sperm and egg in fertility maturity

and vigor. Polyunsaturated fatty acid as EPA and DHA produce DBP. These

substances augment mitochondria required for energy synthesis. Chernozomic

humate [calcium-bound] found in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic offer a great stability

under stress. Where as non silicated iron forms of podozoic lifecolloid are less able

to withstand stressors. Chelation and actual biological transmutation is a fact of

lifecolloid ability. Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic is safe and relatively inexpensive and

is adaptogenic “brings all into balance” . Nutrients from Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic

pass straight through the blood brain barrier, and protects endocrine gland

function. It has elements that allow for it to mobilize and remove toxin as chemical

and heavy metals. it is a product designed to be safe for dental amalgam.

Exposure is all but impossible to avoid heavy metal [calcium phosphate] build up

in the body doubles every two years on average. Yet this can be dissolved and

mobilized and effectively excreted in a safe process. Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic

produces glutathione peroxidase to protect the brain, liver, kidneys, central nervous

system, and immune function. Also Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic assists to correct

and reprogram mineral starved cells and also out of balance trace mineral

digestion distribution and metabolism.

Humate and fulvate of terrestrial aquatic and arboreal [above ground tree] arginine

abounds in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic that is a super vitalizer biotite lepidelite

muscovite and phlogopite is an example of minerals that are present in Jubb's

Lifecolloid Pro-biotic which are super vitalizers. These metal elements complex

with humate. Bismuthite pyrite manganetite tourmaline iron pyrite are sulphide

minerals; occuring in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic. The most abundant pyrite

oxidizes to iron sulphate and also a hydrated oxide limonite.

Lifecolloid are associated with calcite barite and silica and behave in such as they

become complexed by humates that forms them from being exposed to natures

vortexes. Rock humic acid is a medium to small molecular weight heteropolycondensate

of dibenzo pyrone that is the core nucleus. This becomes formed

by interaction with sedementary rock whare interaction of plant, marine invertebrate

and terrestrial lifecoloid engages a humification process. Jubbs lifecolloid probiotic

is full of this high- energy potential whole food vitamin/mineral nutrient.

· High-energy amino acid as creatine and arginine phosphate is abundant in Jubb's

Lifecolloid Pro-biotic; and, acts as a ATP reserve energy synthesis. It is benthic

because it exists as a result of lifecolloid of ocean bottom; riverbed; lake, and pond

drainage beds. Jubb's Lifecolloid Probiotic prevents against zero radical state of

the fluid of inner cellular constituent. It balances between oxidation and antioxidation.

Oxidative stress is protected against by Jubbs lifecolloid probiotic and

by applying Jubbs cell rejuvenation calculi as a wax like deposit is cleared away;

and peroxidation of fat is guarded against.

Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic Vitalizer

Anti Neoplastic Activity

An exhaustive analysis; and new discovery of colloidal biology suggests that plant

and earth based organics have anti-neoplastic activity. Construct validity and

reliability exist of transformed gene expression patterns of neoplastic condition as

being modulated by DNA healing and vitalizing signaling pathway's in cell cycle

control. by eliminating dysbiotic fermentive lifecolloid. DNA and RNA from millions

of years of deposit is the resin of such as is humates found in Jubb's lifecolloid probiotic;

and causes significant increased expression of.both cyclin A1 and A2; While

D1 and H are reduced. Cyclin's regulate the transition of cell cycle

expression.Phenolic compound; ester; lignin's; all having antioxidant defense is a

major oxidative stress and disease reliever. This lifecolloid is a powerful PTO.

Anti neo-plastic properties

Amygdaline 817 abound in Jubbs Lifecolloid Pro-biotic vitamin. It is highly heat

unstable. A very small amount of bets-glucosidase [unlocking enzyme] within

nitriloside fruit is activated by mouth and stomach secretion and a theraputic

amount of benzaldehyde and cyanide is released. The amount released by Jubbs

lifecolloid clears away dysbiotic lifecolloid of the mouth and gut. 817 is a blockage

of metastasis and a healing vitalizer; it will inhibit any small growth tumor; and is

known to give great relief from discomfort; and is known as a great neo-plastic


You need more than a super vitalizer. I am educating one on the value of

oxygenation and raising vitality; being clear of toxin, resting and supporting the

whole body. Studies show that by paying attention to reducing body inflammation.

Overall, one raises albumin a super blood transporter. And, figuratively you get

more trains coming into the station to heal. I am educating people about cancer

being a mold for the past 23 years. And that people are dying needlessly. Are you

interested in healing from cancer? Living as long a healthy life as you can? Or do

support the insolvable; that this unsolvable challenge continues to exist?

What happens when the truthful answer exists that a service is not needed? Do you

have a professed interest to resolve cancer? Or is that just a sham of structured

power kept "we-ness". Is an owned company a prop for advocated totalitarianism?

Will a more severe weakening of immunological defense and greater toxicity and

inflammation create not greater susceptibility to death of all causes in the long


I witnessed healing incur from applying nature. Can you control a neoplasm?

Nitriloside as in amygdaline 81 7 is found in 1 400 fresh fruits and vegetables and

also in Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic. 81 7 contains two sugar units. One is a

benzaldehyde and the other a cyanide beta glycosidase is an unlocking enzyme.

Cancer cells have appreciable amounts of this enzyme only. Rhodanese is in all

healthy cells and protects healthy cells from B1 7 effect of a programmed necrosis.

Lithophillic [rock eating] vegetation is as mosses, algae, lichen, and other lifecolloid

are actively making humus by biological transmutation and altering rock constituent

into complex ingredient as humate and fulvate. The geography of Jubb's Lifecolloid

Pro-biotic has had in its formation: sea floor; flora; fauna; and terrestrial forces are

all incurred to be present.

A rainbow spectrum of biophotonic light is imbued in Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic:

red, gold, yellow, blue, and blackish brown. The blackish brown is essayed as the

mot active vitalizer of all varieties of such similar lifecolloid pro-biotic [that is


lmmuno-modulator properties is embued in Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic and

conifer resin broken down is present. It is a water -soluble asphalt/bitumen; and is a

shilajit/mumie/momio. Most other supplement is only a fraction of the total active

agents as in Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic.

Jubb's Lifecolloid lithophillic Pro-biotic is a potent adaptogen and immunomodulator.

It is a signal enhancer for cell communication. It is full of rock eating

organisms as lifecolloid. It has an enormous variety of organic solvent-insoluble


A super vitalizer property is attributed to Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic as the resin

coated onto sedimentary rock it is composed of where the colloid of life remains of

fossil, marine; fauna; and flora; on tiny sedimentary grain left over from natural

degradation agent. Sediment formed is from precipitate and also evaporates of

time of sea and lake; all depositing organic remains form Jubb's Lifecolloid Probiotic

as an accumulation of densely rich vitamin/mineral complex, including 81 7.

Rich mineral content of Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic act as fi xers of such organic

substance against leaching. Very little leaching incurred for this rare deposit to

have formed that is full of some 50 thousand species of lifecolloid.

Lifecolloid in Jubb's Pro-biotic eat tar, resin, sugar, starch, left over indigestible

protein and fat debris; and also candida, mold, fungus, yeast, and bacteria that are

pys-biotic [unfriendly] . These lithophillic lifecolloid produce an enormous array of

beneficial nutrient that dissolves calculi [stone].

Jubb's Lifecolloid Pro-biotic Formula:

1/2 tsp with 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of coconut butter twice a day. It will clean off all

candida from your tongue and intestinal tract. Several tsp put into 22oz of organic

food grade alcohol, 2 tsp of both Super C, Marine Mineral, 1 1 tsp of sodium

bicarbonate, 3 tsp of magnesium sulphate, 2 teaspoons of castor oil, 1 0 drops of

spearmint and 1 0 drops of eucalyptus oil. This formula can be rubbed in to

dissolve foreign calculi and rejuvenate an area of the body.

Optical microscopy of small stones in the upper close to the little layer reveals light

brow to black brown streaks distributed in laminated layers, level to the bedding

plane in organic acid; laid down, quartz feldspar pyrite, volcanic ash, clay, are

some of the identified mineral deposit calcium carbonate collected as once the

deposit was under a sea-bed. Then, as the land was raised up, arthropod and

annelid in riverbeds and banks also contribute to the formation of Job's lifecolloid


Throughout the Phanerozoic era, a great deal of invertebrates dominated the

landscape and left their colloid of life and life colloid in-bedded on clay particles as

Foraminifera is characterizes by its hard skeleton and contribute to the deposit of a

benthic sea bottom nature. In a similar way, suitable niches in zeolite provide an

internal void for otherwise an unstable organic element. And also; Micro algae has

influenced Jubb's life colloid pro-biotic and is rich in PUFA; and brine: shrimp; and

rotifers; all readily retro-convert; and, in turn, by nature's cycle, turn into oxygenated

dibenzo alpha pyrones DBP and useful protaglandin.

Stable aromatic compounds from insects being broken down [OBI] form from their

DHA and EPA and assist to stabilize useful organic material deposited from being

transformed into adverse metabolite. Jubb's lifecolloid pro-biotic is a boon for

health. It is a true super vitalizer in its own right. Fusom is a medium weight fulvic acid found ten the fat comprising Jubb's lifecolloid pro-biotic and as carrier agents in the soil and also ones internal garden you are wrapped around.

Mineral chelated element is a dynamic vitalizer for calcium absorbed fulvate form is

most easily absorbed. Copper present assists make 300 [oxidant] iron makes;

magnesium is found in 3: 5 ratio with calcium builds bone manganese. Inhibits

porous bones molybdenum is vital for brain function. Tungsten balances balances

molybdenum; vanadium protects the denaturing of protein. Zinc assists store a

heavy metal in a non-toxic form.


The greatest detoxificant; the most of any kind of all detoxificant as a pro-biotic

on the earth.

A true re-mineralizer; a restorative of all necessary trace element; you get a

veritable soft ware program for re-programming mineral starved cells get lithophilic

rock eating lifecolloid.

A cell electric restorer; You get the most power packed supplement that

generates electricity inside a cell. Weak organic acid dissolves cell rigidity due to

calcium phosphate. Callculi is dissolved inflammation reduced; and cells can

become again hydrated; And, provides a body with its para magnetics.

Anti neo-plastics Immune enhancer; Anti mold and fungus and yeast: Bio

terrain restorative of P H; conductivity; and anti oxidant de-fibrinogen enzymes.

"Adaptogenic;" Normalizing of all body function. A healthy intestinal tract can

have about 80,000 species of life colloid [ a library of DNA and RNA]. Dis-ease is a

drastic reduction in species of life colloid! You can bring some 50,000 species in to

assist by consuming Jubbs life colloid pro-biotic.

Metabolic noo-tropic vitalizer; Neurotransmitter and neurological brain

supportive trace element normalizing abound such as glutathione peroxidase and

magnesium calcium silica and carbon. Gut health is assisted and brain health, too.

Eco-steralization of mold and mycotxin is eliminated and its neuro toxic devastation.

Jubbs life colloid is a true vitalizer.

Pro-biotic [Vitalizes] Your Skin

1 Through one's skin one knows another. One's skin is a body organ as one's

blood is. As a liquid membrane, in colloidal biology, all body componentry is made

of lifecolloid; .. as liquid crystal; that makes up lifecolloid as building blocks and has

their own reproductive schedule; and live in a symbiotic mutual supported

existence relationship. Your skin is actually a thriving metropolis; and its essential it

is colonized by such; that it organizes by its contributory effect good vitality. A

natural supply of whole food vitamin/mineral complexes as skin cell nourishment is

essential; that can give cells a rainbow luster. Heaven is under foot; and also the garden inside that you are wrapped around, Only salt of the eth and ocean complexes naturally; as is made of lifecolloid; can you run the electrics of a lant and an animal cell; that respiration can take place. Good cell respiration equals having good skin; and good skin equals having vital pro-biotics.