A chronic disease relates to body tissue de-differentiating into dysbiotic lifecolloid due mainly to dead food consumption. Candida and its pleomorphic fermentive lifecolloidal forms can be infected in body tissue: and recovery of many illnesses must have its aim to clear the fermentive body terrain. Suppressive treatment would only intensify disease; It can have increased dysbiotic lifecolloid, This pathogenic lifecolloid de-differentiates from healthy tissue through its ongoing pleomorphic lifecycle (see Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation.)

As one was born with a bile occlusion and jaundiced as many are, one can inherit a poor constitution; and the body can have begun with a less than vital terrain and a very poor level of bi-carb release from the liver; which keep mold, fungus and yeast at bay. Dead food consumption can have created a ten thousand headed monster to have from intestinal tissue. Campypylortus bacilli from the stomach and duodenum; Strep from body tissue; and mucor racemosus from vascular tissue; Asperguilus niger from bone and connective tissue.

Lifefood nutrition, the ancient architect diet is about a ratio of five parts calcium to two parts phosphorus. Dead food consumption can have left calcium phosphate build up in the body to create a condition of silent inflammation. In colloidal biology one is aware that the body can have broken down into pathogenic life forms. Tuberculosis and syphilis have no need to be inoculated from the outside. Lifecolloid that is dysbiotic can occur in various forms and stages of the pleomorphic lifecolloid cycle. These can range from the lowest forms to highly developed stages of fungi bacteria and yeast. The colloid of life is the building block of all lifecolloid as spore, double spore, bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast. Lifecolloid and its building blocks as colloid of life are present in all life and are a bridge between non living and living matter.

Mucor racemosus has a spore, bacteria, mold and fungal lifeform and is symbiotically present to assist the body with vascularization. It incorporates itself into all symbiotic vascular tissue. Whereas asperguillos niger incorporates itself into all connective tissue. Introducing the sporalitive form of a dysbiotic high valency stage lifecolloid down regulates the dysbiotic more developed dysbiotic lifecolloid as indicated this moves into its more primitive building block by down regulation… This occurs by de-differentiation by AFD process.

Colloid of life, aggregate; fuse; and differentiation (AFD), into all tissue; arising to form blood, and then life colloid as spore that make up red blood corpuscle, (depending upon the terrain) AFD into all body tissue. Mucor racemosus AFDs to form vascular tissue; and asperfuillis niger forms connective tissue. This process can be observed with dark field microsposy. In simple terms lifecolloid as spore can become a red blood corpuscle or in a dysbiotic terrain pathogenic bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast, mucor racemosus and asperguillis niger. Asperguillis niger spore acan assemble itself into tissue cancer. Mucor rasemosus incorporates itself into vascular neoplastic cells.

As the body is free of neoplastic condition, sodium bi-carb salt is being released into the intestinal tract; otherwise, fungi can be cultured from all neoplastic tissue. More advanced forms of bacteria as is a cell was, difecient bacteria come from the spore that makes up aspergillus Niger. The use of antibiotic that suppress bacteria with cell walls simply cause the pathogenic lifecolloid to de-differentiate; and by AFD revert into a cell wall deficient bacteria.

In all such dysbiotic condition relief can be obtained by intenstifying excretory measures through Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation and lifefood nutritional fasting that incorporates gall bladder flushing. All means taken other than this can only suppress one’s condition. Proper elimination and lifefood nutritional fasting causes more light to be present in the body, and this light is used for cellular communication.

A dysbiotic lifecolloid constitution has lost its light. Neoplastic condition has its cellular structure emitting a very poor amount of light. Neoplastic cells have weaker photon [light] emission. Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic stimulates photon emission and also cellular respiration. Getting better liver condition also improves the same. Applying Jubbs marine mineral brings in an abundance of co enzyme Q10 and monatomic element that does the same. Oxygen reduction capacity [anti-oxidant] conduction [minerals] and pH involves weak organic acid that transport spare electron. All is vitalized on Jubbs cell rejuvenation to create a better terrain, and also to de-stress.

The biggest killer is work, its bigger than doctors and hospitals, climbing Mt. Evereset, drink, drug, war, and even more than Marriage. In the world it kills over 2 million a year! Whereas 650,000 die in wars! Work is a more efficient means of going backward.. Yet, doing nothing can make a person bored and that can make you tired. When you work you should do what you can to relax and not worry, for ffear is caused by indecision and indecision is what worry is sustained by. Worry only releases acid hormone and chemical that acidify your terrain and that alone can take you out. Anyway you also don’t want to be so fat your clothes on a clothes line will block a few hours of sunlight out of your day.

Becoming a lifefoodarian or a hypochondriac, in the face of such devastating odds is the only rational betting choice one is left with. Because dead food is the chief undertaker, an undertaker which is a mold and a fungus and culminates in the body tissue breaking down into yeast. Except for an occasional yeast rot and fungal rot, as a hypochondriac you can feel as young as you ever did.

If you do not eliminate toxin taken in, there is no question about staying vital. It is a matter of choosing the type of sickness liked most. The trouble with eating most dead food is that a few hours later you can eat again because you feel hungry. Most fast food and cake at the coffee shop can look like buffalo excrement and is safe for you providing none of it enters your intestinal tract. The U S A is the only place in the world where food is more dangerous than terrorists… and owning an un-pasteurized almond is illegal yet owning a gun is legal.

A slightly acidic environment where acid can be reduced is favorable and derives from you being a lifefoodarian, with a long life. Whereas, an acidic or alkaline environment of oxidation can open you to fungal infestation, bacterial infection and a very inflammatory re-active sensitive state, the more alkaline the blood and acid the tissue the more viral and cell wall deficient the dis-ease.

Those who follow a diet of flesh and grain and bean, egg and dairy are abound toward chronic illness and infirmity. Bile occlusion and chronic malnutrition leads to celiac (Intestinal Inflammation) and disbiosis. The gut or an excretory organ can have become seriously compromised.

Immunological active tissue is found in the intestine, Vaccine, antibiotic and chemotherapy, by suppression is a serious threat to the health of the population. Because you can have ended up with a dysbiotic lifecolloid constitution, the author is aware that this is a short explanation, but it has come about from a long review of literature and empirical and personal experience.

Basic statistical research is what’s done in the modern world, where the scientists don’t know what the bloody hell they are doing. Like big agri-pharma companies , where what is supposedly done is an excuse for mere idleness that achieves no result of even a slight value, And in the modern world of toasters and ovens it is a knack of arranging a food, so we do not have to experience it when we eat it.

Hopefully everything you eat won’t turn into something mean and fungal. The way you get thin again is to reinvent your life’s purpose. If you are clever you will be able to solve your dilemma, and if you are wise, you will avoid listening to other ideas that may be wrong, awareness is heeded by only one who has intelligence. Anyway you don’t want your face to look life someone who just missed the bus. So I recommend you consider starting Jubbs tissue cleansing straight away.

Antibiotic and chemotherapy radiation and pharmaceutical suppress a fungal constitution and eating starches and drinking alcohol doesn’t help the situation. The antibiotic is extremely immunosuppressive. Colloidal biology is about pleomorphism which means that life colloid as a spore (that are the actual building blocks of the body) can take on unique multiple forms during its life cycle. This means that a lifecolloid making up a cell organelle as a spore and double spore can (through AFD) become a bacteria; and the bacteria can become a mold or a fungus or a yeast body.

Fungal infection at the moment is irrelevant to modern medicine, It’s easier to wear boots than make smooth tracks everywhere in the wilderness. Antibiotics use and suppressive other therapy comes from knowing that you can stop anything from functioning if you hit it with a large enough rock. Dogs and horses are by their owners often advised to wear a coat in the winter, but dogs and horses never suggest to their owners they should not have a continuously change their outfit nor have hair on their ears or wear tails.

Errors in modern medicines insight of disease causation can be corrected, that digestive, stomach and intestine cells can break down into H.Pylori and cause a stomach ulcer and or neoplasm. A liver cell can have broken down into hepatitis spore, cervical tissue can become papilloma spore; lung tissue can become tuberculosis; colon tissue can breakdown into typhoid and dysentery like bacilli, Pleomporphism fits directly into cellular dysbiosis.

Jubbs Star Anise chia formula is more effective than a vaccine against bird flu; And Jubbs usnea formula is more effective than a chemical prescription antifungal. Even cinnamon is more effective than diflucan to clear fungus, but most people are digging their own grave with their teeth, the most dead food eaten is full of mycotoxic compound that cause cancer.

Eating dead food, one can inherit a dysbiotic lifecolloid constitution. Dead food contains neoplastic mycotoxin including: penicillium; aflatoxin; ochratoxin; fumonisins and sterigmatochystin; All are recognized neoplastic promoters and are found in grain, bean, flesh food and dairy product. Neoplastic tissue has DNA-adduct including aflatoxin and ochratoxin. DNA-adduct levels are well above normal, when you examine neoplastic tissue and compare results. Neoplastic malignancy occurs at a high rate in individuals who take immune suppressive therapy such as chemotherapy and mycotoxin cyclosporine.

Mold fermented dairy cheese eaten as a staple ever causes greater amounts of neoplastic condition. Modern medicine is a religion; where one is asked to submit to authority for the sake of certainty. All religious thinkers are serious doubters. Ideas like this come to me when I take a pee’ in the morning, but good ideas always come to me in pairs, one thought to enhilate the other, and it has bothered me, a trifle, that my ideas are not much like anyone else’s.