Reading the Body like a Book, No Mind Festival, Sweden


Lifefood for a Sustainable Future, Stockholm

Recorded by Omananda


Lifefood Preperation Workshop, Helt Rå Cafe, Norway



Brain of the Gut, Stockholm


A selection of the most recent lectures Dr. Jubb has given. 

Lifefood, Living Food, Raw Food - What's Up? (2 hours)
Lifefood is a finer distinction within the uncooking food movement. Strange, undigestible protein (that cannot be broken down in the body) and runaway sugar (that cannot be managed by the liver) are found in other programs. Calcium/Phosphorus ratio. Lifeforce as a nutritive element. Being kind and gentle, soft and allowing with oneself and others.
Lifefood for a sustainable future ( 2 hours)
Lifefood can be found growing wild in nature and naturally promotes the growth of shade-bearing vegetation that rejuvenates the top soil and contributes to purifying lakes, rivers and oceans. Healthy soil, healthy people. Healthy people, healthy society.
Nature´s Operating Table (3 or 5 hours)
How to use Nature´s Operating Table to reverse all manner of so-called irreversible chronic diseases. The Science of Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation. Not even 100% Lifefood will heal one up - one must clear the pipes of debris and increase the ability the body´s own organs of detoxification. Jubbs 14 Day Nutritional Fast and Liver Flush.
Lifefood Preperation Workshop and Talk (2 or 3 hours)
Learn how to prepare Lifefood. How to make an emulsification, a base for your soup, smoothie or salad dressing. Succulent Sea Salad Dressing. Delicious Almond Milk. Pesto. Team (meat spelt backwards)

Reading the Body like a Book  (2 hours)
Dr. Jubb is reknowned for his ability to calibrate external signs of the body like a window into its internal matrix. This is a more highly calibrated reading than any instrument on the planet. An introduction to these methods.
Whole Brain Functioning (3 or 5 hours)
Whole Brain Functioning are those verbal and non-verbal patterns that allow us to live in the whole of ourself and access our executive guidance - pre frontal cortex of the brain that allow us to have create influence over the future. 
Brain of the Gut (3 or 5 hours)
95% of the nuerotransmitter serotonin is produced in the Brain of the Gut. Learn how what is consumed affects brain and mental function. There are more nuerons in the gut than in the whole of the spinal colomn.

Shrinking Thinking   (2 hours)
Change Your Mind and Keep the Change! An experiential learning workship. How to quieten the mind - suspend the internal talk - to approach the universal mind. Here you are learning a behavior change technique that can be applied where you are in your life.
Economic Egalitarism ( 2 hours)
How does current banking policy affect Nature?
Who owns the growth of the money supply?
2012 - Earth Changes  (2 hours)
Ancient Archaeology - Atlantis, Lemuria
Astronomy - Nibiru
Ancient Native American Toltec Tradition (2 hours)
This oral tradition goes further back than Buddhaism and has been the source of the founding of  Nuero Linguistic Programming.