Destruction is a path that’s followed blindly; you could say; the beloved is suffered; to have been; put on by a system; called the matrix; that has caused no feeling hearing or seeing; and, as all has been richcrafted by a bankster; tar painted; with, a similar brush; a monopoly is existed; that has monopolized; and, is monopolizing; and a great unlimited potential; can be embodied through what’s being expressed; which is unique; and, intelligence is the ability to have gone beyond any prefixed set pattern of response to survive; can you rule out that you have been programmed to only have thought and acting from inside the box? 


If you cannot see fire coming from water; you can have only been programmed; to have accepted food that can have not nourished; and purchased what you didn't need; and to have acquiesced to a system of money; only having been grown from debt; how about; your realisedness that; one element can have been; transmitted into another by  biology; how about; being aware; that blood is not made in the long bones; as it is still apparently being taught at the moment; all that our cells of the body; didn't arise throughout mitotic cell division; or how about, a radio resistant life colloid;


An extremophile; called deinococcus radiodurans exists; and did you know that Lifecolloid; even grown on nuclear fuel rods? And, that they have no known DNA sequence; but if you didn't have a cross disciplinary background; could you say most people are just painted with just one color; one brush? This researcher has witnessed Lifecolloid probiotic assisted to process quadruple the amount of hydrogen; by applying a natural; electrochemical process; such Lifecolloid; put to such process; consumes sugars and transforms this directly into hydrogen; 


A long, long time ago; maybe some 65 million years ago, something very small is noticed; along of course; with something quite large; the last time we had a die off of all the species; as we have today; was 65 million years ago; and this corresponds with; and observed spike; in a trace element; called, iridium; on another note; Lifecolloid include spore, double spore, bacteria, and cells; they comprise the internal organelle of such; and also; mold, fungus and yeast; the cell is not the original building block; but a body flora is; and these Lifecolloid your body is composed of; is the original building block in your body and not your cells; Lifecolloid; are part of a pleomorphic cycle; and a yeast is built up out of double spore as a mold; and a cell is as well; and can be down regulated back to a double spore state and turned into healthy blood; through a process of aggregation; fusion; and differentiation; and interact with all element; and iridium; and other element is dispersed and concentrated.


If you've only listened to a modern scientist; who has only ever looked at things dead; who has little to no cross disciplinary background; is it possible that colloidal biology; is of a revolutionary insight? Did you know that Lifecolloid; biologically can transmutate one element into another; if you didn't know these things; and you only followed blindly; what the big agri-pharmer has laid out for you; is it possible those eyes are not really looking at nature? 


Lifecolloid is one biological mat; that everything is fashioned out of; and though; iridium from that meteorite; that crashed to earth; can have been dispersed; Lifecolloid which is life; has been shown to have been concentrated; iridium; and also been engaged in dispersing it as an element; your wrapped around your own earth garden; and, Lifecolloid in your intestinal tract; biologically transmutes one element into another; to produce absolutely everything that you need; cobalmine which is B12 is biologically transmuted from B17; and Lifecolloid produces selenium, lithium, manganese, magnesium etc; 


Is it possible to break PCBs down? PBs and chemicals such; should be stopped from being produced; and should never had been manufactured; you'd be interested to know there is a Lifecolloid organism that has been found to be loaded with palladium; that can break down PCBs; horse radish; and hot spicy roots such as; galangal and ginger; have Lifecolloid that have come from where this root was grown; that has specialized itself to be organized and part of the root rhizosphere; and such Lifecolloid have been shown to volatile toxin; such as heavy metal; and to have turned such a toxin to a more inert; nontoxic form; certainly, several lithophillic Lifecolloid (meaning rock eating); called Desulfovibrio; and also the Lifecolloid Geobacter; have also been shown to be radio resistant and assist to help with radioactivity.


All life is made up of one lifecolloidal mat; and the largest biomass that exists; is interior of the earth's crust; earth's ecosystem which is under the sea floor; has Lifecolloid occupying earth's largest biomass; and this biomass is lithophillic Lifecolloid; water can be dated in it's age; as a result of Lifecolloid found within it; for instance; water; that has the lfiecolloid firmicutes; can be between 3 and 25 million years old; for such an organism as firmicutes; can show some changes; from their cousins they were removed from; originally at the surface; it's possible today to find proteins that originally came from shellfish; deep inside granite boulders; such as, oxygenated dibenzopyrenes; which is one of the active ingredients in Jubbs Lifecolloid; you can find firmicutes in metamorphosed bath salt; that can date back 2.5 billion years; and no matter how far up into the heavens you go; Lifecolloid are found; and no matter how deep into the firmament ones goes; one also finds Lifecolloid; a Lifecolloid called; MXANTHUS; love to get together and travel in a wave; and in a joinedness; such  Lifecolloid; has the ability for any part of that wave which touches something; to give the whole wave of Lifecolloid; touch sensitivity; this is the signal to the whole life colloid colony; 


Lifewater is produced as a result of; waters interaction with life and element; which is passed through life; Lifecolloid in Jubbs Lifecolloid Probiotic and white gold; and products such as lifehydrate; and Flannagan's micro cluster; produce, element such as biosurfacants; such active agents; organize surface membranes; including, surface membranes in water; causing water to be organized of itself; to be far more able to wet; and, hydrate; and loosen; and remove toxin; Lifecolloid produce surface tension surfactants; very necessary to wet and remove toxin; and water that goes through its full hydrological cycle in the earth is evaporated and rains down; passing deep down into the earth; and coming up again; forty two degrees fahrenheit; Lifecolloid in Lifehydrate; Jubb's Lifecolloid Probiotic; had glycolipid and phospholipic; that assist your body to emulsify hydrocarbon substrate; and assists your cells and your body transport such substrate through; and across; cellular membranes; and, only upon such surfactants been produced by life colloid; do they have the ability to swarm; such Lifecolloid as pseudomonas aeruginosa; 


Fossilized Lifecolloid have arrived through panspermia from outer space; Lifecolloid that’s extraterrestrial; has been found on an ancient martial meteorite; that fell to earth and was recovered from the antarctic; and, such extremophill; Lifecolloid as only 15 micrometers in width; exist way above the tropopause; beyond 41 km high; and also, the tardigrade which is about one millimeter in length; is like a tiny little dinosaur; it has eight legs; such life; as is Lifecolloid as we have indicated here; has been known to thrive in outer space; yeasts and mold and fungus that has been grown in outer space; share far more deadly and extreme characteristics once back here on earth; 


Skin contact and connection; cause Lifecolloid to seed and colonize the newborn; the genus para lactobacillus; that is in humans; and having seeded humans to have colonized humans in a symbiosis; it is an L- Salivarus and L-Planitariumm Lifecolloid; such Lifecolloid assist your body to heal; and permanently completely recover; they assist so greatly the immune system to maintain a vital state; otherwise your body could have broken down into dysbiotic bacteria, mold fungus and yeast; it’s the bioterrain that matters most; which is measure of PH, negative redox; and, conductivity; 


A delicate balance is existing; that keeps you vital; in the late 70s; deep insight was gleaned into proper intestinal flora; and secrets of an alkaline body was written and stillborn organisms introduced; since such a time this researcher has observed the powerful effect of natural soil born organisms; life colloid such as; bacillus, subtilis, and other lactic acid friendly Lifecolloid; and numerous para lactobacillus genus; Jubbs flora grow has paralactobacillus; and, all cultured food is cultured with such; as L-salivarus and L-planetarium; that actually implant into the intestinal tract; which most probiotics brought are transient; 

If a hundred people all puked; some would observe;  and think they caught puking from each other; hepatitis A, B and C are conditions simply because of the protein band that could have been found in the blood; this protein bands cannot be ruled out; to have come from liver cell having broken down to degrees of that condition; of which bile occlusion and colichisticitus is the primary factor of; if you found a protein ban from liver cells having been broken down; could you say that was the cause of that condition? i don't think so;


Tests at the moment that are being applied like the western blot; Elisa; and a PCR; can show protein bands but is not a definitive test of some apparent virus; and, the investors of these test vehemently reject the idea that these tests they have invented are test that determine if a virus exists; the word virus is not a word we use; our audience is being brought to the idea that there is something useful for a spore; and not just that of a virus; let's discuss in a moment really what is Herpes? Is it some virus apparently attacking the body? Not really; but let’s just take a moment to consider this;


You have a cell and chemical mediated immunity; if the chemical immunity isn't coronet; areas where there could be no cell mediated immunity existing; how are you going to get a bull into a china shop; areas of your body are only mediated of its immunity through a chemical mediated immunity which at the moment the vast majority of the beloved on the earth are compromised; the body itself can have broken down into dysbiotic bacteria; such as mold, fungus and yeast; the basal ganglia of your nerves is such a place which cannot be cleansed much by cell mediated immunity; and, as the terrain of your body can have become acid and extra water was between the cells, and some temperature over all management was lost; the body was cold; if the basal ganglia of your nerves was vital; 


Under a stressed condition of dysbiosis as indicated above; a nerve cell can clean itself by opening up to the skin to exit its debris; by sporalating itself; along the nerve cell; to exit itself at the skin; that all extraneous debris can be transported from that inner deeper basal ganglia etc to exit out to the skin; and this is what herpes is or shingles; it is to something you caught; i can innerstand what is truth which could never be crossed; and what is truth which is from this researcher's time tested observation; and is coming from a valid construct context; having face and expert validity; is reliable because what's being said to you here can be discovered as truth and acted upon; if you can rebut anything said here; you are welcome to; with sensory specific critique; however, I would be surprised in the many thousands of years to come; if there is anything that will be crossed from this being put to you here; 


Blistered and broken skin can have incurred; from extra stress; and tissue can have broken down into streptococcus given the right environment; a swab of skin given to a lab to a PCR test; can have tested positive for HSV-1 and HSV-2; but this of itself cannot be of any meaning necessarily; whereas the body can have been in a state of dysbiosis; who generally doesn’t test positive for candida albicans; please read Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation and Secrets of an Alkaline body to learn more; healthy cells broken down into a bacteria, can you not find a protein band 342 or 445? If you have put antibiotics into the system; how can you tell what you have got after that; all tissue that can have broken down into a lipid; as a plasmid and Lifecolloid all show similar recombination frequencies; a protein band sequence length; in the process that is applied when a PCR is used; can have fractionated a body exudates; and tissue; down into lengths that's between 2 and 5 hundred band proteins in length;


Don't you think the cells of your body had a component which is shocked? You don't think it will break down into fractionated bits like this? you have got to know that this is extremely unscientific because you can rule out that these protein bands could have come from cells of the body; and if you don't know about pleomorphism; what lab does; as labs only look at dead things; after you have added in your PCR; regent; and additive; there is nothing you have added that was not full of unexamined Lifecolloid; and that's the reason why labs all get completely different results; how do you know what you have got after putting in all of your additives; you must know that your vital body tissue; given state of stress can have broken down into a disease; finding a protein band doesn't mean that it is the cause of your condition;

As cell breakdown; your immune cells called macrophages; express multiple pattern recognition receptors; and, all sorts of secreted protein can be found; which only 10 percent of those cells can have any human DNA; these proteins can be released by classical secretion; which is Lifecolloid vesicle migrating within the cytoplasm within a cell from the endoplasmic reticulum to the golgi apparatus; where in apoptosis which is an internal wrecking that’s going on; element is oxidized;  also; proteins are secreted and only 10 percent of that DNA is encoded; 


Would you say the earth has been mcdonaldized and monopolized lately? no truth much is put for us through any judicial system; the judicial system certainly is not scientific; underneath a corporation it cannot feel hear or see; you have a mess; and you certainly do not have the beloved; so please don't tell me; that it's OK to be walking through the hospital doors; possible one of the most dangerous places you could be; wake up and stop rushing people off to that totally unscientific experiment; my son was not from my caredness;  given wrong diagnosis; and, many parents can have had their children suffer because of such; and most doctors will tell you anyway that many beloved are hysterical; and are quick to have their loved ones be rushed to a doctor which at the moment vast majority of the people have fled the scene ...