Money is made from nothing; and is very fictional today; and the empire of three cities; as a corporation; owns the corporation of the u.s.; its people call the government; would it be good for you to know a person is equal to a corporation in black’s law dictionary? Could all news of nothing; being about everything; just as long as it is not about all being one plantation; be a pretty good risk management course; that a professor at stanford might teach? To get the corporation’s common purpose done? if you get a certificate of management; to have a part of the story always, but never, be coming from the bigger picture; this would be more like you in a new Mazda;

 If you just continued conversation; that was about the black and white checkerboard; like for instance; government shutdown is  a hoax; government collects taxes; expenditure of debt is racking up; and Obama is this; and Osama is something else; is that conversation itself ;just designed to hold a creative mind hostage? how about taking the conversation a little upstream; to the bird in the cage; because most people are not enthused too much about the bottom of the cocky's cage stuff;

Is not a system of the federal reserve; which is no more federal than federal express; and obama is the officer of that corporation; and, that corporation; is owned; by the empire; of three cities; and, you and i; are, just on one plantation led to believe you are living in a different country; separated by a name; gifted only; do you register; that, all these corporate officers have taken a foreign oath? when will you relieve yourself of obama care; and get true relief and not a remedy of more of the same centralization of power; over you by a few; far away; if the gambit; some months ago was releasing hardened criminals; for sequestration budget cuts;

As money is made from nothing; and someone privately owns that; and only nine in one thousand children are with their mother and father; as you  look up at the sky through white jail bars (chemtrails); is it not a private person who owns the growth of the money supply far away; a bit of an inconvenience; close by; upon the beloved; but, if your concern was about not getting a certain color sock, one can be innerstanding that too;

No money, will be for collecting, a fee from visitors; for protecting; a national monument; from, most who go; that were not able in the past to see it; anymore; because a parking ticket will no longer be issued; is it not; a rap sheet; caught ,in a total hoax? is not a corporation existing; to increase its own selfish interest; to serve; its own soul existedness; and accumulate more octopus power; to further monopolize you; that the beloved could have been put to be only as a person; equivalent to an entity; a corporation; that, has no central; organized; nervous system; to be even below a beast; and, is this not the greatest cost; to you; as a cost ; it is; to this society?

The players on a black and white checkerboard; is the game the plantation owner enjoys; meanwhile; china as one paid patsie; player; issues; a, stern warning ; and, the other player; the US; Corporation; responds; by, saying; "we'll do everything we can; to continue; and, please; allow; one more time; defaulting; but, pretty please;  do not think; about right now bringing it in;' and; this one checkerboard ,is one plantation;  any nightmare; of no care;  like;  obamacare; is not ,that you allow; the beloved; to be remained ; beneath, an entity and even underneath a beast; to have been only considered; as a corporation; something, dead; maybe you'd be distracted; if some dreamed up; popular, giveaway; was!

So at the moment in history it will be recorded; that you and i were acquiesced to be equivalent to an entity that is only fictional to be even underneath a corporation ; that ,cannot feel; hear or see you; and ,is as only a matrix; called the system; it is programmed by a bankster to own your back side; and it can have been tripped; to trigger; thirty bullets; to fly;  into a mental patient; who was making; by accident a wrong turn;  at. the capital; as long as, sixty six; were not used; that, might have been excessive; will your private; wealth; be confiscated ;as, the corporation collapses;  and it's monetary script;  could the puppet; you see;  being, manipulated; unethically; be a drugged; diabetic? if, you and i; have been, put underneath; a corporation ; that’s dead; what does that make you and i ; the holy ghost! 

But, why would you care; to have an idea; in your head; that, government is something; which is without any informed consent?