Super conduction; and semi conduction; incur in biology; and a readiness potential; is sent along myelin sheathing; the insulation that is covering the nerve; just like insulation does a wire; and; long before an action potential is sent; from the brain; along any nerve cell; as an action potential; a readiness potential is sent; via semi conduction; assisting cells anticipate; and causing a preparedness to receive; an incoming message; this readiness potential only incurs as a result of; super conduction; and resonance; of which monatomic element as in Jubb's Whitegold provides; a small speck of Jubb's Whitegold; can have the rhodium and iridium; that a whole leaf of aloe vera has within it; Jubb's Whitegold; is of element that is unusual; such element has no covalence; meaning; it is in a state where it can be other than joined physically; but, is very much so; on a level of resonance; matter of fact, pretty instantly.


As the example shows above; it's as if no space exists; yet, it does; and, with monatomic element; such as in Jubb's Whitegold; an instant connection is; that dips into; what is supraluminal; and beyond the speed of light; so much so, that when three dimensional pieces of equipment; were used in the past; the nucleus; could be made out; but, such investigation couldn't really be seen by x-raying that such element; and seemed not to have any electrons at all; yet, an enormous amount of weight existed; for, us not to be able to simply state that nothing was there; so anyway, Jubbs whitegold is comprised of all monatomic element; that, is breathed up; from the belly of the earth; and, such monatomic element; has completely strange; and, unusual; property; beyond, any other element; on the periodic chart.


Conventional Physics and Biochemistry Have Little Explanation of Whitegold


Conventional physics; and biochemistry literature; have little to no any explanation of whitegold; and, the impact it has; in giving you; vital health; enabling you to over time; have your dreamer; dream the solution that's necessary for you; that within six months of having consumed a small amount of such element; twice per day; on a rest active cycle; one can certainly become more sage-like; from this of itself; and, Jubb's Whitegold is observed contextually; to restore vitality; and, youth; it assists the beloved remain; more in affection; and this is what is physically necessary for you to be able to fully; to have opened; opened up one's body eye; causing feeling; and, sensory experience; that is of you being open to a threshold; even, as an awakened initiate; opening you up; to, new dimensions.


Synchronicities; are reported incurring; as a result of consuming whitegold; even, for the first time; and such; has been shown to erase all previous course vibration and prior inconsistency; lifting the veil of illusion; and exposing for the initiate a twilight zone of a once forgotten dimension; consumption causes a greater instant; extraordinary knowingness; that, awareness and experience dominate; and, weaker thinking is corrected; those consuming Jubb's Whitegold; experience a state more of levity; and report greater feeling states of inscension; monatomic element can be seen around a red blood corpuscle; under a bright field and dark field microscopic lighting technique and exhibits a glow of energy around the cell.


Microscopic observation; of living material; as blood corpuscles; and, tissue; shows a lack of luster; and, a lack of luster can exist in a no longer vital red blood corpuscle; and, or a cell; and, it can only be looking as a phantom skeleton; while being, a shade of its former self; so it is, without such a glow; that, the body perfectly can recognize; what is you; and what is not; and, B-17 found in 1,700 Lifefood; is entered into such a lack luster sick cell; and, B-17 assists to demolish; purposefully; element that would have; if not removed in another way; caused the body to rust and rot instead. 


Whitegold within your body; allows you to have a glow coming off of you; and a glow coming off of your cells; certainly a vital blood is shown to have a gorgeous corona in vitality; easily seen around a vital red blood corpuscle; all manner of disease can have incurred; you can have not heard much about whitegold; because it is so illusive; if you look at the picture; in this article; you can see you have to have the ability to capture a cloud; and pour off the sky.


Extraction of Jubbs Whitegold


Jubb's Whitegold; is a cold, extraction process; applying nature; to capture such element; from lithophillic Lifecolloid; that has come from deep inside the belly of the earth; such whitegold as Jubbs Whitegold; comes from nature; and, has never been run through anything other than the capillaries; and, micro capillaries; deep from within subterranean earth; this researcher has supplied this element; to gardeners who have used this; to grow extraordinary produce; the rhizome root of treated  plants; can have forty times more rhizome [capillary roots of plants]. 


This researcher has extracted whitegold from ancient biological material; and, melted such with proprietary technology; to make a metal; which, is as light as a piece of paper; but, will resist heat; such gold bearing material; alchemically, by this researcher; is caused to figuratively be evaporated; and, then become; ever more condensed; from its nano particalized state; into, ever more vapor of proton and electron and neutron; as it does, deep within the earth; and, are breathed out; as a vapor; as is gold chloride; and, water deep within the earth; carry such element up into the atmosphere; even that assist with regular cloud formation. 


A seeded dust particle is necessary to form a cloud; that can cause it to rain; and this vapor comes up; from deep oceans and lakes within the earth; sometimes stream even as rivers deep within; evaporate into all the nooks and crannies; of the moist areas of wherever water has been over the earth's surface; such monatomic element in water; rises and has levity; rising up to extreme cold areas in the atmosphere; due to convection and hydrogen oxygen as water attacks to such a condensate nuclei; as the vapor is called naturally to saturation, a cloud in water becomes visible as the picture above and light ordinarily shows up as extremely gorgeous ultra violet light; and, once the light is turned off in the dark even have a glow; and such a cloud becomes visible; and forms into the lowest level of the environment it finds itself within.


Cloud formation in Jubbs Whitegold


This researcher applies a proprietary technology; that naturally and alchemically causes the sky figuratively to be removed; allowing the clouds to be all that's left in the water; such clouds can be observed forming within such an alchemically conditioned environment; that in the sky you can observe the water from cirriform couds; that characteristically are very misty and thin; and first is shown to form into a very tiny small filament; and stratiform cloud then forms which is more sheet like in its structure; cumuliform clouds start to appear; and these are more rolled and have rippledness; towering clouds form of the genus cumulonimbus and cumulus congestis.

A gorgeous beautiful, corona of color florescence; is given off, element within the earth such as, barium calcium potassium sodium, and, strontium, under a white LED light; as Jubbs whitegold condenses out of the water full of monatomic lifecolloidal element; it's color is slightly more purple violet as clouds form; once conditioned and low temperature dehumidifier is applied ; it becomes an anhydrous powder; tasting slightly salty, and soft as mother of pearl, much element has come from water that has welled up through volcanic vents.

Jubbs whitegold is, soft and, smooth to feel on the skin Jubbs whitegold is accompanied by: soda; gypsum; calcite; colominite; alexite; Kermite; borax; the cloud forming that you can see in the picture, shows strontium producing a purplish red corona; and lithium a carmine red, and calcium a beautiful red, on the other end of the spectrum you have potassium, a violet haze, and then a gorgeous barium giving off a yellow, boron green, and we have blue coming from copper. The predominant biophotonic glow like corona is from potassium, a gorgeous beautiful violet haze; when you look at mother of pearl and opal; this might describe the color given off this material.


Jubb's Whitegold does not come from diatomic element; but, all diatomic element comes from being monatomic first; monatomic element in your body; acts as an oscillating circuit does; that can receive and transmit information across space through resonance; life begs you to be total; by making sure you have all natural occurring proportioned element; it's not uncommon for someone to be aware that we have seven major center points in the body; these seven major chakras; where two wheels are meshing together; in health function together; in a form of resonance itself; and whitegold assists causing a confluence; even life you could say is a confluence of multiple vibration.


Recent science has taken more note; because labs were able to have a burn time long enough to have these elements fluoresce, that they can be identified more scientifically; Lifefood and element within has to be within its monatomic state; not diatomic form; for a larger element has to undergo lithophillic Lifecolloid (rock eating life) to assist breakdown of heavier element; such as gold and platinum and silver and copper and nickel; into a state of its halved self.


Odd looking element: Monatomic Element


Monatomic element as in Jubb's whitegold; electron and positron is perfectly paired; gold and platinum and heavier element; are, generally found not in such a fairly symmetrical-spherical shape; but tend to be far more looking a lot like a gridiron football; and, gold and element such tends to be transmitted because; an ordinary element normal nuclei in their spherical shape; and are held by subatomic element; which is ordinarily kept together by a strong nuclear force; because gold has an equal number of electron and positron; because this strong nuclear force only has its overwhelming strength at a distance from its counterpoint; out only around ten fermes (bohrs) and as hard as it is to believe; as scientists measure length; as the width of a hydrogen atom; and wavelength of light; and, what's smaller than a nanometer; roughly 0.1 nanometer; the tip of an instrument can only have one hydrogen atom which can be used to image atomic structures larger than that; the radius of a proton; is, 5x10 to the minus 11th; of a meter; in science today, that's pretty small; and is called a Bohr radius.  


Odd looking element; is what monatomic element comes from; such as gold; can, be split in half; and, this happens while electron and positron pair; and, become cooper paired; and, a screening is incurred; where all electron is applied within the element; and, not anything is left over; or any energy wasted; it is fortified to be sufficient of itself; that, nothing is left over; it cannot be crystallized with other atom to become diatomic element; and, material where atoms are connected to each other; beyond a nine atom state; which, crystallization of element into its diatomic form only incurs after a nine atom state; because, before this point; the law of square is present; and, such a number as the number nine; has phase conjugation happening; within it.


Jubb's Whitegold; and, such monatomic element; has proton and electron in an equal number; has the ability to oscillate to the subtle fluctuation of the ether; gold and heavy elements such as platinum have nuclei that monatomic element comes from; as such; a larger heavy element is broken down into its half birthday self; such heavy element has the ability to do this; because it has a structure which is beyond ten firms in its width; to be somewhat football shaped; and, outer orbits of the nucleus is slightly deformed; because such are only partially filled; and dipole interaction causes neutron and proton; within those orbits; that are not completely filled but have more space; to be slightly moved away from each other; that, such a nucleus has a small wobble a bit like the earth.


A firm is the width of a hydrogen atom; and, larger element because it has the strong nuclear force acting only within a very minute scale; such element as gold can easily become; in its monatomic form; and, much Lifecolloid in the earth that is lithophillic can digest rock and break it down; like humans do at the moment eating popcorn in the theater; element such as rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium, platinum, gold, palladium, silver and uterus; other monatomic element is within Jubbs Whitegold; and it is from a source where life exists and thrives around; this researcher and, assistants in the field have lived in such water; for many months at a time; spontaneous transmutation is incurred; and a Lifecolloid also transmutate crystallized diatomic element back into its monatomic state.


Monotomic Element in Jubbs Whitegold


Rhodium is the primary element within Jubbs Whitegold; there is monatomic element of iron, gold, silver, copper; proprietary technology does exist that this researcher has to convert monatomic element into its more crystallized form; that can easily be scaled up for commercial application; most all crystallized metal is made up of a large number of atoms that are sharing electrons; a lot of communal sharing of electrons that gives the bulk in metal; electrical, chemical, conductive and tensile properties. 


Jubb's Whitegold is of element which is distinct; and, qualitatively interdependent; from, other atomic element; on the periodic chart; and, has a potential to form extremely small micro cluster configurations; where atoms can be only five, or nine or three atoms small; as monatomic element forms from metal it slowly disappears; and so does the chemical and electrical properties of such a metal; as any element is reduced; of its solidness; it's features also and it's differentiation; has, disappeared to become more characteristic of a liquid and a gas and a plasma body; such is existed as on a nano particle level micro cluster; that is a tiny aggregate; that perhaps sometimes two atoms; yet can be up to several hundred atoms.


Science certainly has questions; of a biochemical and physical nature of the solid state of such element and its relatedness; to material formation; a great deep insight this researcher has is to the aggregate of the size of the particle; and the character that can come about from application of such a substance; in relationship to the character that substance lost; how does matter if its freed from the influence of what generally holds it all together behave? this is of a deep interest of this researcher; and element and its cluster size of atoms; that, allows it to be free of the ordinary characteristic of sharing of electron that generate conductivity; but, this is where life is living in the gap; in-between the beat.


Water such, always present that it is in-between; everything else which this author has referred to is Y shaped water; and this Y shaped water is present as a result of what monatomic element is within that water; such isolated monatomic element as in Jubb's Whitegold can be referred to as high spin element; at the present moment its discovered that a group of metals are considered transition group elements; some twelve have been scientifically validated; though its possible more does exist that assume unique shape; that assumes a phase conjugative structure that causes it to be designated more as its being in its high spin state.


Monatomic element is not like ordinary atomic nuclei ; that, have a spherical symmetry; but, are more of football or banana shaped and really have quite a super deformed nuclei; such element as found in whitegold is within this high spin state; and, such nuclei; can, have a unique mass; yet, have a similar event the same inertia moment; this is happening as a result of resonance; all spinning nuclei result from an out of center; collidedness of nuclei; that fuse and form a high spin and elongated body; some even look a bit like a mushroom; or seriously a lot like a banana; anyway, that's another story; you have far greater ability to be able to heal yourself as a result of having whitegold within your body. 


Benefits of Jubbs Whitegold


DNA molecular distortion can be cleared; while cells of your body; communicate biophotonically; via photon; and, monatomic element assists in this process; without this; communication doesn't occur across space properly; the DNA only gets information from outside of itself; and, whitegold assists a cell of your body; that, has receptor; and, element of a non visual; discrimination; and, involves communication; biophotonically; when you have a lack of biophotonic; element within the body; the body and biology; cannot have remained as integrated as well as it should be; only upon; as indicated above; that you have monatomic element can the body recognize and clear away disease; high energy electron spill into lower spin electron shells; and booting the lower order electrons out; and, observation shows biophotonic vitality within the cells;to be far more vital; and is assisting itself reorganize anything necessary that it delivers to you; greater vitality that jubb's whitegold and elements such gives you this active function.


Gold in its monatomic state is generally found in two atoms; whereas rhodium is found with nine typically; as aggregative clusters; anyway, what is having a very large surface area; the largest as a matter of fact in the smallest space; has properties that border on a serious twilight zone of a forgotten dimension; as monatomic element is heated and cooled; it can weigh hundreds of times its original weight; and yet, at other temperatures remain weightless; no such characteristic; has, ever been observed; when all element on the periodic chart is annealed.


Water, possessing monatomic element; has extremely unusual; and, strange anomalies; like, not being able to freeze; so, it remains flowing; and, in a liquid state; in the extreme cold; even in deep space; Lifecolloid as extremophiles exist in space; and, are able to do so because of monatomic element; and, water imbued with such element; is able to hold an electric charge; and, heat beyond what's normally observed; and, this is called the goldilocks position; where, life is as we know it; in earth; it is because water is not in its frozen state; but, flowing.


Reviewing this subject matter in; Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation; and Secrets of an Alkaline Body; and also if you have read any of the latest; and hot off the shelf; scientific literature; because most can be way behind in time; to be just more like a frozen black and white snapshot; in comparison to this movie we are talking about; then, you know; there is, a fourth state of matter; which, is as a plasma body; and this technology is being applied from insights; this researcher has been forwarding; in ceramics; as Lifeceramic made out of element is shown to keep water, food fresh;  improve the taste; as a surface contact has a non stick ability; you can read more about this in other works.


Anyway, that's enough for the moment; as, what's being written herein; is just a tip; of the iceberg; within this epistemology; so, stay tuned; because, there is so much that can be spoken; for, you to be more knowledgeable; about the benefit; of monatomic element; this researcher has been investigating this area; since, the late 70s; and, this researcher has developed; a very deep insight; in monatomic element; since, first learning about this when the dead sea scrolls were first uncovered; anyway, check out this researcher's other literature; and, stay tuned for some more exciting information coming up; about Jubb's Whitegold; and, the benefit; of monatomic; element; in Lifefood and in technology; and zero point energy devices.