Has anyone you know in a white labcoat stood up in front of you lately holding a syringe in their hand; poised and ready; the tip dripping; and said; they have improved upon babies; matter of fact; have you ever observed over your lifetime even a single moment where a chef was seen to hold up an apple and proceed to tell everybody; they have improved upon the apple in the kitchen; do you have a feeling; as i do that it’s possible that the truth is really being put past your eyes; that perhaps even the truth could've been cooked up; it's funny that it's called past your eyes (pasteurize), anyway that's another story.


What good would it be if you could take an unadulterated protein from the flesh of a pig; a monkey kidney; or how about let’s get some protein unadulterated from a birds egg; let’s say a chicken, and someone can have found a way to just shoot you up with that stuff;  i think something that perforates the membrane; and slips some sort of possible toxin; like what we have mentioned here; past your guard; is that a bit like how african mothers no longer breast feed their babies; is that a bit like making sure you retaliate against whistle blowers; like Julian Asage; or even this author; the banksters social engineeredness on the plantation; has people in the matrix excited; and having fallen to what’s trendy; that babies are fed from a cardboard box instead in Africa; but, maybe you haven't heard how thylate and other plastic synthetic compound contaminates; that ultra heat treated cow milk and/or ground up powder from a bean.


Any dog that was due her shot; a message went around some many years ago amongst the vets that it’s better to vaccinate in a leg because as cancer can arise at the site of the vaccination; it’s better to put it in a limb because that could be easily amputated; anyway, most people agree that feathers that are fed to dogs is a really highly priced and is that actually natural???


Edward Genner; everyone knows, fudged the logic; and at the moment nurses are the most vaccinated on the earth of all professions;  and they have the most antibodies to everything; and they happen to be the sickest than every other profession; even sicker than doctors; and it's amazing that doctors are the ones that when it comes to vaccination; they’re the ones that have been noted to avoid it the most; anyway, a casual look at the formulation itself once you get past the point that something foreign such as what we have mentioned so far; and you don't really want to know if there is something else, i mean, ya know what i mean??? 


I was in new york city; when it was the very first time; that a scientist could have a personal press meeting; to quickly release what now has been shown; shady research; anyway, i was very happy; to see that it was called an AIDS virus; and before anybody could tell me what it stood for; i was sure; it spelled Animals In The Digestive System; however, have you ever heard of the useful theory of a virus; how about colloidal biology?; in colloidal biology the nomenclature of a life form; called by the specie name 'virus' is actually a spore and a building block of the cells of the body; I am one researcher who is forwarding the correct theory of blood formation; and the value of enzymes and other things; even what natural birth is; simple things very necessary; that MDs and other PHDs no nothing about it; so this is the world where you have to be careful; because often something sneaky is going on; but that’s another story.


If you're a Lifefoodarian like me; this story could be very concerning to you; because the hunt has been on; to find examples of a parent immunologic enhancement; that by slipping you a little dangly virus; which everybody knows ended up causing severe hemorrhaging and death; the spore that’s found in the blood; in the blood of the beloved who got a hepatitis B test; that's designed for people to fall through cracks; if you really researched the whole matter as i have; no one can rule out the fact that; protein band that is found in hepatitis b and c; is actually not a building block of a liver cell that has been broken down; anyway, all logic was reversed; when, it was said had been found to have an antibody; to the apparent AIDS virus; it meant then apparently that somebody was immune; very deep reversal; and not reliable; and of no valid construct; is a question for someone who is qualitatively having investigated this area.


Sometime ago; i do remember that chimps were also wrongfully and  unethically being infected with needles injecting foreign such material as above; into the living tissue of chimps no ethical consideration was given; and people were concerned that it would cost anywhere between fifteen thousand and 45 thousand dollars; yet, if you used Rhesis Macaques might only cost a couple thousand; once they were injected with the needles with some of the foreign material as indicated above; there was a total absence in the unethical experiments; of any of the animals; that were used in the experiment to have been protected; if it didn't protect animals in anything that they did; and the animals died; why would somebody want to move so fast; to start slipping that into you or I; or, anyone else in the public;



Anyway, nobody needs to talk about; any of the adjunctive elements that is put into vaccines universally; because everybody knows; glycophosphates such as anti freeze; that is very good in a car radiator; might not be a very good ingredient; that you could get from; a petrol station; that would be good for your car; but, most four year olds know; would not be good to be shot internally into the beloved's cozy felt tissue.


If some confounding variable totally can have not been controlled for; is that like; consciousness of what a vaccine represents; like, the act of a flashlight; not working; or, when it did work; it was shined in a small spot; and, no one was aware of what they were actually looking at; especially in that small spot; that everywhere that spot wasn't; no knowledge existed at all; everybody knows that modern medicine is similar to; fried sticky fingers; in the lobby of the hospital; all during this time; i have had some good friends; who were even head of various labs; that only looked at dead material; and were amazed and stunned when i asked them; why was it that they had never thought that only looking at something dead; was a bit fishy; i had some really good techniques of looking at things more that were living; and i was having a big focus on what life was; and my colleagues only had looked at things that were dead under the microscope.


Everybody knows that you would not care to be an animal in these experiments; back then i remember as probably no different today; but in 1986; because chimps were endangered species in the wild; chimps could be bred in a five million a year program; anyway, no matter what they did; to get aids going; all they ever could do; was find; symptoms; of immune dysfunction; similar to chemical toxicity; that Mexican migrant farm workers; also got; growing vegetables in California; so, it ended up being apparently disappointing because, there was no real way to jump start anything specific.


So the support for the nascent AIDS vaccine program; fell; anyways, it didn't make good press when the bloke who reckoned he found the virus; said he would make sure anybody would be locked up or sent into a psychiatric treatment process; any  persons who would hinder his experiments; he was very concerned at the time that he needed 75 chimps; but he was screaming because it was unlucky for him that the most he could get was from a few people who didn't care about their chimps;  and he was only lucky to get 2 or 3 offered; anyway, back then there was intense media coverage; and was even slammed as the most outrageous litigation prize; as the top candidate.


Have you encountered legionnaires disease lately; how about rubella; diphtheria; or small pox; many of these diseases have been put underneath other umbrellas; i have been asking parents anywhere and everywhere if they have ever seen a child paralyzed by polio or death by choking; diphtheria; or a brain damaged by measles; and the only thing that i have found is; adverse reactions similar to these conditions from being injected with element found in poliomolitus; measles; diphtheria; tetanus; haenophilus; influenza type B; and rabies; parents and children having reported adverse reactions and these dreaded diseases from having being vaccinated doesn't look good.


A study was done with children by monitoring their breath over the course of a year; whilst they slept; to note patterns that show very serious health challenges incurred of vaccination; immunized children; have often come down with invasive disease; due to vaccination; anyway, as you can see just from a slight casual look at the above; the right hand often doesn't know what the left hand is doing; many in the natural movement classify all vaccination put to the populous as commercial and that all is typically labeled as misinformation;  involving by and for commercial dissemination of intentional false information; most people state they are extremely confused about vaccine safety; and many parents; say they are absolutely downright against vaccines all together.


Could you say that little time should really be wasted addressing vaccination; because; vast majority of people have concerns of the big agripharmers; doing pseudoscience where a claim has no valid construct or context; and is not verified by others to have expert validity; for most everything i have looked at;  is not able to be measured; there is so much that is ambiguous; but a bloke can make public what is about observation;  from that bloke that in no way could ever be replicated; and, it doesn't feel good when experts who it is required have some needed expertise write reports; that are false; and without needed expertise; however, if something happens in the same time frame; this is called adhoc reasoning; that try really hard to explain any finding that doesn't even fit into any original theory; arguments primarily were put just to appeal to people feelings;  sympathy and guilt whipped up where nothing was proven to be of any truth; this researcher saw too numerously the illogical reasoning and fallacies; and inlaid assumptions; but, most of these people you all would agree; were observed to be seen in a situation where the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.


Nobody knows what a cocktail of chemicals is doing or put together; yet everybody knows that when multiple vaccines are given at the same time; immune systems are overloaded; all epidemiological research goes back far enough shows that all these diseases that were mentioned had declined; and had petered out; before the vaccine was developed.


Everybody knows; edward jennies who invented vaccines; results were fraudulently got; also he got his nephew to be vaccinated; if anybody did that apparently today he would lose his medical license; yet, ethical regulation started to come to be; already when experiments on people who were in camps as prisoners and concentration displaced people; were being experimented on in a similar way;  i have been really searching for any researcher for an apparent AIDS vaccine;  that even is proposed experimenting by vaccinating a human; and everybody said that the animal experiments were highly unethical; and for the best  AIDS vaccine; was playing an extremely confusion role; if you can get it going though, someone with some power like Brisol-Myers squibb; much conversation even from big agripharmer like MERCK; all have extremely lengthy articles; detailed in fact;



Only maybe; never ever; only perhaps; only breezily mentioned; your natural immune system and even what cell mediated immunity is; how your natural killer cells and phagocytic cells do; in having good immune function;  and, sometimes and maybe never, any talk of chemical mediated immunity that we have; the story about vaccines; doesn't look good; especially, it's pretty arrogant; you could agree, anybody holding up a syringe; with a white labcoat that looked at you in your eyes said, "i've improved upon babies"...