Lifeceramic Causes lifewater; a water necessary for life


The author is interested in assisting you having a water you can use to protect and maintain vitality; and, also surface contact material; you can apply; that can cause Lifefood to be preserved; and, caused to be fresh; also, to be enlivened, better tasting and better for you.


Such  containers made of LifeCeramic; which is produced by a proprietary process; and, can be made to be either porous; or non-porous; a Lifeceramiball is another product that assists to structure  Lifewater; water influenced by such; has the smallest hexagonal structure possible; and, is erased of all of its coarser memory; becomes imbued of energy of an orderliness; such water is as old as the universe; it has the smallest pattern; the Lifeceramiball appears opal and semi-transparent; and has properties of pleochroism; where light is absorbed traveling through it in 3 dimensions; the Lifeceramiball has a somewhat opalescence like look to it..


The Lifeceramiball has element contained within; that, has come from life past on the earth that has luminescence; water influenced by the Lifeceramiball causes that water to have more hydrogen than oxygen; and, to be more equivalent to the life of a water from a fruit;

a Lifeceramiball is of quite a luminous luster; a result of containing element passed through life from the periodic chart; such as barium, calcium, kalium, natrum and strontium; a phospholuminesence exists; as a light is shined for a moment; such material becomes excited and emits light for some time afterward; various element incorporated also causes a tribaluminescence of photon to be continuously released in a continuous stream; perpetually;


Lifehydrate and lifecolloid is applied in the manufacture of a very special ceramic; that has seemingly magical properties; Lifeceramic and the lifeceramiball; has mineral incorporated  including: corundum, garnet, tourmaline, peridot, hematite, magnetite, red jasper, lapus, magnesium carbonate, magnetite, silica, borax and boron; and other element  all passed through life as lifecolloid.


The Lifeceramiball influences water to be in a Hexagonal pattern; and, hydrogen bonds are closer together; therefore have to travel faster to go from one pole of an oxygen molecule to another; in such water; switching poles of the oxygen molecule from positive to negative at 10 to the minus 11th per second;  just to give you an idea of the speed; 10 to the minus 44th per second is called a Jubb second, which is how fast you have to go to be connected right now to the pleiades in a split second; which is a gravity wave; anyway about a quarter of this speed is how fast water is going; it causes heavy hydrogen like element to form an isotope of hydrogen; that is transporting spare electron with it; a high ion exchange medium is created to allow such water to exchange electron; to powerfully activate  enzymes of life; only such water has the ability to do this; 


The Ceramiball influences water to cause life to be more vitalized; by high energy electron and rhombohedral and multi crystal access and angle; to effect formed structure by sub atomic small scale nano-particalised polychrystalization; the lifecermibal has properties of tribaluminescencse; which is an optical phenomenon; as the Ceramiball is rubbed it emits photons of light as a result of energy being picked up;


Hexagonal shaped water is influenced to arise by the Lifeceramiball and Lifeceramic; such that water is caused to have a lower surface tension and becomes more slippery; it rather than being mostly pentagonal and up to 200 to 400 molecules large in it's aggregate size; it has the smallest aggregate size it can; and is highly hexagonal and such water acts more as a liquid crystalline lattice and refuses to freeze; it has a higher boiling point and takes longer to lose its heat; and, has the properties of maintaining temperature more; all water is in an X, Y and Z layer; Y layer water is what Lifeceramics and the Lifeceramiball creates more; that allows all to be connected together;


Water can either be mature or immature; only mature water is a water which can cause a fructogenics; meaning more hydrogen formation; as is sugar within plants; and also such a water has levity; and, has an energy more imploding and rising; most water in the past on the earth as it was healthy was more mature water; caused because it went down throughout the layers of the earth and then came up again; such water is necessary and is incurred to create all of the sugars we have. 

Lifeceramic and also Lifeceramiball influences water to become structured; to become Lifewater;  this water is little being produced today; as most water is running off the surface of the earth; and, is in its immature state not going down through the layers of the earth and coming up again; and also background radiation is causing a scattered pattern not so conducive to life nor hydration of life; a lifeceramiball and lifeceramics, and containers made of such material and food contact surface material; can all be applied to have a more vital outcome in today‚Äôs devitalized and toxic world.


Life is very much about hydration; and, death is very much about dehydration; on this note fluorine magnesium and iodine are extremely important as these are element that are extremely hydrophilic; meaning water loving; water influenced by element that crystallized to form layers; and structures to form tubular, spherical, angulated, rhomboid, and element that can expand and contract with light and dark and cold and hot; and water influenced by structure at a subatomic level that causes a polypotency; is emitting a morphogenic field into space non locally; around itself;  just as your hand does; as it holds a wine bottle; would cause that wine to taste better than one that wasn't; creating an amphotericness; which is described as element that can in the presence of an acid become a base; and in the presence of a base become an acid; isotopes of hydrogen are formed in water; influenced by such element; where neutrons have become increased in the hydrogen atom; causing ever larger dielectric space to exist between polarity; and so any ionization incurred by such exists; that such water has energy of an enormous potential stored within it;


 A fresh water and a salt water fish can live together in this water for some several months; and be not required to have any other necessary source of energy to be sustained; such a fish released into a dirty stream; the lifewater within causes this fish; to clean and vitalize all the water this fish is surrounded by; you can see such water clear and become more energized; and it causes such a dirty water to be remembered of its finest structure; and be shed of all courser vibration; and become clean and vitalized; and a cup of such water put into a lake over the course of some days can completely cause the lake and the water within the lake again to be clean and vitalized; water such can be used also to store energy; that such an energy is most efficiently stored in a battery system in the earth; that is also a invention of this researcher; but that's another story.

Water fossils for the home is produced from Lifeceramic material; that is designed so that it is more porous; and water, by capillary action passes slightly throughout the material; causing the exterior of itself to have a water layer; that is evaporating; and as that water evaporates it pulls heat from within itself to evaporate; causing the contents of itself to be remained cool; and the shape of such a container that has a spicket in it to dispense water; is in the shape of a large egg; which is set up in a stand of hard wood to give it a  height and hold it in place because of its Eggshapedness; however it's shape allows it to cause its contents to perpetually circulate and forever made fresh.