SMP30 & Jubbs Lifecolloid Probiotic Protects Against Age Related Stress


As you have faithful production of protein you are youthing; as you go round the sun. Yet without a rich source of multi-functional protein; in your intestinal garden you are wrapped around; that tends to decrease with age; is really what is protecting your cellular functioning so you are youthing; rather than aging; you can avoid; age associated deterioration.

Jubbs lifecolloid probiotic has an enormous rich array of such multi-functional protein; that assists you regulate such important nutrients as: calcium; and, also ascorbate production; senescence marker protein 30; or SMP30; is such a multifunctioning protein; and is an extremely important protectant of cellular functioning from age related disease.

Jubbs lifecolloid probiotic has SMP30 and also numerous transient acidophilus like; bacillus megaterium; bacillus subtilis; also zymomonase mobilis; that produce such protein as SMP30; and the enzyme gulonolactonase; that can easily convert a sugar molecule into an ascorbate; SMP30 is an extremely important nutrient; it is in youth produced by your submandibular gland; to be present to all cell nutrient; protecting that nutrient from oxidation.

SMP30 is also made in the intestine; in good intestinal health; by lifecolloid pro-biotic; another molecule pro-opiomelanocortin is the mother molecule that assists all endocrine gland function; Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic also has oxygenated dibenzo pyrene molecule; all are super powerhouse protein necessary to you as you age; your coronary vascular; and SMP30 transcripts have been shown to be in: liver, kidney, lung and gonads.

Myocardial metabolism is the principal control of coronary blood flow; and related aging from redox impairment; and molecule in Jubbs Lifecolloid pro-biotic is what should also be in your intestinal garden; as above indicated gulonolacton converts sugar to an ascorbate; and ascorbate assists liver protein oxidation production.