Fact(s) observed by this researcher; and, by those having investigated claims in colloidal biology: observe pleomorphism (many changing lifecolloidal forms); and, symbiosis (a mutually lived assistance) reigns supreme; such is a far cry from monomorphism (fixed form); that, modern medicine is currently about a wrong paradigm; for, in colloidal biology; pleomorphism; is the fundamental changeability; of, lifecolloid; and, this holds that lifecolloid as is a colloid of life; spore; double spore; corpuscle; body cell; blood platelet; bacteria; mold; fungus; and yeast can by AFD process differentiated; and de-differentiated; and change quite abruptly; from, an original symbiotic condition to a dysbiotic virulent condition; and, back to a symbiotic lifecolloid; depending upon the environmental bioterrain.

This researcher has devoted his overall scientific investigation; to the inner-standing of colloidal biology; pleomorphism; symbiosis; and, the cycle of the colloid of life; and, has published numerous articles; chief amongst such writing is “Colloidal Biology”; and Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation; in such works this researcher describes how blood is formed; and how the cells of the body primarily arose from being a red blood corpuscle originally; and in such works a detailed account of the pleomorphic developmental cycle exists; and, that dysbiotic lifecolloid is shown to incur

Bioterrain not having been kept of its proper homeostatic range; and, dysbiotic lifecolloid become parasitical; that, proper blood borne inhibitors can have not been present; as should be; such research involved an exhaustive review of literature; and, research into the works of; Lepenshiskaya; Reich; Chishima; Enderlein; Riech; Rife; and, Naeseens; and also many other microscopists including Bechamp; much earlier on; who all observed pleomorphism and symbiosis; and, a tiny motile living form (in colloidal biology called a colloid of life); that, because of the reintroduction of its building block stage; magnetically can down regulate more developmentally advanced stage(s) of the lifecolloid; so dysbiotic bacteria; mold; fungus; and, yeast are down regulated back to a colloid of life; spore; and or double spore stage.

Dysbiotic lifecolloid is down regulated by the tiniest colloid of life and life colloid as a spore and double spore; that, is abundant in Jubbs Lifecolloid Probiotic; such lifecolloid is other than visible to the naked eye; and under a standard microscopic technique; it was not possible to observe; such research was initiated as this researcher began microscopic work in the late 70’s; having been earlier introduced to Enderlein’s work; investigating what the cause; and healing is of neoplastic condition; Also because this researcher’s doctoral work involved neurobehavior physiology; the gut-brain connection; in relation to cognitive; and emotional; challenge, it was observed how gut flora was integrally involved in the development of the brain; and its proper functioning;

This research took a giant leap; as it was realized that the liver and pancreas as it is producing proper bi-carbonate; blood, generally only had lifecolloid present as such had its proper bi-carbonate and acid buffer(s); and, symbiotic lifecolloid as is colloid of life; spore and double spore; had been kept in its undifferentiated state; and could not be seen in the blood pleomorphed by AFD; as, bacteria; mold; fungus; and yeast; because all was related; and beginning at a nano-colloidal level; and, that colloidal principle was also involved; the proper nomenclature was called colloidal biology; and the primitive colloid of life; spore; and, double spore; and, beyond lifecolloid; it was realized; all, are related.

A vital body is capable of restoring its blood borne inhibitors that all stone was removed from having blocked proper liver and pancreatic function; and it was also to investigate what caused bile and kidney occlusion; and to develop an approach; that cleared such away; and stopped any more formation of such stone being deposited in the body; such bicarbonate; and weak organic acid in the blood: always showed only colloid of life; spore; and double spore in the blood; yet in all disease, such, lifecolloid; had, pleomorphed to dysbiotic lifecolloid as: bacteria; mold; fungus; and, yeast: with mold spore being the most hardiest lifecolloid such dysbiotic lifecolloid was composed of building blocks that is as indicated more primitive; and it also was realized the colloid of life is what makes up all life including a red blook corpuscle; and also all body cell and tissue and, that the cell was not the original building block; yet, the colloid of life is.

As a bile occlusion existed; and, proper bicarbonate not present in the blood; the bioterrain becamse compromised; and, cellular; and, bioterrain; negative voltage was not being kept; that, motile dysbiotic more developmentally advanced lifecolloid arose in the blood: and, always could be observed in all dysbiotic dis-eased condition;

As bile was again able to flow; and proper weak organic buffer again was existing in the blood; and the intestinal tract was given lifecolloid pro-biotic; disturbed dysbiotic lifecolloid equilibrium was brought back; only symbiotic lifecolloid remained; and, dysbiotic lifecolloid as bacteria; mold; fungus; and, yeast; were down regulated; and, disappeared, such that all remaining in the blood beyond a red blood corpuscle; immune cells; and, platlet was: “colloid of life”; “spore”: and “double spore”. And, as indicated above; a, healthy beloved is capable of restoration of vital body equilibrium; all dysbiotic lifecolloid can have undergone a reverse differentiation; via AFD process; and can have been seen that all dysbiotic life can have been totally down regulated.


Did you know rejuvenating symbiosis of any dysbiotic condition can have been strengthened rather than weakened through lifefood nutrition; Lifestyle and Jubbs cell rejuvenation? Otherwise, the capacity of cell rejuvenation; can have massively fallen into a dysbiotic blood picture; that can be seen via microscopic observation; that, dysbiotic motile developmental stages of the lifecolloid, can be seen; in, the plasma; and, red blood corpuscle; And, upon restoration of proper blood borne inhibitors; symbiosis; and, vitality; is returned; the bio-terrain is made vital again; and, symbiotic colloid of life; and, lifecolloid as spore; and, double spore; each become independent; and kept from AFD into dysbiotic lifecolloid as bacteria; mold; fungus; and, yeast, all is kept in an oxidative metabolism; and, not fermentive; and of mycotoxin.

Seminal research shows that when lung tissue was compromised it breaks down into tuberculosis bacilli; and the upper digestive tract breaks down into campypyloritis; and intestine tissue stressed breaks down into a typhoid dysentery bacilli; connective tissue breaks down into strepp bacilli; myelin sheathing becomes myco plasma; that can have become a burgedefori Borelli bacilli; vascular tissue can break down into mucor rasemosus; etc. Yet all can have become mold, fungus, and yeast in the body as is a paristical lifecolloid; and then fermentation was also; and mycotoxin too!

This researcher has developed formulas; and developed protocol to down regulate the dysbiotic lifecolloid; via changing the bioterrain; that blood again has its pH of being 7.2; and, cells minus the DNA having an overall pH of 6.8; modern blood is far too alkaline at 7.42 and tissue far too acidic being on average 5.8; and to restore vital health; conductiveity, is got back; as, well as the blood having its proper negative redox (antioxidant); therefore, lifefood is brought in; and, upstream cleaning can have begun; by cleaing occlusion of ones liver; and, bile bladder; meanwhile, you reduce all inflammatory condition in the intestine; by increasing evacuation time; and castor packs.

The basis of this work continues on beyond Bechamp and the other researchers who have all seminal works contributed in pleomorphism and symbiosis; that as indicated is fundamental to colloidal biology; And as noted above in a dysbiotic bioterrain where pH conductivity; and negative redox was not had the symbiotic lifecolloid all cells and blood corpuscle and tissue is made up out of; can have by AFD become dysbiotic; and the lifecolloid can have become a parasite; that upon changing the bioterrain can have become a developmentally dysbiotic lifecolloid; and abandoned its building block; even internal of the cell where it is the building block of all internal cellular organelle, and; when a culture of primitive lifecolloid is brought in; it assists down regulate all more advanced forms of dysbiotic lifecolloid and in health lifecolloid pro-biotic is present in the intestine; it assist down regulate dysbiotic lifecolloid; yet in poor health it is not; so the body becomes run over with pleomorphic Candida Albicans; Mucor Rasemosus; Strep; E.Coli and dysentery bacilli.

Where ever tissue is beyond the economy of the body and; calcium phosphate is too; such interal organelle of cells other than keep oxidative metabolism; and instead have dysbiotic bacilli inclusion; and, this is what neoplasm is; and, all other disease too! There is no such dis-ease ever without dysbiotic lifecolloid being found in the blood;

A lifecolloid double spore can have by AFD process developed from its apathogenic symbiotic form as a colloid of life; spore; and, double spore; that’s similar in size to what modern medicine (of its wrong teaching of monomorphism) calls a virus; and it is point zero one of a millimeter in size; such non virulent lifecolloid as indicated can have pleomorphed into a parasitical dysbiotic lifecolloid protit bacteria; then that bacteria can have developed a harder outer shell and become a mold (neoplasm is tissue molded internally) and cells that have DNA inclusions beyond what should be there; are you getting the big picture yet?

According to colloidal biology lifecolloid do not represent unchanging lifecolloid; independent of each other: yet form a single common colloid of life cycle; all having an origin as colloidal building blocks; of albuminoid substrate that is contained as plasma; and organelle inside all cell and red blood corpuscle.

By applying unique lighting technique Dark and Bright field microscopy; this researcher examined living blood for many years; long before live blood cell analysis became known; and also developed and taught the oxidative stress test of blood; and its reading of ones overall condition; this researcher looked at blood for some years; then it was realized that a full-body reading could be done that gave much greater insight into the root of the beloveds condition;

This researcher was clearly able to confirm what other researchers also confirmed; to provide clinical proof of this colloid of life cycle; and its origin; As soon as the bodys vital terrain changed; as indicated above; dysbiosis is observed in the blood; and all signs can be seen of parasitical inclusions in the red blood corpuscle; and plasma; and an upward development of the lifecolloid into more advanced phases of parasitical growth can have arisen:

Such dysbiotic lifecolloid have a fermentive metabolism; and, use the body as its own sewer; it can be not easy to fathom; how such is involved; in the disease process, by the ininitiated; yet such do abandon their mutual assisted living state; and do turn to their own demise;

A functional disturbance can be incurred in organ that is quite diversified; and is responsible for most all symptoms of dis-ease; therefore dis-ease is about the body’s healing processes as the body does what it can to return dysbiotic lifecolloid and its bio-terrain to its original vital condition; either your body can clear up such; or have developed into an unchecked parasitical dysbiotic lifecolloid; and such depends upon the condition of ones internal milieu; where the parasitical dysbiotic lifecolloid in an inner damaged milieu; via relentless dead food consumption; and un-healthy life style can have created neoplasm; and cardiovascular disease;

As dysbiotic life colloid can have been kept not inhibited self healing can have become incapable of restoration of the body providing cell rejuventation; and such dysbiotic lifecolloid produce co-cancerogenic K factor (C K F) that is a yeast cell wall proliferator; and the internal milieu can have become conditioned that the pleomorphic cycle is expressed to more developmentally advanced dysbiotic lifecolloid; and such always determines disease;


This researcher noted that such dysbiotic lifecolloid all have to produce a membrane: and that such a membrane of pathogenic parasitical lifecolloid have a chitin scleritin; and resilin outer membrane; that can be cleared away with a nitrogenous; and chitin scleritin; and resilin protein inhibitor. And, such a formula is potentiated with ones own endogenous created fluid (urine); such a formula applies ones own element; that, is of your own antitoxin; and anti-body in an isopathic state; And, until proper levels of bicarbonate is being released by the liver and pancreas; lemon bi-carb shots are regularly brought in; and all such down regulate pathogenic lifecolloid;

Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic is found in a medium of a pH of five point eight; and is as is acidophilus and is composed of symbiotic lifecolloid in a more primitive non-advanced pleomorphic cycle; and, has missing isopathic element needed as proper blood borne inhibitions of dysbiotic lifecolloid; All such observation relegates monomorphism (presently being wrongfully taught); into paradigm; where, what modern medicine has taught, is completely set back to zero. And by bringing in lifecolloid pro-biotic; it has primitive spore of aspergillus and mucor racemosus as very small colloidal albuminoid particulate; that can down regulate more advanced forms of such lifecolloid; in the body relieving the immune system;

Jubbs 4 NR (for neoplastic remission) and also Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic is made up out of symbiotic apathogenic colloid of life; spore and double spore of Mucor Racemosus; and Streptococci Higer; below its double spore stage as is isopathic relates to element that should be there; is any dis-ease not about celiac; strange indigestible protein; run away sugar; and, rancid fat? Is most dis-ease about high phosphate food low calcium? You apply isopathic therapeutics Doest dead food consumption lead to bile and kidney occlusion? And once the body doesn’t have its blood borne inhibitor; isn’t bacteria; mold; fungus; and, yeast the chief undertaker?

Such Fermentive dysbiotic lifecolloid does create ever more C K F; trephone is a yeast cell wall growth factor; the more dysbiotic lifecolloid found in your blood; the greater the chance of neoplasm; such dysbiotic lifecolloid does participate in the development of tumor; and you can heal up you again make sure your blood can remain sterilized of dysbiotic lifecolloid. Lifefood nutrition has about ten percent protein; ten percent fat; eightly percent carbohydrate; such protein intake reduces fermentative lifecolloid.

Down regulating dysbiotic Lifecolloid back again into lower forms incurs you bring in lifecolloid pro-biotic; and fermentive food; that all in an acid pH is generally made up of primitive spore and double spore and are apothogenic; specific symbiotic lifecolloid in its primitive state initiates the complete breakdown as indicated of dysbiotic lifecolloid; and isopathic symbiotic lifecolloid is of isopathic element that disassembles a bacteria mold; fungus; and, yeast back into a double spore. Urine therapy does this; and also Jubbs 4 NR formula that can be crought into the lymph; also via suflation; and nebulized by sound and breathed in.

A weakened body can have caused a pathogenicity of candida albicans; You are caring to cleanse that you’ve avoided excessive production of toxicity from decomposition