Besides all the big living organisms in the world you can see; a twi-light zone exists; of a long lost forgotten dimension; of, too numerously living microscopic invisible life that is existing: you’d need a powerful microscope to see; in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic some fifty thousand specie of acidophilus exist alone; along with; another similar amount of double spore; spore; and, colloid of life; such is collected from a small deposit; formed below the litter layer; and, is composed totally of acidophile symbiotic transient lifecolloid; All biological tissue breaks down into such small complex organic acid; called humic and fulvic; a mineral atom is useful; it is complexed by such;

Such lifecolloid probiotic; is a very unusual substance; that, a small amount can be seen to disappear; into, the skin; for, only point zero one is diatomic! The rest is monatomic! Its, seemingly a bland; homogeneous compound; yet, the average tsp can have one hundred million; to: one billion lifecolloid; and, a gram of such can have a million fungal acidophile living within; conferring DNA and RNA cache of intelligence coded to make hundreds of thousands of proteins; that act as vital surfactant [factor x]

A pH of five point eight is important in such a lifecolloid pro-biotic; because, eons of time passed; all in such a deposit is of acidophile; that is most all still totally un-explored; Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic is of oligotrophic lifecolloid; extremely, difficult to isolate; that, include: methanotroph; acidobacteria; plantomycete; such deposit is of a rich carbon trap; and in the past a lush world of a majestic canopy; and of an under canopy forest; floor existed; yet, no shade remains, today; and, nohumic is conditioned;

Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic is of alpha; and, delta; protobacteria; rhodoblastus; methanogen; sulfur oxidizer; halogen; thermophile; acidithiobacillus; thiooxidan; leptospirillum; acidomanas methanolica; is only a small example of what specie exist(s) in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic; therefore, It is noted how Balkan beloved did live a longer life; it was observed long lived cenenians; had vital levels of vitamin K; and, lactose; and possessed an enriched acidophile in the intestine; Metchenkof popularized such and called such lifecolloid acidophile Bulgaricus; such vital pro-biotic is symbiogenic; lifecolloid pleomorph into aerobic mitochondria; that is internal cellular structural organelle of animal and plant cell; tissue and fluid; as is the plastid and mitochondria is related; to a common ancestor a purple protobacteria; in Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic; therefore.

Did you know that a life colloid doesn’t have to have had a cell wall? And it is totally not static? Yet, engaged in a continuously changing cycle of pleomorphic dynamic lifecolloid; of a symbiotic cycle; continuously funneling and channeling; DNA; and, RNA: All animal and plant is built out of colloid of life; that doesn’t perish: and from dust you come; and to dust you return; And in Jubbs cell rejuvenation apothogenic lifecolloid can become pathogenic; and, vice versa; all has phases; beginning below a bacteria; and can be seen in dysbiosis to advance beyond a double spore to mold; fungi; and yeast: Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic is of numerous double spore: single spore; and, colloid of life; that, down regulates; to more advanced dysbiotic lifecolloid.

This researcher was introduced to a student of Royal Rife who did invent the Rife microscope; and did become then familiar with Bechamp’s work; that then led to other scientists mentioned pieces of the puzzle of colloidal biology; this led to innerstand how blood and cell; and lifecolloid arise;

Neoplasm; because it is tissue that is also included of ferment; parasite; does create ever higher amount(s) of co carcinogenic K factor; trephine; simple fetal endoblastic marker; all indicate the level of fermentation! And; such excreted mycotoxin can have been blocking a vital immune response; more advanced lifecolloid forms do appear in the blood and tissue exudates; microscopically examined;

Jubbs Lifecolloid pro-biotic has a de-febrinator called lumberkinase; Jubbs 4NR preparation is an isopathic (same as your body) preparation; that strips all protein cloaking covering of pathogen; and; jubbs cell rejuvenation inhibits via blood borne inhibitor: a more advanced pleomorphic cycle to parasitical skeletal external structured virulent lifecolloid infection.

Such an approach applies innerstanding of nature’s biomagnicity; in how all more advanced forms dis-assemble back into an oxidative aerobic symbiotic lifecolloid building block as a double spore; spore; and, colloid of life; that mucus is dissolved; and lymphatic opened up; Immunity is restored;

Such an isopathic compound as is Jubbs 4 NR is an: ammonia nitrogenated terpin; that thins sticky mucus to water; and blocks all parasite cell wall formation; and, is shown to drastically lower tumor markers; after the fourth day of such a program; such an isopathic potentiated compound blocks fermentation in its tracks! It dissolves C K F; and neoplasm; and extraneous tissue is vulnerable to be cleared away; and immunity restored;

All miraculous recovery is by virtue of this beneficial acidophile microscopic colloid of life; and by AFD a healthy cycle exists; within a bioterrain; blood borne inhibitor is present in your blood; and even a slightly greater alkaline shift causes parasite to form beyond double spore stage in the blood;

Component in Jubbs NR compound activates Kinin inhibiting abnormal rapid cell repair, protection response becomes turned off; Tumor necrosis factor is produced; and such a compound has diastastic poison; and, cyanhydrich acid that assists clear away via apoptosis all cellular structure of a neoplastic nature;