Calorie Counting is a Craze

The law of thermal dynamics was only designed to portray what happens inside a closed system and so it cannot be complete with biology fully that is an open system

So you'd agree that it can have caused a paralysis of a false paradigm that can have missed many things like biological transmutation and zero point energy and systems that can repair and tap energy from the vacuum..that can grow stronger...but if one only learned the law of thermodynamics and entropy what may one know about negentropy....s it new that the body doesn't function like a machine that wears out can ideas code ones DNA and what's expected

You'd have to agree that calorie counting has become a craze..and everyone has assumed that what has a body must have eaten and this is a direct result of having only considered the body to be more like a all systems that are open in design can even have over unity but not considered because of the law of thermo dynamics and entropy..

What can be said here is that if words like temperature and entropy are vague in meaning leaving out much that's observed...many present paradigms exist because of such half truth that a lie could easily be found out but a half truth not so easily

Thermo dynamics you agree is put to some fixed situation yet it doesn't confer with over unity incurring in such mechanical systems and also all have been left wondering if everything eats to grow and your eyes are not made out of new material but second hand material that is not attention has been for what such laws can say about biological transmutation f one element into another