Life Probiotic Assist; brain detox

Can your voice be the pace maker; assisting a damaged heart; beat correctly;

an energy can even go through someone known to be dead;

it is true that water; even can; retain everything in memory;

everything that has passed it; and such information can be extracted;

such as your brain; information is stored in the tissue;

and cells have the ability to see and have nonvisual function;

and when darkness is put; many times over; feelings return;

and a colic voice; can cause any person in shock;

to again have normal kinesthetic, auditory, and visual effects produced;

the author has used squid detectors; and a hairnet; of electrodes;

to examine how; vibrational energy is transmitted beyond your body;

and that one who has learned to read the body like a book;

can look at one; and have a read out; much like an aircrafts blackbox;

such a voice can assist as studies show;

the flow of oxygen and nutrient to neurology to reverse deterioration;

life colloid probiotics has rare amino acids such as amino 309,

and oxygenated dibenzoprynes; and propiomelinoccortan;

and other extremely rare and exotic element;

that broadcasts its nutrient directly across the blood brain barrier;

that can enable fats that are extraneous;

and extraneous material to be drawn out of the capillaries;

and assist to help clear life colloidal into neural space;

life colloid probiotic tailors lypozomes necessary for survival;

and the ability to survive deep freezing; but thats another story;