Can you consider that a lifetime consequence is made very early by reckless parenting? And such is fueled by an indiscriminate practice of petroleum laced synthetic drugs and poisonous antibiotic? Can you consider that to be a flintstone era of petroleum based modern medicine? Could you have instead decided more wisely not to have had you're child acted upon? Can you instead have bolstered proper nutrition as lifefood? And bolstered digestive function? And at the same time bolstered your child's immunity? 

Can you have avoided antibiotic; because it only poisons; and the average doctor is moronically trained by petroleum owned invested interest only; and that doctor has no no no no idea about the peril of such toxin they so easily foist because they don't have to think too hard about what the real situation is? And if you ask such a peddler of poison who knows how to put such toxin into the unsuspecting innocent child, how do you get that toxin out, they can't tell you? 

Yet by having your child consume lifefood you can have avoided the slow painful death of your ancestors? And you can also have avoided such absolute toxin as petroleum laced antibiotic? And minimally you can have consumed some lifecolloid probiotic? And did you know that this is the missing factor X? 

Your child's intestinal garden the body is wrapped around, can be composed of very useful lifecolloid probiotic; which is being pointed out here, is critically hinged in your child's brain development upon such probiotic lifecolloid genome? Otherwise from an early age your child can have had a wrongfully suppressed immunity; and it can have led to a medical mafia representative, who doesn't have their own thought, lead you to a lame poisonous prescription? And you can know positively that no escape existed really, that toxifys your child's digestive tract and causes ever more dysbiotic lifecolloid biotics? And such indiscriminate application of antibiotic effects brain development and can have had permanent damage that is seen to be irreversible? 

Indiscriminate application of such poisonous toxin carte blanche put into your child's body absolutely wipes out very essential probiotic lifecolloid as well as dysbiotics; and can have created permanent damage? And such damage, being pointed out in this paper, can have impacted your child's brain function for life?

All other than lifefood, as in dead food consumption, is a drug pure and simple and absolutely cannot be called food; you must know that all cooked food is dead and has no no no no magnetic voltage?

That you have never really given a child any real food but very inferior food can have effected this child's brain function, permanently damaged the brain and immunity and also digestion; and can have led your child to a patsie petroleum funded drug peddler? Dead food consumption influences lifecolloid probiotic; and challenges the proper formation of brain function; and, nerve plasticity; ok so such insight suggests that dead food peddling is similar to petroleum patsie antibiotic poisoning; and antibiotic disrupts vital lifecolloid probiotics and the proper evolution over time of your child's intestinal tract? 

Such indiscriminate feeding of dead food and then allowing also antibiotic carte blanche is a very significant contributor to personality disorder; schizophrenia; ADHD; reduced cognitive function; and challenged mood disorder? As you can be aware that children are all at a very critical period in the life cycle that lifecolloid ever more impacts brain development; and quite drastically impacting behavior; that can have very serious repercussion later on in life; necessary signalling by neurotransmitter such as dopamine and serotonin (read about this in recent posts) and such important brain and nervous system signalling is highly regulated by lifecolloid probiotics;

A dysbiotic condition of a child's intestinal tract function is always at the root of all illness; no ill is spared that does not have good intestinal function; and all behavioral disorder can be traced to bad parenting of only ever dead food consumption very high in phosphate low in calcium; totally full of strange indigestible toxin and also runaway sugar; guaranteed to wrongfully make fat and obsolete good brain and immune function in your child; 

Investigation does show that if your child has no no no lifecolloid probiotics; it never is without permanent damage that is irreversible and does lead to behavior and mood disorder; and other ever more serious condition; dysbiotic interfere with friendly lifecolloid probiotic; and produces mycotoxin; that poisons the body because such dysbiotics excretes it's own feces into your body; and cause immune dysfunction as well as serious other condition as mentioned here;

The great ape specie of which you are has its own genome and such genome relies on the genome of lifecolloid probiotics; and impacts digestive function; and also digestive evolution; and influences behavior trait; and as indicated can be irreversible; so childhood is very critical that good parenting exists that you avoid petroleum peddlers who have no idea about nutrition but can foist only a drug; 

Did you know that there is between two and several pounds of lifecolloid in the typical intestinal tract? And that this is equivalent to ten times the count of body cells; and acts as a worker bee doing the work of the queen, that can have absolutely not been able to provide? Also such lifecolloid probiotic is hundreds of times the signalling genome of the entire great ape specie genome; the grate ape specie genome relies heavily upon the lifecolloid genome; and such is necessary to sustain a multitude of cell and body signalling; figuratively this would be beyond the queen that is similar in this analogy to the cells of your body and the worker bees is similar to your intestinal lifecolloid probiotics; that the hive being your body can only make it that it has such worker bees; and your worker bee is your lifecolloid probiotic; love David xxx