An Apparent Paleolithic Unethical Past

Everyone knows that in northwest Australia; you have some originals still making cave paintings; and,everybody knows; that perhaps only one hundred miles away; a rolls Royce is parked. A hammer is found in a three hundred million old rock; and, a spark plug has been discovered in a geod, and most all the populated areas of the earth the beloved mostly lives; is on a major fault zone; if a tsunami came to the United States; and ninety percent of the population live mostly on the coast, and more than likely would all perish; wouldn't they?

The equator has been found running north south; and, in the ancient past having run through the Medeteranian sea; and what would you know about this? Many investigators have found cities under the sea; and ancient batteries in Baghdad; and many ancient cities go far back beyond thirty thousand years ago.  Yet originals are still leaving cave paintings in some remote areas away from the populous; yet ancient cities; beyond thirty thousand years ago had a common written and spoken language; and those cities had been laid out with optical precision instruments.

Stone and vitrified material was cut with lasers; you can't tell me that Paleolithic originals like Neanderthals in Europe; did not live during that time also alongside Atlanteans as cromagnons; even as this is incurred today; in this apparent modern world; I'm a physiologist, and whoever is behind the paleo diet is not ,as there is not a scrap of physiological evidence; zero and a paradigm paralysis is quite evident in that researchers review of the past; also not to be of any construct; nor; contextual validity; nor is that writing very reliable.

A human being does not make any spare urikaise in the liver. Only eight grains on average and a carnivore and an omnivore does; also, a frugivore has a ph of about one; to digest plant fiber; where as a omnivore and carnivore having eaten flesh that has no fiber; has a much reduced ph; only, what has been evolutionarily by eons of time necessary; also, an animal eating such food has over eons of time adapted physiology to manage uric acid; and produces urikaise beyond its metabolic energy requirement to assist with this; whereas; a frugivores in somatotyping; when you examine a liver it doesn't produce the enzyme urokinase enough beyond the eight grains on average needed for its own metabolism; and, is not able at all really to manage extra uric acid brought in by wrongful diet; such as the paleo diet. Just take out the flesh eating and some other truths fit more with being a lifefoodarian.

The beloved does not have a ph of the upper stomach of a omnivore or a carnivore in somatotyping. On another note Is milk of any animal specific to that animals physiology? Is the beloved's milk an example of anything? Does an animal produce milk for its offspring which has a relation to that animals physiology? Could you find what ratio of calcium to phosphate is ideal for such a specie?How much does and animal's food taken in as an adult relate to constituent in this species milk has within it what that an animal needs to grow? 

Ok, do you know what a natural birth is? Do you know where the DNA is in the body. Do you know what menstruation is? Do you know that an ovulation cycle exists but not a menstruation cycle doesn't? Do you know in somatotyping the beloved's digestive tract fits exactly into a frugivores? I'd like you to rebut this if you think I am othe than right . I'm positive that you personally do know that there is no fiber in flesh and it is extremely high in phosphorus and sulphur, all carnivorous animals digestive tracts are extremely short in relationship to a frugivores  and a herbivore to manage this fact.

You can juudge a country's ethics and morality by how this country treats it's animals. And Whoever is behind the paleo diet is certainly acting unethically . I'd like To ask The author of the paleo diet if ever that city slicker has ever killed an animal. Matter of fact I would like to ask you when the last time you killed an animal if you are a flesh eater. Cause maybe you need to learn again how to feel. I personally have never heard if a more off the wall logic was behind a diet. You do know don't you that only nine in a thousand children are width mom and dad in the United States? Do you really feel feel things are ok? 

That you look up throu white jail bars in the sky.  And maybe it's ok for you to have a manchurian president  and private person In a far awy country who selfishly we have allowed to own the growth of all money; no intelligent individual cans see any future from money created out of debt; and, you cannot say that all wars fought has been not been because of one bank; not ,two; and, that bank owns everyone else's backside? Unethically; and; wrongfully. But you can't tell me that you are not allowing this and that what's going on Is about you and not someone out there.

You vote in the art if the way you live your life by what you purchase. As you purchase lifefood you r purchasing food for a sustainable future and if you are not you are not. Most people on the earth you probably would agree are ignorant of how money is created economically. And also the value of an enzyme Most people aren't aware of how much water it takes to get produce from vegetation vs flesh, and you know you are living in a world where you have been 9-11ed and 3-11ed and sandy hooked; certainly the president is not in charge, and no body knows who is. 

Nuclear warheads out of a Texas Air Force base transported to South Carolina. And, no one can tell who signed for anything. Everyone knows wiki leaks is an amazing organization and Julian assange has participated in numerous protected disclosures and conduct as a whistle blower. And, that the bankster has richcrafted a young soldier Bradly manning who blew the whistle on unethical conduct from a gunship in the air that callously killed 18 innocents; Is it ok with you? You live in a country that retaliates against whistle blowers? You'd have too agree that most are living in a fantasy world including those who follow the paleo diet. 

Do you know a bout calcium phosphate build up in the body? I'm positive you know chemotherapy is a poison; I have not met a single person who didn't eventually lose their life because of chemotherapy when administered that toxin. But you know we live in a world where a headache can be considered a Tylenol deficiency, you'll so probably think  we went to the moon. And the gas that cows emit is not the largest contributor to greenhouse gas, which it is,

You probably also believe no advanced civilization existed before this present one; however, you certainly as an adult found out about the Easter bunny and that a belief was turned to doubt and that the Easter bunny doesn't exist, personally however, who is behind the paleo diet may also have many erroneous other beliefs and also thinks voting in America is not rigged and Ron Paul is not speaking a more powerful truth; than,patsie bureacites and poly-tics, anyway you've got a court system that can duke boy and Texas overstep you anytime the way the court richcrafts the beloved, like beating my attorney up in New York City so she has remained with permanent injuries, and subjecting the beloved to be below a beast.

My son Dakota who was practically put to death when he was taken from me; he cried and lost a large percentage of his weight to be put into a none thriving state and learned helplessness installed through set up events by this very screwed up child welfare system and a phantom parent surrogate is of no real parent. A person is a term for one without a mind and is a fictional aspect of you that a bankster a richcraft is put by modern day nazi Mendel types; as,even now in New York City; Court worker Susan Knipps and a fence sitter, Kevin lap and a real nazi Mendel called Joan tannenbam you would want to be careful around them because they practically put my son to death, I gave my life and care to live in New York City for many years prior to get 9-11ed and 3-11ed you are living in a country right now that'll spend four hundred and fifty million on a sex scandal and only four hundred thousand on a 9-11 investigation. Everything I ever worked for has been taken from me by this pig nazi system in the United States and as I write this My son has not been allowed to see me. But I could accept a service were no benefit was ever given to me or my son to have acquiesced to be under a beast that has no central organized nervous system.

I have to laugh at this crazy paleo diet, it's like funding the rebels in Syria and being certainly responsible for innocence being gassed; two thousand atomic bombs we're let off since the first one and the United States corporation had them going off toward the end like a Beethoven symphony, and when they stopped some music continued, Pakistan, North Korea, needed to practice a little more. Stop burning a fuse to the Middle East, 

Is not the beloved someone's baby; everybody knows Obama is rothchilds patsie and everybody knows that gadaffi wanted to bring about a gold dinar; ok you got to know most of the world is just one plantation except for maybe five countries; everybody knows the UN is full of bankster patsies; who in all the time they have been there have never talked about the growth of the money supply; and they can have easily let Bujinburra and Rawanda massacre each other; 

How much time in our evolution is a hundred thousand years? What does that represent in our evolution? If you walked for three days; and you covered eight miles everyday on average; did you know that after you'd walked for three days you can then take seven steps; and this very small distance you covered in those seven steps only accounts for a hundred thousand years certainly only even a hundred thousand years is a very short time to have adapted; no one forwarding the paleo diet can have looked into somatotyping nor any physiology; nor coprolitic study nor any thing as is mentioned in here. But a lifefood diet is for a sustainable future and a flesh eating preditor will. Not survive the coming culling? If you'd have eaten what paleo diet pushers are recommending you are going to end up with huge amounts of calcium phosphate build up in your body; and also suffer the slow painful death of your ancestors;