Can you say you know the interior matrix; that grew a rose blossom? Does the plant know its parents interior of itself? Can you say that what is innovative; you may know the differences between Lifefood, raw food and living food; Lifefood is only food the ancient architect designed for us; and it has isotopes of hydrogen both positive and negatively charged;


The fact is that when you eat food; that food; that has hydrogen within it; is enlivened by zinc and hydrochloric; act being present in the flux of the upper stomach; and nascent hydrogen is produced that reduces element within the bolus you've swallowed; to a proton, neutron and electron soup; very important in assembling necessary biotic element; by process of aggregation, fusion, and differentiation; see “Secrets of an Alkaline Body” and ‘Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation”; and go to to learn more about this.


Blood is formed in the intestine; in the large cell lamina propria of the sub mucosa of the intestinal tract; through a process of aggregation, fusion and differentiation; a hydrogen ion and its isotopes; shows unique forms of hydrogen existing; where both positive and negatively charged ion exists; and isotopes of hydrogen exist where neutrons have increased and protons and electrons;


What is useful about elements such as this; as this is really what allows you to have blood borne inhibitors;  that block the expression of double spore in colloidal biology;  becoming a bacteria mold, fungus and yeast; the hydrogen ion is the smallest element carrying a charge; it can pass right through your teeth and clean them; you can detox by high energy element being available to you; versus not; both electrons and protons are applied to run the machinery of your body.


Energy you have that is beyond what’s regularly required is your fitness; do you have enough fitness to withstand all of radiation; and chemtrails, dirty electricity; living in a war zone; with civic confinement and entrapment; a social engineeredness be incurred; the family is broken; you can agree many reasons exist for you to have a fitness in this time; excess proton, neutron and electron all diffuse in a network of water molecule; a liquid really is like an electrical current; and life has conductivity within it where molecules simultaneously receive the matrix of the atom; a great passing of neutron, electron and proton are passed and received throughout the hydrogen atom; 


If you really want to save your life; then you should learn about the benefit of weak organic acids, Lifefood nutrition and Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation; apply white gold and Lifecolloid; do some liver and gallbladder flushing; and be able to say no to harmful things; get rid of all which is not working to make way for what is new; learn more what this work is all about; and take personal responsibility for the genesis of peace;