Calcium phosphate and Oxalate Calcification is always found in neoplastic breast condition. Fungal species produce oxalate and phosphate mycotoxin. Aspergillus Niger produces large amounts of oxalic acid, and streptomutans produce large amounts of phosphoric acid. Digestive block, athlete’s foot, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar being high or two low; skin conditions of excezma and psoriasis, fluid retention and abdominal bloat that increases waist size, between eating; and being overweight is a way you can recognize you have a dysbiotic lifecolloid Constitution.

The Future cannot be as it used to be, you can be like a turtle, only making progress while sticking your neck out. It’s a shallow Doctor who does not judge from a patient’s appearance; and glamour is no more than a prop that eats; standing still and smiling. A Dysbiotic Lifecolloid Constitution occurs when one has to take antibiotics as indicated and a new malignant tumor occur at a high rate as a renal transplant recipient is given cyclosporine. This result verifies that dysbiotic mold fungus and yeast are implicated in cancer. Aflatoxin is found in cancer tissue Aspergillus Niger fungal infection produces large amount of oxalic acid and is often found in lung cancer.

Gas caused by yeast bloats the stomach and intestinal tract and is caused by yeast over growth. Yeast overgrowth and its treatment do not lie in a pill, it requires you to only eat lifefood, and avoid dead food which has strange indigestible protein and run-away Sugar. Lifefood is vegetarian and is fresh fruit and vegetable that can reproduce itself. You avoid run-away sugar, grain, bean, dairy, egg and flesh. You use life colloid and Jubbs Flora Grow that also has L salivarius and L planetarium [from human breast milk] Jubbs lifefood nutritional fasting is recommended to flush bile and pancreatic stone and Jubbs herbal formulas are all antifungal. One needs to exercise daily to create lymph circulation and you should meditate as a way of life, and avoid overbreathing.

Colloidal biology is founded on revolutionary microscopic Dark Field and Bright Field lighting technique, [see Secrets of an Alkaline Body and also Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation] Most in modern medicine do not see anything except a millionth of one percent. Yet nothing succeeds like success.

A Double helix is a spiral staircase, where what was once considered passive, activity transports electrical impulses, and in Colloidal Biology a blood corpuscle and body cell and a bacterium can become a cell wall deficient bacteria and escape detection, Yet be implicated in numerous chronic diseases.

In Colloidal biology a body cell,red blood corpuscle and bacteria can all have become cell wall deficient bacteria without antigenic markers, and this lifecolloid can give rise to successively ever more complex more advanced lifecolloid; all can emerge within a living body from its own tissue in a fermentive body terrain and micro-niche. Down regulation of fungal, mold and advanced forms of bacteria incurs by isopathic spore and double spore the advanced form is made of; and also by chemical action such as sodium bi-carb. All animal tissue and vascularization has arisen from a long history of symbiotic interaction of mold, fungi aspergillus niger and mucor racemosur each lifecolloid can switch from symbiosis to dysbiosis in an un-healthy body bio terrain. Introducing spore and double spore stages of the above more advanced lifecolloid, down regulates the more pathogenic dysbiotic lifecolloid in disease.

Excess alkalinity of the blood is always found in excessive acidity of tissue. Thus in Jubbs cell rejuvenation various forms of weak organic acid is applied. Animal product inhibits, because it further acidifies tissue; and the body compensates for this by making blood more alkaline than should be; this blocks down regulation of dysbiotic more advanced lifecolloid to spore and double spore building blocks, Causing dysbiotic bacteria to have predominated.

As you h ave health you are at the slowest rate possible for one that is dying. Doctors and the Big Agri i.Pharma corporations are inventing cures for which there is no known disease; and people you and I are close to catch that cure and die fast from it. You for sure don’t want the doctor to give you first, the good news that the disease you can be sick with, will be named after you., and you can never read the script a doctor gives you after a 5 minute visit to get your controlled drug; it always says something like; “got my money now you get yours.” If your time is up, not even a hospital stay or Doctor prescribed drug will save you. You don’t want to have an operation on a hemorrhoid where all your trouble still is behind you. The more a person can get to know a doctor the more this person values dogs generally.

A Differential Isopathic Assessment by Dark Field has been painstakingly used to confirm numerously, the author’s cell rejuvenation approach. The Author has seen herbal formula; Jubbs cell rejuvenation and energetic approaches down regulate pathogenic mold to the double spore stage once blood borne inhibitors are present and lifefood restored, disease was cleared away from ones body.

In order you can understand that you should avoid complication, you should understand that elimination of toxin through the bowel is very important. You should also eliminate all condition that cause bloat and even more energy loss. If you have liver pancreatic or bowel disease you should avoid all synthetic. If you have liver disease or failure, hepatitis or cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease high cholesterol food allergy then you must increase elimination of toxin. High Cholesterol and also diabetes are always due to blood not having ease of toxin elimination. All subjective measures that have been observed overtime is empirial proof that Jubbs cell rejuvenation has great efficacy in turning condition around. Eating non-lifefood causes dysbiotic ferment that causes rhabdomyoloysis (severe breakdown of muscles and kidney damage).

Jubbs lifecolloid has antimicrobial antifungal and powerful immunomodulatory attribute that has great relevance in immune over and under production that modulates ones immune response. Clearing bile occlusion assists with dyslipidemia (build up of cholesterol). Clearing away bile occlusion and causing the liver to empty itself, guards against sepsis (blood infection) and modifies the inflammatory cascade by pleomorphism action; and Jubbs life colloid pro-biotic assists on this level as does herbal formula; and all exhibit activity against opportunistic dysbiotic lifecolloid as spore bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast in the body. The pocess of Jubbs cell rejuvenation improves against morbidity and mortality.

Formula such as Jubbs wild zyme usnea and marine mineral have chitin and chitosan protein which is a nitrogenous polysaccharide that is similar to plant cellulose. Chitosanprotein amino groups are mostly not acetylated. The formulas polysaccharides are similar to the fungal kingdom; this formula has great antihypercholesterolemic and antihyperliipidemic activity. These formulas guard against atherosclerosis and are anti-aggregative and anticoagulative that is the effect of sulfated derivatives of chitosan. All formulas have very low toxicity that is streets in front of synthetics.

Your New Year Resolution should be to eat lifefood and have random acts of kindness, refrain from bad jokes and saying nasty things, unless they are really bad and horribly nasty! You should also tolerate the selfish person more gladly providing not much of your time is taken up. It’s possible to be a fool and not know this. But not when you are in a bad relationship. Eating dead food you end up with a similar natural state as a football fan; disappointed and blaming the manager, no matter what the score or what goes wrong… So you should only eat lifefood for these reasons and other reasons put in this book.

All other dead food eating and therapeutics is not allowing the body to cleanse, and thereby causes a dysbiotic constitution to have formed. From observing fast food being made and in light of that information, kitchens have probably been designed by the devil in hell!’ Marine mineral wild zyme;  usnea formula; Jubbs lifecolloid and cleansing away bile stone is engaging up-stream cleaning, and alters acute phase protein chemokoines adhesion molecule and nitric oxide, there is also a reduction in pro-inflammatory protein globulin of neutriphil and macrophage, endothelial cell activation, and T and NK Lymphocyte cell activity is increased.

A benefit has also been seen on herbal formula such as the longevity formula; digest aid; evacuease and blood and lymph formula, combined with Jubbs cell rejuvenation protocol in::Haemoxygenase activation; where inflammatory oxidative stress states benefit incurs also by cytoprotective heat shot protein, Immune cell lymphocyte adhesion to endothelia intercellular molecule is enhanced. All assist the body to ward off disease and protect the body from sepsis; subjective blood tests have observed reduction in associated bacterimic infection, S.Aureus bacilli has been shown by blood tests to clear up on Jubbs cell rejuvenation.

Jubbs cell rejuvenation is also anti-fungal. Prenylated and mevalonate protein and ergosterol has been shown to be reduced. A Healthy Process is fungicidal and fungastatic. Zygomycosis fungi including candida decreases radically in the blood.. Jubbs usnea and lifecolloid pro-biotic is fungicidal and activity against several zygomycetes (fungi). When you smell and look at ham and eggs and fried onion, Jam and toast with lust; you commit breakfast in your heart, yet constipation from this is a big fear in the hearts of people, similar to the fear of death… You know that green makes clean but you don’t want to have the same effect like one who took bath once every two years whether needed or not.

Double spore as life colloid Aggregate, Fuse M and differentiate into a red blood corpuscle in the large cell propria deep in the intestinal mucosa of the intestinal tract. A dysbiotic lifecolloid constitution can have incurred by suppressive therapy where a drug, surgery and chemo. can have been used, instead of increasing the body, to clear away toxin and parasite. Suppressive therapy can block proper blood formation in the intestinal tract; and in so doing also have lost a red blood corpuscles ability to differentiate into lymphocyte; macrophages; neutrophil; basopphillic; granulocytes,, (immune cells); mesenchyme; connective tissue cells mascular tissue epithelial cells, fat cell and tissue.

In 50 years no progress against cancer, has incurred by drugging, burning and cutting. Yet since the early 80’s this author has educated all that cancer is a mold of the body; and this is catching on. Alkali salt, gallbladder flushing; whole food vitamin, mineral complex and lifefood. You need enzymes to tap into the law of the adaptive secretion of digestive enzymes. In a neoplastic [cancer] condition (benign and malignant you need fibrolytic enzyme) to break down the fibrin covering of encysted moldy body tissue {that’s what cancer is}. One of the most powerful enzymes, is one made by earthworms and found in Jubbs pro-biotic called lumbrokinase.

Six proteolytic [protein] enzymes have been discovered made by earthworms. They are collectively called lumbrokinase. When you have a dysbiotic lifecolloid constitution you typically have excess fibrin and globulin platelets in the blood and reduced albumin. Albumin is the super transporter of cell nutrient and waste… Lumbrokinase assists clear fibrin so albumin can be raised because by clearing away fibrin the body plasma is reduced of its osmotic pressure and kupfer cells of the intestine, kidney and liver can produce more albumin. Albumin is the super transporter in the blood carrying cellular nutrients to a cell and waste away.

Lumbrokinase assists to overcome the adverse effects of bleeding. Objective observation from blood work that’s been done to show a significant effect in assisting heal ischemic cerebrovascular disease. The lifecolloid pro-biotic has been used as an anticoagulant and it has no gastrointestinal reaction. So can be used to replace aspirin. This element of the lifecolloid pro-biotic has been used for centuries. It also overcomes adverse effects of bleeding, by unique affinity for fibrin, with its [pro-biotic] anticoagulant properties. Over time the author has seen objective blood work improve with use of herbal formula and changing ones ways.

Jubbs lifecolloid has potent fibrinolytic activity and objectively the author has seen varicose vein disappear in the leg of a person taking this over six months. Also numerous other conditions have improved by lifecolloid nutritional fasting alongside regular use of Jubbs pro-biotic lifecolloid including endometriosis and fibroid condition. A profound benefit is also the reduction of pain by reduced acid overall condition and blocking the release of pain-induced tissue of amines from inflammation…

The program overall has benefit of a protein dissolving action and gradually clears away atherosclerotic plaque, objective observation and blood work has shown circulation, immunity; anti sepsis; anti inflammatory; uro-genital; diabetes; kidney function; arthritis; metabolic and inflammatory conditions; to be all much improved.

In colloidal biology the origin, function and fate of the red blood corpuscle has been substantiated by objective analysis [see Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation.] The red blood corpuscle has poly-potencies and can differentiate and/or de-differentiate into body cell element and arise from spore and double spore aggregating; fusing and differentiating in the large cell laminar propria of the deep sub mucosa of the intestinal tract mostly. And to this end Jubbs cell rejuvenation has its efficacy. The very first element to form in a fertile egg is a red blood corpuscle which incorporates itself into cellular structure of the chicken.

Fingernails and hair seem to continue to grow after death, but text messages seem to taper off. Hair and nails seem to grow because skin shrinks from dehydration creating the appearance of nail and hair growth yet as you have the constitution of a saint, no rigamortus sets in; but a disbiotic constitution causes the body to immediately putrefy, ferment, and rot rigamortus sets in! But some still have a strange belief, that the earth is flat and refuse to see it is round even when photographs from space show this.

There are 200billion neurons in the brain, but we use less than 3% at a time. An Ants brain is 6% of its body weight, while in humans, only on average 2% of their body weight is brain matter. Drinking excessive alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells but it slows rejuvenated forces. When outer space is examined alcohol [methanol] is found out there. Yet an orca doesn’t drink, but some have likened it to being flesh of enormity armed with savage teeth! Humans eating dead food and flesh; grain; bean; dairy and egg die of infirmity by lack of proper constitution. All of life fits into a niche and humans are more frugivores than carnivores. The behavior of your red blood corpuscles is radically altered by dead food consumption and red blood corpuscles can pool to become monera, which is characteristic of a fused mass of ethrocytes and arising new cells from this [coacervatian] becomes abnormal. Its aggregational fusion with other lifecolloid becomes abnormal as well as its normal process of aggregation of lifecolloidal spore it is composed of and its surface adherence to the material {thigmotaxis} also becomes abnormal… In colloidal biology a red blood corpuscle has differential capacity; and reversible differential capacity of red blood corpuscle and fixed body cell and tissue body that causes DNA telomere to be used up. Cooked dead food, flesh, dairy, grain, meats, egg, bread, cheese, sugary drink and alcohol combine to rob all alkaline mineral reserve. And, calcium oxalate and phosphate wrongfully gets deposited in the body.

Common health challenge can include bile occlusion; with or without symptoms digestive disturbance; candida; cardiovascular weakness; acceleration of damage done by free radicals; immune weakness; lactic acid; calcium phosphate and uric acid build up in the body; low energy; osteopina and osteoporosis; global fat challenge as incremented weight gain; and also cachexia [muscle wastedness].

A lifecolloid diet is the principle source of alkaline nutrient and weak organic element that assists buffer the blood and on a cooked food diet not enough enzymes are present to assists digest food and this ferments and putrefies in the intestinal tract causing a dysbiotic lifecolloid constitution.