Keenoji- A New Food For The World: Stopping Silent Inflammation  


From observation; it's easy to see that as one other than remains youthful; the body can have become stiff; matter of fact; over time of observation tends to be more and more petrified; and cast in stone; in time; a saint though; can upon observation of life remain supple and flexible in the body; and, even upon death; rigamortis doesn't set in; it has been observed; it’s said that Osha was one such saint; it is said; it was observed he become into this Samadhi; his body remained supple for quite some time; a fact of it is; the vast majority of beloveds end up full of calcium phosphate; and on this note Keenoji is a new food for the earth; that is cultured as a Lifefood team; [MEAT spelled backwards];


As you are consuming Lifefood; this breaks down into symbiotic Lifecolloid; as acidophilus exists within your intestinal garden; no dysbiotic bacteria exist much; even when someone died, rigamortis didn't set in; this author is giving the world a new food; which is cultured with Lifecolloid; which actually implant in your intestine; Keenoji is cultured with L-salivarus and L- planetarium; this is the culture that can be implanted in the beloved; this is the Lifecolloid that can cause you to even be able to digest cardboard; but that's another story; 


No one can deny most people they observe; can have ended up other than flexible and supple; and everybody can have observed as the body is flexible; the mind is also; the body is the mind's experience of itself; everything that you perceive; you perceive through your body; you have to feel light; to see; in the minds eye; mother's milk is the perfect ratio of everything that you need; i drank milk and i didn't know what it was; and i am still being moved around, and I’m still moving around; not really any idea where I will be moved to; everything in nature; self medicates; when you take a drink; what you drink can cause saliva to come into your mouth; or not;


Lifefood causes moisture; and saliva to come; just as you think of eating a lemon and tasting the lemon; feeling saliva come into your mouth; something has wet you; some things hydrate; and, much is the opposite; but how can a tiny seed the tinniest in the world; float; so beautifully up in the heavens; and survive such radiation; but it does this; perfectly; it's complete; its efficient to withstand such energy that would ordinarily be other than hydrating; no one can deny we live in a world that has become radioactive; and, a state of the art of nutrition; is, simply fried sticky fingers in the lobby of the hospital;


Modern medicine is the art of keeping people mused; while nature takes its course and possible; more than likely and actual interferedness; but god doesn't intervene; a true healing therapeutic is you having changed your ways; and not something from a cabinet; we live what we speak and speak what we live next; and every single word has a physiology; and, to be in the quick; to be in uptime; to be noticed; and observed; of a pattern of our time; but how could you be in the quick; unless we can become aware more of what can sustain us and is sustainable; 


Lifefood; such as Keenoji is one such food; it’s low phosphorus; to calcium; it's a high calcium to phosphorus ratio; perfect ratio of 5 parts calcium and 2 parts phosphate; and, this is what you need to survive; if you have had bean and grain, milk, flesh, and other non Lifefood; i care so much you can deem what is said here; you can highlight this; excess phosphate; in the beloved's body; wreaks havoc on all systems and is called silent inflammation; 


If you want to be hydrated; you need the surfactants; that Lifecolloid and intestinal tract produce; only lungs can remain wet and functioning with such surfactants; Lifefood is free of excess tannin, undigestible proteins; excess gleutin, gleutinan; casein, and lectin, are only just some of the undigestible element which causes phosphates to have become stored; however, if you eat Lifefood; there’s no consequence of calcium phosphate build up in your body; your intestinal garden is pristine; you primarily have L-salivarius and L-planetarium in your intestine; which produce lactic acid; it's possible to live more like a saint; 


Keenoji is cultured form Quinoa  and other lifefood seed, and is Lifefood; Keenoji is the slow souring cultured food; whereas tamashoyu; which is a liquid gourmet complex food factor is added to create savoriness to food; is made with a little more heat; but is the fluid that comes off;  Keenoji as it is turned into lifefood meeso (miso); all new foods for the earth that are high calcium; low phosphate; takes some 3 or 4 weeks and even longer to produce; you could see the bag i have; which was quite full, and has been eaten, put into everything, pizza, breads, casseroles, lasagnas and anti-pasta dishes and sauces, it's endless and delicious; it’s amazing something can be so delicious; so good for you;



This, Keenoji which you see in the picture has been dehydrated down and perfectly preserved and could be eaten in three years if you wanted to; it has far more than it had when it was wet; there is a biological transmutation that has occurred in this food; this is the real flesh; you can live as a Lifefoodarian; you can live an ethical life; and be loving and be open in your heart; and all of nature can sigh; relief; and give to you appreciation; even the trees and the flowers;