Constitutional Money needed......(crypto currency?)... kidnapped children

We have always voted in the art of how we exchange energy the great ape specie assists fruit trees pollinate and be taken to fertile areas

Is not What is speculative also doomed? It is not constitutional money and is a distraction away from the root needing to be fixed....a traded currency in this time of debt and non solvency is certainly not liquidity nor any capital that's working capital so it's poor dad not rich dad that it is only a capital asset but not working this time

Money is grown four unique ways the most important rule is you must have in secular ion what is being absorbed by service and product


Money is constitutional that it is owned by you who is it's secured party creditor all actually are you are traded as an ALL CAPS is created asset backed for instance do you value the sea it can take 2 .5 billion to clean up the plastic

What flows that's liquid is held In between by banks we have to have constitutional money we all own not a private banker


Do you own the legal title to your children? By what authority do you....come before me?
Two simple questions where you are making a claim...that it cannot have been presupposed by a FICTION OF LAW..COURT THAT ALL CAPS ENITY CANNOT THINK you who is of warmth and blood can.
And no claim can be made in A FICTION OF LAW COURT that your child was figuratively abandoned THE STATE A CORPS ....became immorally child trafficking buisiness as usual ....ongoing userfructing ....your pay themselves at the child's you know how to rehabilitate who is kidnapped?
No none in a moral mind can say the voice less as a child has had anything in the child's best interest that your child and you was treated as a ward of the state a slave to the STATE OF FICTION. so by what authority do you come before me ? And can you show me legal title ? two questions you ask of ABC protect child parent rights make claim so then it cannot be presupposed by CORPS THAT CANNOT FEEL HEAR OR SEE ..a claim is are in this Holy See ....and not lost at see are can only be joined with what is living not a CORPS...this is a maximum of judges bonds nor attorney could possibly cover the devastation wrought on a nation that only one child in a thousand is with mother and father...that has been a secret weapon for a quiet war waged on the beloved that some elite was immune THE ALL CAPS IS A CORPS and not you but only a TRANSMISSION UTILITY AS A WHAREHOUSE RECIEPT.
that is not you you are an agent for that transmitting utility but it is not you..learn how to apply these two questions to protect your children's energy having been vampire harvested by a CORPS..that cannot feel hear or see you....
Your birth certificate and the way it's been plied has been an effect of corrupting blood and title; making you to have been considered an utlagatus; and civiliter mortuus where a CORPS was wrongfully put above the beloved..and also the mess in the pacific that no one is in charge of to clean you have this beloved who is above all FICTIONAL ENTITY AND ABC CORPS have to take personal responsibility ...for the genisis of peace ...tick the box yes want reform in banking ....and have a moratorium.... all must take a break for one year... we have again constitutional money but if yove not been able to own personal property is that not communism...