Awakening put into pity's hands


Intelligence is to go beyond; any prefixed set pattern; of response to survive; little to be not anything; could ever be done; you'd agree one is living in a fantasy; and who's not; that is not talking about how very screwed  it is apparently a corporation is in charge; you cannot tell me any government I can see is from any informed consent ; in my life the biggest criminal I came across was a family court judge; called Susan Knipps I have observed many organizations and it's structure; and I'd say that the family courthouse; in america is a slaughterhouse;

You are the beloved; and not a "human being"; nor a "person"; nor an "entity" nor a "corporation"; when you look at the pacific; and see the nuclear waste; don't think you haven't created that; and don't ever think; that have not been involved; in creating that; you'd have to say; it's a pig system; what has destroyed the family; and don't tell me it wasn't done on purpose; like dropping any bomb; if only nine out of a thousand kids; are with their mom or dad; how bad is that? Every day; I suffer; that my boy was; kidnapped and taken by rose Burke; Joan Tannenbaum and Kevin lap; my son was illegally shipped across state lines; some long time ago now; what a pig system; that could steal your children; my father got shot through his legs; and his neck; saving American boys; but he didn't do it; for such a pig nazi system; that exists today;

But who cares if you have an image; around the world like a jack ass; tick the box yes you want reform in banking; and have; a monotorium; my boy was practically put to death; sociologists; psychologists; are personally the biggest nerds I have ever met; in my life; seriously lazy; ignorant; and they think; they are so scientific; why don't you check out how unscientific the dms-5 article is on my site

Ever since the day my boy was taken; there has not been a day gone by; that it has not given me pain; this is a war zone; it seems; a long journey; for my boy; to come back home; I stayed for some time; in New York City after he'd been illegally shipped across state lines; eventually I left New York City; I'd not really eaten anything; simple pleasures even as food; seemed nothing; I felt so much respect; for the fact that; you'd be allowed to have a father; and I had my family also extended; who had given up; moments to care for my boy; 

I'm reminded of how elephants are with each other; their is such a story; of elephants going more than one night without eating anything; and the elephants stayed on for some few nights to show their connection to One of their family that was taken; an honoring of their beloved past; who even can have saved their lives; these elephants knew where thy were going; many stories about elephants; show you they obviously care very much to pay respect fort heir beloved's chic an no longer be among them; 

It can have been many years; prior to that day; that, the elephants can not have been; with a good friend; but can be shown to be touched; that, knowing that a loved one is no longer with them; the elephants habit to have come and visited; while time is passed; and on this day a solomness; went one by one in queue; these elephants; make their way slowly walking; organizing in such an evoked emotion; of the beloved; and such; profound memory; and also because this belove is no longer; present; even elephants; care deeply about their loved ones; and when a passing is; of one of the elephants; the beloved elephants; can sense with supreme intellence and their timing Is precise; elephants can walk many miles together patiently; they can pay respect and say goodbye to a beloved; even as families and heards can have been separated even can arrive to say goodbye to their beloved in droves; 

Some days after; this beloved; was no longer with us; elephants have a good memory; they all showed up; and in a similar way I have courageously stuck up for attorneys; even to write the truth to you..and speak and live this as well....ive been the one who went to bat.....for a child and attorney where chemo was being forced on the family; and i am blowing the whistle on the social welfare in New York City and the United States of America; no one can tell me that it doesn't suck; big time; 

All was taken from me; all was 9-11ed....just as you wrongfully in the past had to give everything to Caesar; I am a whistle blower; living in a matrix; where no protected disclosure or conduct exists; personally; all should know this time as being one of the most evil times on the earth; and how a bankster richcrafted the earth; no one can say that you have not made a pig style on earth and we are in a war zone and the enemy is a system that has enslaved the beloved to be below a corporation;

The president is a manchurian; and, a poly-tick; and,a beuro-cite; the news is typically highly unethical and immature;..when you know about the value of enzymes; you know cooked food is dead food...the United Nations has never talked about mature things like the growth of the money supply and that the beloved should own this and not a private person... All the talk and discussion at the moment of awareness of the beloved being underneath a corporation you can feel hear or see and has no central organized nervous system is manchurianed. 

Are you so gullible that you can continue to be 9-11ed and have a private corporation own your backside; are you looking where you really need to look? Are you practicing where you really need to practice? Or are you practicing where you already are excellent? Have you discernment to connector with people of a like mindedness? 

The fastest time to dress a barby doll is 36.99 seconds; held jointly by; two girls in the United Kingdom; people love to watch cooking shows; it's so wonderful just to be mindless; however, people are fascinated with Audity; for instance like the most recent cloud formation that has a nice amount of chemtrail in it; in two thousand and nine there was a new type of cloud called the undulatus asperatus; just lately people have been seeing clouds that look like ocean waves; undulatus asperatus clouds; though dissipate without generally forming into a storm; chemtrails are the greatest cloud cover at the moment and that is due to human activity; anyway, nature is very interesting to me; and, Reintroducing what should be put back into nature as it was as you have the opportunity to; if you are a public official and you are reading this; I'm making you my trustee; and I'm asking you to come from a office of trust and not profit;


The grey wolf has been reintroduced into New Mexico and Arizona; and, please don't tell me that just because you might see one at the bus stop; room other than exists for the grey wolf; to be reintroduced and supported positively; if room has been for hooves animals like cows; as well as other animals that aren't really supposed to be; don't tell me that the grey wolf is not a part of this cosmic wheel of life;