Red blood corpuscle as a lifecolloid

Scalar ELF and electromagnetic micropulsation as vortexes pass through the body that already is composed of multiple charges; and these vortexes exert a modifying effect on such existing charges; transforming those charges; and these charges respond by moving; and the periodic percussion of the heart chambers causes all connective tissue and corpuscle and cell to oscillate to this periodicity; one charge inducing another; the heart receives energy from outside itself. 

The body is a wet cell battery and a repository of potential energy; and, such existing separated charges of hydride and hydronium ion drive such charge in biology.
A red blood corpuscle by natures design travels in the deepest center point of a blood vessel; it can flow frictionless; not ever touching the sides of blood vessels; as it flows through the very deep center point of a blood vessel (as artery vein and capillary) that direct all flow; your blood plasma is as a crystalline tissue; that is more full of electron with no hydronium ions present in it is all that touches the banks of these vessels; blood flows through; this blood is free of red blood corpuscle; you can only find a red blood corpuscle in the very center deep point; not ever touching the banks of the vessel the plasma is flowing through that does come up against these banks; as indicated above;

Blood is flowing a long time ever before the heart is formed in embryology and it is flowing because of electrical thermal and pressure differential; such zones exist inside the body and also locally in the blood vessel; where there is a cavity zone of electron charge; and a deeper bulk plasma where you find red blood corpuscle that is proton charged; where red blood corpuscle flow in the center of the body vessel; is proton dense electron dense is the plasma as a cavity zone.

Such reasoning is far too extensive to be simply explained away; the cavity zone is far more crystalline and lattice like as blood plasma; in relation to to the bulk of the blood plasma red blood corpuscle are found within; that is rich in hydronium ion; in relation to where the cavity zone is; within the blood plasma you find no red blood corpuscle at the edge and sides of the banks that is dense more with hydride.

A red blood corpuscle as a lifecolloid has orderly water crystalized inside due to a charge existing interior of the lifecolloid surface membrane all can only exist as it supposed to that you are consuming lifefood that accommodates such intelligence; all other programs not based on any or even a small portion of this investigation is really possibly just twisting in the wind..

A lifecolloid as a red blood corpuscle is made of orderly water that is in a crystalized state; this is due to electric valence existing interior of the lifecolloid surface membrane; and a very high density of information storage is existing in such a structure down to two nano meter level. And this is provided by electromagnetic scalar wave radiation; that is being radiated to and from cellular DNA; and is composed of biophotonic radiation; and hypo oleic channels exist between cells communicating to each other;
Such möbius vortexual wave form is an essential component of scalar vortexual wave form; and is confirmed by discovery of magnetic monopole..colloidal biology and cell electronics is incurred of the whole scientific field of investigation of quantum mechanics; and nano scaled construction of protein incurs by DNA code stored in base pairs that are energetically modulated by magnetic scalar wave.

In colloidal biology the vestibular system actively governs equilibrium and auto focusing apparatus that harmonizes scalar wave so your body cells remain in resonance with each other; so energy and pa meted information is drawn to and from your body cells like they are of an instantaneous connected ness to each other even though a large space can be typically existed; this synchronization is critical so internal and external environment is that epidemics happens. This is explained by such vibratory resonance;
A neuron for instance can excite a cell that a similar frequency exists; and, by opposite reversed phasing where similar identical ness is existing; and, by such scalar wave dynamics being present in biology a cell can both receive and transmitt information and can easily swap roles..