Biological transmutation; lifefood and intestinal lifecolloid

If you take a three day old fertilized egg and measured the calcium in it; and you take a twelve day old fertilized egg; there can be up to six hundred percent more calcium; a red blood corpuscle has been observed by a researcher to have the ability; where it's been extraverted; I have seen this corpuscle where no nucleic acid exists, nucleic acids and DNA arise from aggregation, fusion and differentiation, which then transformed into an immune cell.

During formation of new life; biological transmutation causes a decrease in some mineral and an increase in other mineral; life colloid within the intestinal tract, have enzymes that assist element become fused with extra neutron, proton and electron; and lifecolloid exists and helps reduce things like potassium which can be converted Into calcium with the addition of a hydrogen atom.

Nascent hydrogen is a negative hydrogen ion; and is shown to cause other element that it comes in contact with to be brought to its boiling point; where such element can be reduced to its proton, neutron and electron soup; current scientific models only can consider transmutation is being occurred with an enormous amount of energy; this is a modern theory; and we can see from the example above that this is not the case.

All proponents of biological transmutation; at the present moment; are not necessarily included within scientific discourse; yet you can perfectly see from the example given; that there is more to the equation;  certainly, evidence exists of lifecolloid deep within the earth; biological transmutation of element into gold and things like this; what is being observed is a form of nuclear fusion in biology which is occurring without the requirement of much energy. 

Such a phenomenon of lifecolloid; a capacity to input high energy spin Element; lifecolloid assists biological transmutation; reaction happened inside a living body; as well as on the outside; like with a cyclotron; certainly as the year two thousand rolled around; researchers began to observe how nuclear waste was biologically being transmuted into non radioactive element; using lifecolloid; certainly also much experiment show how lifecolloid can transmute manganese into iron; it is a fact that life has been shown to transmutate radioactive effects; making gene inerrancy neutralized; lifecolloid show under certain circumstances; a powerful ability to repair in a low level background of radiation; and, it is a fact that there is enormous anomalies of isotopes that exist in living systems; and certainly nuclear fusion; through process of aggregation, fusion and differentiation; has occurred in biological and lifecolloidal systems.

Little motors existing n biology; for instance, adenosine toriphosphate is spinning one thousand five hundred revolutions per minute; cold fusion is what's really going on in biological transmutation. It is a fact that nuclear biological reactions; are incurred naturally in nature; within lifecolloid which has great application in the fields of geology, biology, physics, cosmology and medicine.

Experiments you can see of trees growing in clay vases; after many years one can be observed that perhaps more soil was there than there was before; but what has grown up in the soil can have much weight; electrons expressed can have turned into hundreds of pounds of wood Bark and root; physiologists have debunked the ideas that any increase in calcium carbonate found in a twelve day  old incubated chicken egg was not contributed by the shell; numerous elements created by life as life transmutates; for us to consume what is only necessary, elements are transmutated from one element into another in lifecolloid probiotic.

Water is not even just water is it? Watering in the morning that has perspired out and lighting is extremely horizontal not vertical; and passing through the atmosphere vertically causes water to form into heavy hydrogen; which has a spare neutron and is an isotope of hydrogen; studies show this negative hydrogen ion influences a bud that would have grown into a leaf, and is influenced to become a flower instead.

Jubb's Whitegold and monatomic element are necessary as element to achieve long life, minerals found in biology and nature versus minerals; that are formed like rocks; certainly muriatic acid and nitric acid have been shown to dissolve gold; and is supplied in gold recovery; black alum painted onto the outside of jewelry can cause that gold never to tarnish again.

Monatomic element in biology engages for you; and incurs a semiconducting secondary nervous system; Jubb's white gold has element that is as luminous and soft as pearl; certainly studies show enzymes that were damaged by ultraviolet light can be revived; by monatomic element which is spoken of being even heavier than gold, and is completely incombustible by fire.

Monatomic element as it is oxidized; has been transmutation by lifecolloid; into any necessary element needed; this element brought in through life food; has amphotericness; which is the characteristic of an element that's either an acid or a base; because it can interact with either one, whichever is necessary; you have complex element with a three dimensional structure which is amphoteric.


Elements such as water, ammonia, and various metal hydroxides; have the capacity for amphoteric; as does lifefood; as opposed to crystallized diatomic versions where there is not amphoterics; lifecolloid produce emulsion surfactants; hitch can be anionic or cationic; which exist in jubbs whitegold and lifecolloid probiotic; and are silica based and are complexed by humics and fulvics and lipids; which cause deep cleansing  and clearing away of debris.

The body and your intestinal garden you are wrapped around has lifecolloid within; that assist you with biochemical separation and purification; and assists with clathrate on element; and such surfactant crystallizes from body solution in water on  a molecular level; little hollow cages, any substance that is in the solution that is small enough becomes trapped within the cage; little hollow sphere are formed which attach to albumin and this process can cause three sides of that clathrate on cage to be open; and to pull things towards itself, gasses such as carbon dioxide can act as a clathrater.

 It is a fact that weather engineering at the moment is melting the ice, and methane gas was released, and as this methane is released in such large accounts! it can Be shown to be responsible to latching onto and depleting the ozone! Certainly!

Methane from a cows flatulence counts for the largest percentage of Greenhouse gasses; if you didn't know that you should; burning petroleum is a much less contributing factor, as ice melts off the Sea shelves in Greenland; upper values of carbon dioxide of nitrogen and oxygen in our atmosphere; is not a mixed ratio; enough to cause the clathrate stop  this methane to sink this gas, concentrations of nitrogen and oxygen can be equivalent to opening up a can of soda;  an effect of a rapid degassing, takes place; no one can say that all the heavy metals such as aluminum and barium being sprayed cannot reach to be blocking out twenty percent of the light; that is reaching the earth at the moment; effecting things freezing or not; and this being sprayed decrease the point where water freezes.

Sun-dried sea salt is amphoteric; and it has magnesium fluorine and iodine within it; where other salts on the market are dead; and not amphoteric at all; you vote in the way that you live your life by what you purchase; and biological transmutation being denied; doesn't have a valid construct or context; and it's a fact that coenzyme q-10 and cobalmine b-12 and essential amino acids and fatty acids are derived within your body as a result of biological transmutation; incurred by lifecolloid in the garden that you are wrapped around; as you have a diversity of lifecolloid within; you have a great intelligence, even digesting something like a cardboard box; everybody knows that a tumor could have digested your neighbors house and it did so because it has a resident lifecolloid; within its intestinal tract; that can break down the cellulose of the wood; lifecolloid can breakdown the cellulose of the wood, and the termite is benefitted from that wood being transmutated, you and it are not any different in the way we were designed.