In nature; A queen bee can live for four years; whereas a worker bee only lives on average for four weeks; it makes a difference what the queen is fed and what her brain is fed; nutrient can either grow areas of ourself or not; and the queen is going to have a consciousness more of omnipresence; as she can have had a relationship with the beekeeper; on another note; nonbiological functions show effects such like fiber optics; with the addition of a rare earth element; technicians were finally able to get light to go straight across the country; and, then after a short while; another rare earth element was applied; to make the information in light packets; to go right straight across the pacific; you are going to have very unusual and powerful effects; compared to what you could be missing out on;



Have you heard the story about the green red eyed tree frog? its young inside a shell; can quickly even in a neo natal form; gestate; and break open the shell; and fall into the water; to have hatched prematurely; and rapidly went through its gestation much quicker; in order to escape a predator; it can have sensed; such as a snake; such a life form was able to sense this snake coming; and intelligence existed before it was born;



In the same vein; yet, in the plant kingdom; a climbing tree plant that had no visual sight; apparently; to see it's support; yet can still see where it's support is; though a petition is in its way; and grow around this petition; might you ask yourself, "can a tree feel a bird nesting within it"? What you can feel you can see right?



What we feel we can see the shape of; echolocation allows us the ability to see through sound; our vomeronasal organ is a vestige of an organ; which we relied more upon in the past than we do today; this organ senses pheromones; an element that is within the resonance of the air is sensed; as a pheromone; trees communicate to one another in this way; and we have an ethmoid organ that pick up micro pulsations; electromagnetically; but that's another story;


The further you move away from something, the more still it becomes; yet, distance poses no real challenge to white gold that's inside you; at all; with resonance there is an instantaneous connection across space; you can understand that the apparatus within ourself; that is able to even sense gravity;

Love is an emotion; that certainly is felt and expressed; through the heart's action; and its effect on all the cells in your body; and everyone knows that love is an emotion that acts over a distance; and time; and mostly it's where you fall in; most would say that it's a state of being; where there is no walls; and it stays afloat ; whilst its able to beat frictionally; the heart is not anchored; but is floating frictionlessly; able to pick up resonating frequencies from afar; the heart slips and beats frictionlessly; in its pericardium sack which the heart is encased in; this fluid sack; and is not anchored to anything; and is able to pick up resonance; it's an example of an apparatus that's not anchored; and can act as an oscillating circuit; which it does; the heart is the most powerful modulator; than anything in the body; the heart has monatomic element within it; 


All elements on the periodic chart that pass through life; whether you knew this or not; is in its monatomic state; it's an interesting thing that an element on a chart can have spare electron, neutron and proton and these are called isotopes; but what is unusual about a monatomic is; that it’s an element which is found in a non clustered state; but small enough to act as an oscillating circuit and pick up and transmit energy; and possess non-localized phenomenon;  


A snake can sense movement; by picking up infrared; it can coil itself up and be half asleep even; and it can sense everything around itself; any element that is not in its covalent formed state; it has the ability to act as an oscillating circuit; as indicated here; it can receive information and transmit information; white gold is element; that is not in any covalent form; meaning it  cannot be joined with another element; it's in its monatomic state; typically smaller than a nine atom cluster of atoms; 


In such an element; positron and electrons are paired; which unite; and wherever two equal and opposite annihilate each other; there is something which is left over; and this is a residium; which adds up to have a field that's emitted beyond this monatomic element; that screens electrons; it has around itself to be bound and not available; and these element in biology are involved in energy been transmitted throughout a distance; without anything really physical having to be there; 


Jubb's LifeHydrate and WhiteGold and Lifecolloid Probiotic have luminescent element; and monatomic barium, calcium, potassium, sodium and strontium; is of luminescence; and powerfully engaged biophotonically; such a light emission system has two or more light emanating regions; which light is projected from; nature, provides perfect incubation; of Lifecolloid within itself; deep within the earth, where dissimilar element in a dissipative structure; provides electrochemical stimulation to lifecolloid that assists in the production of hydrogen; transmitting heavier or larger element breaking that down into hydrogen; nature perfectly in the dark in the quiet and deep inside; engages a depolarization of the oxygen evolutionary reaction; and in nature; in the earth; under pressure; and under various gasses; electrochemical hydrogen production happens biologically; via hydrogen and oxygen splitting; 

Lithophillic Lifecolloid; such as found in Lifehydrate; Jubb's White gold and Jubb's Lifecolloid probiotic; such as cyannobacteria have natural occurring enzymes such as nitrogenase and hydrogenase; deep in the earth various gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane provide a supercritical fluid extraction of such rare earth element; even from luminescent element; and all the conditions within the earth to produce hydrogen through biological transmutation;  


White gold element; activates past labeled junk DNA; which happens to be up to 95% of our genetics; monatomic element have special effects of levity; zero point energetic; and because they have positron and electrons having paired; that are in such a high spin state; and such element can be blipping in and out of this third dimension; 


Certainly, our story begins with a field of primary perception; some explain the mizner field; as this perception through resonance; such monatomic element as found in white gold; as platinum, iridium and ruthenium has been shown to relax DNA so that it can have become corrected; and iridium and rhodium have been shown to activate endocrine balance; and assist greatly with hemisphere synchronization of the brain; 


Monatomic element are unusual; because a temperature inside can exists colder than that of the outside of themselves; which causes them to have a higher vibration; with temperature changes such elements can become weightless; a monatomic element is an element on the periodic chart in its non covalent state; 

Much element in the body provides a biophotonic effect which is a task of non visual discrimination; there is a reason why boron and borate and bicarbonates are necessary in assisting to clear away radioactivity and waste; element such as boron; in its monatomic state is necessary for normal growth; and eases somatapause; and balances calcium and magnesium relations; other element such as iron cobalt and nickel; are amongst the few elements in its monatomic state that produce a magnetic field external to itself; palladium; rhodium; and ruthenium are from silver breaking down; whereas platinum, iridium and osmium is more from gold having broken down; all monatomic element on the periodic chart keep all other element at bay by at least 4 angstroms; it's interesting that these elements have a critical cluster size; rhodium has a CCS of 5 and iridium has 9; 


A photon really is a flash where an electron goes from a higher to a lower order; spectrophotometric analysis; shows various powerful healing agents in nature; to have monatomic element within; such as turmeric; garlic; rose; basil; ginger; licorice; sandalwood; aloe are all just a few examples;

Monatomic elements have really only just been discovered due to the fact that they require so much heat in order to be melted; monatomic element certainly is involved and engaged more as a nootropic; certainly monatomic element is engaged in healing current to be within your body; and certainly any one can be observed to witness; structural improvement; psychic functioning; body, mind and spirit are improved greatly; functioning through resonance of a non localized type of phenomenon;

This is the magic; learn how to support your nervous system and psychic ability; as a matter of fact; why not have an excellent fitness in this department; if you would like to learn more; this researcher has much on you tube and on the net; also read Jubb's Cell Rejuvination and Secrets Of An Alkaline Body.... remember our article on the Negative Hydrogen Ion