Water contains memory

Water you'd agree can contain structured order or not ; water has to have its hexagonal pattern to interact with the enzymes of life the water of your blood gives you a potential energy; the intensity of this light varies with a light and dark or heat and cold cycle in your day;

Incidental energy of your life confluence of multiple vibration and also from cosmic sources influences the water of your blood; you can easily see fire from water for as the water of your blood is exposed to micro wave or radio frequency it can be ignited if you have ions present in such fluid so the body produces such from nascent hydrogen and oxygen in the upper stomach...

A natural immature water molecule can have a bond angle of hydrogen to oxygen of 104.45 and the lower this bond angle is the more stretched out the bond and the more water molecule can be in the same space that is has reduced its size and it has far more wetting power.

Blood plasma within the hearts scaler vortex magnetic electric valence field relaxes the plasma bonding angle to 109 degrees and such a bond can act as a surficant in all colloid of life membranes; hydration is wetting and death is dehydration.lifefood causes internal blood hygiene that reduces fibrin globulin and increases albumin; albumin is the super transporter in the body that transports water through the three compartments of ourself; blood could be sticky from dead food consumption;

The hearts scaler wave mobious vortexual condition relaxes the bond angle of water in the plasma; and a very much smaller molecule is created with a very much larger surface area; normal blood pressure is about 120 over 80 and hypertension is stress related with inflammatory markers in the blood;

A colloid of life is a series of weak electric arcs coalesced in the ether as the sun is a large example of; a colloid is six hundred thousandth of an inch small; a colloid of life aggregates with other lifecolloid to become a lifecolloid as a spore that double spore then fuses with other double spore to make up all life as we know it;

You cannot cut a lifecolloid with a diamond knife nor irradiate it or chemicalize it to destroy it you cannot; a colloid of life has life perpetually; you can not puncture it as a balloon because it is more as a bubble or vesicle such colloid of life can form in deep outer space and survive deep cold and extreme temperature.

Blood corpuscle form in the deep submucosa of large cell laminar proprio in the intestine more as a liquid crystal membrane and they can be squeezed yet retain back it's original shape before being compressed. and a red blood corpuscle is made up out of double spore building block and forms in colloidal biology from a process described in here of aggregation fusion and then differentiation;

In colloidal biology a double spore is the building block of all internal organelle of a cell in biology; and a cohesive force between lifecolloid acts as membrane holding all together a colloid of life and ultimately a lifecolloid as a double spore building block of all biology; is of such membrane that is composed of a cavity space of collected electron free of proton

Water has the ability to retain memory..who is imprinting is giving information that water can remember; it has tinny little hollow spheres called clathrate that act as oscillating circuit that can become entrained to a coherent frequency. and emit this coherent frequency. a long time afterwards...you have to look at what's a valid construct that is reliable and it has to make sense to you; yet it may have a contextual validity and reliability; and have had other experts agree as well..any experiment is not immune from the researcher's intention; no one can rule this out as a confounding variable..