Heart energy

Continuously move without outside energy driving such work; internal energy is all that's required such incidental energy can cause coherence or randomness; the body provides a structured directive ness and current flow is incurred in the body

Electrical energy in biology is focused in zones of opposite charge electrically induced by proton and electron rich zones; the hearts plasma body provides blood plasma to easily have energy present to run a digital clock; blood vessels are hydrophilic and causes a continuos flow of electron and energy along such blood vessels;

You have cavity zones in biology; and also in space that are collection points and also eddies of temperature and pressure and also electrical differentials that allow the blood in embryology to flow long before a heart is formed. A potential energy is stored in cavity zones in biology that is a store of potential energy;

Radiant heart energy increases convectional temperature; and also zero point energy is being tapped; this is stored in the blood plasma causing order of a liquid crystal membrane; such cavity zones in biology is involved in separating charge so work can be done from such stored relation of valence; so proton and electron pump get work done inside a body cell or red blood corpuscle;

Intermediate Un likes as weak organic acid is very important that red blood corpuscle can be draw towards each other..ionization is far more powerful tha gravity in repelling or getting work done inside biological life; other wise you can have had lethargy no energy existed in the blood; and this is missing in modern blood and eating is mainly of a dead food diet yet life begets life ....