A Currency of Love

escaped; resisted; the path of least resistance; applied; a currency of love;

of this which is mutually beneficial; this which cannot be bought or sold;

where room is for celebration; you have innerstanding; you are;

this quantum; of waves; no corporation can rule; certainly not;

the building blocks of DNA; this is you; who is original;

that no patent; no number; no monopoly; can have ever been;

 invite; stay with mystery; be beyond what is historical;

have perseverance; have resistance; take a breath;

have a moratorium; check the box; you want reform in banking;

let your heart guide; your tongue;

that you can innerstand the deepest tropical jungle; most barren desert; an oasis;

that on this colloidal level;

you can have a dialect; that can reveal; to you;

what mature water is; and the import of; natural thunder; and cloud formation;

can this be; for you; a map;

in which your freedom; is more total;