Nano Particles in Structured Water and Lifefood 

Nano particles occur naturally in ocean spray and food preparation in the kitchen; in volcanic plumes; spring and tap water on average have about ten to the eleventh to ten to the twelfth particles per milliliter; these nano particles tend to be more spherical shaped; trace element can be found; along with monatomic element and calcium carbonate; and this is a type of water that is being studied and applied; the main distance between nano particles can be between .5millimeters to 1.5 millimeters. 

A veil of illusion is drawn; back of a twilight zone of a forgotten dimension; that unique and obscure effects has been observed; when an element is put to be in such a state. These nano particles have an effect of structuring water; to be hexagonal, such a pattern is necessary to interact with enzymes in biology; only water structured hexagon; really has the ability to engage enzymes in the biology of love; such a water influenced by nano particles of calcium carbonate, has a very low surface tension and wets things more heavily displaying gibs free energy; where a crystalline lattice has anomalies in its boiling and freezing points. Water influenced such can be still flowing at hundreds of degrees below zero, 

Numerous nano particles exist within Jubbs white gold and life hydrated lifecolloid and Flanagan micro clusters; nano particles being engineered artificially is certainly a great concern; food stuff you may have to be more concerned about than just pesticide and gmos; some twenty five thousand food manufacturers at the moment have been approached to test nanoparticalized foods, 

Charged nano particles called poly cationic polymers have caused very serious membrane destruction; when used to deliver various drugs in genes, gold silver and copper nano particles penetrate organic membranes; and create potentially significant impacts; particles of monatomic element assist to bring element into the nucleus of cell; helping repair DNA, nano particles in such product mentioned; assist to load other molecules so they can assist to rid things like mold, yeast and fungus; at the moment little insight exists as to the impact of nano particles, such as the cells outer defenses.

Certainly, we can says that was has been naturally occurred to us; and synthetic nano particles are similar to creating molecules of DDT and molecules of agent orange and poisons never in nature.

Humic and fulvic complex natural element as found in Jubbs white gold and jubbs lifecolloid probiotic; and such substance provides a nano particle surface charge; that plays a significant action in interacting with cell membranes; the lemon bicarbonate shots and alkaline element along with lactic and citric acids causes cat ionic nano particles to be present; coating element which allows passage through liquid membranes; cat ionic nano particalized assist nutrient to be transported across the cell membrane; which is why these products have element within; that can desolve and pass right through the calcium phosphate built that blocks nutrient; and assists with cell respiration,

Nano particles is a nanometer or a millionth of a meter across; a human hair is eighty thousand nanometers; these particles range from one one thousandth to one hundred thousandth of a human hair; smoke from a fire, diesel fumes, welding fumes, release nano particles. 

For the moment you can know that water which is structured; can have calcium magnesium nano particles;  whatever one does to mimic nature; vitalization can be incurred but what about when some molecule which is unnatural is then synthesized; if you know how to create these particles do you know how to get rid of them?

The doctor knows how to put a toxin in a persons body, but do any of them know how to get them out?