The tiniest seed in the world can float in the upper stratosphere for tens of thousands of years; this seed eventually floats down to become an orchid, and is known to absorb all manner of radiation from stellar emissions floating around in the upper stratosphere; and it does so because it has a negatively charged hydrogen ion; nuclear radon is an extremophile; which biologically transmutate radioactivity into gold and silver; lithophillic lifecolloid in the earth; transmutate radioactive energy into inert and compatible biological energy; a negative hydrogen ion can be created; such as protium and deterium; for application to incinerate all 3rd dimensional structure back to nothing; including radioactivity and plastic.

On another note: jubb lifecolloid probiotic is a high performance ion exchange substance; for nuclear waste remediation; life colloid as found in jubbs probiotic has lithophillic life colloid; that show the highest performance of any material and display biological action; and inert element for ion exchange for radioactive waste remediation; that involves biotic and a-biotic process; this researcher is working with another researcher in this field to develop a product called lifehydrate; that is useful; in assisting clear radioactive fallout in biology; life over eons of its evolution is displayed of its mechanism to clear away radioactivity; which much has occurred to the earth in the past from cosmic impact; and also has been cleared up naturally.

Radiation is continuing to spew from fukushima; and, an oxyhydrogen gas generator can be applied to incinerate nuclear waste; back into the 4th dimension. Such a negative hydrogen ion brings any element to its individual element boiling point; oxyhydrogen gas can also be applied to weld dissimilar element together like plastic and metal; plastic pollution in the pacific can be cleaned up as it can also be collapsed back to nothing by such a process; as soon as the beloved is again owning the growth of the money supply in the world; and not a private corporation; or an individual; there is a brain drain presently; because of the richcraft that has created the mess we are in;

When we own the growth of the money supply we can have free and clean energy like the atlanteans had; things could change for us; this method of cleaning up radioactive waste that is presently contaminating water: involves implementing an oxyhydrogen gas generator ; that creates such a gas from the waste water treatment process, this negative hydrogen ion is applied to incinerate the waste stream, this researcher applies a method of stabilizing the biotic and abiotic complexed solid in the waste stream; while pulse electrical signal is sent to electrode generating oxyhydrogen element; is supplied to separate solid waste from the stream; like boron, clay and dolomite for example; time is put between pulses of electromagnetic energy; and during the pulses a time and space exists; that a radioactive solid waste is allowed to collect to the surface; 

All the waste material of the earth can be cleared away through the use of burning two oxygen molecules with a negative hydrogen ion; and can be cleared away at low cost; hazardous toxic biotic[s] and abiotic[s] can also be incinerated by such a technique;

This researcher is recommending a thermonuclear demolition device can be put underneath the failing reactors; that are now beginning a phase of meltdown; and, this thermonuculear demolition device can be applied to finally put a stop once and for all time to the ongoing nuclear reaction of the melting rods; this involves a modern nuclear demolition process; that has neither thermonuclear radiation, nor an electromagnetic pulse, nor any pressure wave;

It is such that an underground nuclear explosion is what is being recommended here to annihilate the ongoing condition; and, that such an underground nuclear explosion would be similar to what everyone saw that dropped the two trade centers plus building 7; everyone saw that leave cavity zones; crush zones where everything will be atomized; at that point high performance ion exchange process; using the negative hydrogen ion; can be applied to incinerate all radioactive waste including toxic biologicals.

All the older aging nuclear plants at the moment on the earth are all at a very serious risk; because none of them have been built to withstand an electromagnetic pulse; these pulses can be shown to melt and fuse microchips, you have electrical circuits; which will not withstand this pulse; and it is a scientific fact that unless they are shut down they pose an extremely grave danger to all life.  

Biological remediation using high performance ion exchange*; jubbs lifecolloid probiotic and a new product called lifehydrate; are substances that under the most extreme conditions; are preventative; and exhibit the capacity to neutralize and manage radioactive waste; and do so as indicated here by high performance ion exchange element; that is found in jubbs lifecolloid probiotic; which happens to be 10,000 years old; lifecolloid probiotic has a high capacity to bind with radioactivity selectivity; and provide a stable base so the radioactivity can be contained;

Jubbs lifecolloid probiotic is the most microporous organic liquid crystalline lattice like media on the earth; where there is not a larger surface area per size provided by anything else, and similar inorganic media has been used by the nuclear industry over the last 40 years or so; jubbs lifecolloid probiotic provides the most powerful combination of stability, capacity and selectivity; which any other similar comparable substance is light and weak; comparatively to jubbs lifecolloid probiotic... lifecolloid has the most hollow cage like tubule and vacuum energetic; far more than abiotic Zeolites; the structure of such microporous element is way more powerful than anything inorganic;

Radionucleotide can be cleared away from solution that contain high concentration of radioactive ion; such element could be used to attach to radioactive material; of the radioactive waste stream and negative hydrogen ion can then be used to incinerate all radioactive material;

Radioactive fallout from fukoshima; everyone knows is a serious health concern right now; using routine dumping methods to dispose radioactive waste is limited; whereas biological remediation applies lifecolloid to biologically transmutate radioactivity; such lifecolloid is known to exist in radioactive waste water, turn radioactive waste into a different element through biological transmutation; such environmental disturbances occurred at the moment and other methods of clean up is an extreme high cost and not as efficient at all; and possibly is not really an answer;

Radioneuclids are presently non degraded; and contaminants that lifecolloid probiotic have been shown to act upon; by effecting its solubility and bioavailability and neutralization; lifecolloid similar to geobacter, deinococcus; and, shewanella; C-type cytochrome reductase in the species geobacter sulfurreducenes, has been shown to clear up uranium 5, biologically turning this into uranium 6; various lifecolloid reductase have been shown to change in the lifecolloid microbial community; environmental conditions stimulate specific lifecolloidal functional population to achieve biological remediation of radioactive material;

Fungal hyphae as found in Jubbs LifeColloid Probiotic such as cladosporium, or cladosporioides; which is really saprophytic microfungi; have been shown to clear away hot particles in 50 to 150 days; radiation that is accumulated can by lifecolloid bioremediation; and be reduced by abiotic (like boron) and biotic activity; biotic reduction is done by lifecolloid; whereas abiotic reduction depends on the availability of a complexing agent; which an abundance is found in jubbs lifecolloid probiotic; 

Contamination only occurs because a body is insufficient; mineral consumption has to be by minerals which are smaller than a 9 atom cluster; which minerals or salts mined from solid rock are not at all in this cluster; and in their monatomic state and be complexed by its protein colloidal chaperone; it typically also has to be a salt or mineral which is amphoteric in its nature;

Most mineral on the market is poisonous; and are not in their monotomic state; being more than a cluster size of 9; and such mineral in a biotic substrate has to have its protein colloidal chaperone and lithophillic lifecolloid; this is how nature prepares mineral for us;  we are closer to mineral through lithophillic lifecolloid; most mineral and salt on the market are not organic; like himalayan rock salt; or all salt mined from inland dried up lake beds are mostly not amphoteric; we are closest to mineral because lifecolloid can complex that mineral; and make it available to us; at the moment american school children compared to japanese kids on average have 150 times less iodine in their thyroids; and pose a much greater health risk because of the low background radiation from Fukushima fallout.

There is no other solution i know of; other than learning and applying lifefood where you are to be sufficient; this researcher recommends Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation; and lifefood nutritional fasting to clear away bile occlusion and have better liver function; the lemon bicarb shots is something one can learn about; to assist to help reduce calcium phosphorus; which is slow silent inflammation;

The Beloved is at this moment compromised; because the beloved is really on a high phosphate diet eating non lifefood; radioactive material such as uranium;  have been shown to be reduced by lifecolloid mechanism through biological transmutation; and being sufficient is survival;  as opposed to a toxic insufficient body; also you can read more about what lifecolloid is; upon this researchers investigation of scientific literature on the earth; there is no other more powerful substance to assist in this most dangerous of times; a small amount would ordinarily be ingested; that vegetables and fruits were consumed naturally; yet present sterilization of food stuffs totally destroy such nutrient; as indicated; this researcher is getting ready to introduce lifehydrate; that has been shown to be of element necessary as a supplement;  to assist nuclear remediation;  with high performance ion exchange element;

Stay tuned to this researcher for more in depth information regarding innovation you can apply today so that you are not stuck with yesterday's solution.