Did you know that sea vegetable is rich in nutrient; assisting to ward off numerous disease? Did you know marine vegetable contains more trace element than any other food? Did you know that marine vegetable is packed with vital trace element; while being a vitamin mineral complex? Marine vegetable has most all vitamin; including: A, B, C, D, E, K, U, P, Q, S, Folate, Selenium, Germanium, Vanadium, Chromium, monatomic plantinum, gold, silver, and all other micro element and trace element your body needs; it is rich in calcium; silica, tritium, deuterium; potassium; magnesium; copper, iodine and fluorine; all very necessary vital nutrient so missing in a modern toxic world; that is nutrient deficient; and, all element is in its nano-particulate and monatomic state and totally non-toxic; you can't get any better than this; ok;

Are you aware that modern medicine and health supplement is being foisted as an iodine supplement; yet, is actually masquerading as the heavy metal iodide? Yet, iodine is one atom of iodine not two; that is what iodide is that is two atoms of iodine; so iodine must be in its monatomic state as all nutrient must also be and it must be in its lifefood form; not with strange indigestible protein nor with any runaway sugar as a disaccharide is that is not lifefood; ok so all should be in its lifefood state; as jubbs 4RA (for radiation away) is; and, also jubbs Marine mineral formula is; that, it is a condiment as food; all food has its element in its monatomic state; not so as being pointed out in this review ok?

Iodine supplement on the market

For most all iodine supplement; on the market being sold that cannot guarantee that contaminant; diatomic crystallized iodide contaminant toxin is not present; and you should know that iodine loves to be joined by another atom of iodine to have become iodide; that, is a heavy metal toxin; you cannot start with a diatomic crystallized mineral; and, turn this into a food; in its monatomic state; you cannot improve upon nature; jubbs 4RA and Marine-Mineral formula both have tritium very essential to assist today with Fukushima fall out; so reiterating the above both formulas are non-toxic and all element is in its monatomic form; and is highly biologically active;

A very important fiber is in both formula; called agar; making up some eighty five percent of both formula; and, is a fabulous hydrator; and, of the intestinal mucus membrane; agar provides healthful nutrient glyco-packing; that, is the biofilm that surrounds intestinal endothelial cells; that is a very important protect-ant against the caustic effect of digestive juices; you can also bring in a tablespoon of Irish moss; and you have calorie wise only about fourteen calories; so it’s a boon for those wanting weight loss; marine vegetation is a serious provider of nutrient on many levels yet very low calorie;

4RA Formula benefits

This researcher's 4RA formula is a co4that is alchemically cold processed to keep all enzyme; and, keep all in its monatomic state; it is naturally preserved; and, has Alaria (brown sea algae); and Rhodophyta (red sea frond); and. Fucus Vesiculosus (bladderwrack); so useful in heavy metal and radiation contamination and useful in assisting proper thyroid function; clearing goiter; and activating all enzyme systems in your body; as indicated because of essential micro nutrient element; not ordinarily found in regular garden fruit and vegetable today;

Such formula as Jubbs 4 RA and Marine wholefood vitamin mineral complex has surfactant; that combine oil and water and is amphiphlic: and also is amphoteric that such organic element can become an alkaloid base in the presence of an acid: or, also can become a necessary acid in the presence of an alkaloid base: this researcher's proprietary cold extraction process; is applied to extract; and, have nutrient (from the above mentioned marine vegetable) remain in its fresh, colloidal form; totally preserved; that it acts on the water of your blood; to keep it in its necessary low tension; to be solvent of nutrient;

Can you imagine a leaf put into ordinary tap water; of a surface tension of seventy two dynes? You can see this leaf's elemental building block; remains mostly intact in that water; and, is not really being drawn into the water; now imagine the same type of leaf; put, into organized lifewater inside your stomach; and, also your blood; being structured; in good health at much lower surface tension; around forty eight dynes; look at how each elemental phyto-chemical; nutrient; building block; streams out of the leaf to be freed to be remained as a colloid of life as a lifecolloid as a spore; and, or a double spore; being actually on another level; interdependent; not connected; oscillating circuit; that can transmit and receive and store information; because in such a state memory is existing;

Surfactant makes it all possible

Did you know that all really is as very small whirl pool; in the ether as a vortexual resonace frequency; and; can you see all totally preserved; no preservative is needed that jubbs 4RA formula is as certain digestive capacity is given element ; that is remained in its colloidal monatomic nano particalized state; you witness the leaf in such structured lifewater become like an ink; in lifewater; all nutrient is perfectly preserved; without preservative needed; as is also the lifecolloid probiotic; did you know surfactant makes all this possible?

Such surfactant found in jubbs 4RA formula; is what makes your liquid crystal membrane; permeable to nutrient;  also; it softens; and, has factor to increase tension as is necessary; to create all solid structure and fluid; to be of a mutual lived assistance; the water of your body as is lifewater has a very small molecular structure; and, nutrient surfactant in jubbs 4RA has phenolic compound; as is algin; and other powerful synergistic nutrient is also found as:phloroglucinol; fucophorethol; phlorotannin; sulphuryl; sulphonyl; phosphonyl- glycosyl ester; disacharide; phosphsytl choloine; phosphosytalethanolamine; fucoxanthin; are only some of the powerful surfactant phytonutrient present in jubbs 4RA formula; to mention just a little; yet, not to digress fucoxanthin is only one ingredient; yet it is a most powerful antioxidant; its value being of phenolic flavanoid found in edible marine and coastal vegetable;

Monatomic Element

Monatomic element is found in jubbs 4RA formula; is free of iodide; that is two atoms of iodine stuck together; so that’s why iodine is called iodide; and; iodine is not the same as iodide; most all other formula is iodide; and, is a heavy metal; that, falls through the membrane and is difficult for the body to remove; and other UN-natural manufactured supplement that is not food; you cannot be guaranteed that, iodide is not present; masquerading as, iodine but really a heavy metal contaminant called oidide: all research that is of no such knowledge of what an element is in life versus merelya crystalized mineral a a rock is not the same at all; ok? Such a supplement can have been foisting a heavy metal toxin as is Himalayan salt; is also, as is most table salt;

Not all salt is a dead; diatomic; metallic; crystallized; non-amhoteric non-amphiphilic salt; for; lifefood is full of vital monatomic nanoparticulate salt; that, is in its living elemental monatomic state; such formula as jubbs 4RA formula provides you with monatomic iodine; not iodide ok; otherwise, such heavy metal contamination, can contaminate and have toxified you to incur a hyperactive thyroid condition; so, your body can only apply monatomic iodine; not, two atoms of iodine stuck together as is iodide ok? Such, monatomic iodine on another note is complexed with the amino acid tyrosine also found in jubbs 4RA formula: and, also marine mineral formula; that, in the gut and the thyroid and other organ tissue; also can synthesize T4 and T3(thyroid hormone); providing you have good intestinal lifecolloid probiotic in your garden you are wrapped around; ok?

Mucopolysacharide found in Jubbs 4RA and marine mineral formula is a powerful pacifarin that is an anti-dysbiotic lifecolloid (bacteria ; mold; fungal; and, yeast) at bay; as natural pacifarin do in nature; polyphenolic compound foumd in jubbs 4RA formula naturally supports good thyroid function and also shows high pacifarin efficacy; such formula is also having excellent anti-coagulant ; and also a balance of element that assists raise surface tension adapto-genically where this is also necessary (as is less absorbent tissue) your body is composed of to give life as we know it ok?

Do you want to have good Thyroid function?

Can you learn more about poly phenolic compound and their usefulness beyond this simple introduction here in yet they are powerful in their ability to assist you reduce bad cholesterol: reduce bad estrogen related neoplasm; they are tumor growth inhibitors; and all this is packed into jubbs 4RA and marine mineral formula; your thyroid can be stimulated as is needed or reduced as needed you have necessary element to build modulating blocks and also you have kept tissue un-contaminated; thyroid function is assisted in the microgram range; and higher amounts taken in can reduce an overactive thyroid; not so with iodide as here in put above; OK?

Do you want to have good thyroid function? Did you know your intestine is producing all the necessary elements and many synthetic thyroid drugs used when the thyroid was wrongfully removed do not have a thyroid yet have thyroid function; how can this be? It is because such synthetic element is an analogue of a thyroid hormone; yet, it cannot be properly removed; yet, what is delivered to your cells by synthetic drugging is by way of intestinal lifecolloid complexing such an analogue wrongfully in the gut; yet, on another note;

Did you know that every organ only supports a preferential role for a specific function to be achieved yet is not the general means this function can and is being achieved; in your body? is this evidence of the nature of intestinal lifecolloid in your gut assisting you having a thyroid like function to have good weight loss desired; and, good muscle building ability? Both weight loss and good thyroid function require elemental nutrient to properly function that is found in jubbs 4RA formula; and, also in jubbs marine mineral formula that can actually hydrate your cells with lifehydrate; for otherwise, dehydration is the definition of aging OK; and; hydration is in your continued vital self; this is what we have been talking about as element found in jubbs 4RA formula like natural surfactant that have a very broad application here to sustain your vital health OK;

Natural monatomic iodine; magnesium; and fluorine are the most water loving elements that without such there is not proper water flow that can have been incurring; and, as your intestinal tract is of lifecolloid probiotic it is biologically trans-mutating one element into another; and you have a lifefood super vitalizer; it is always in a vitamin mineral complex as a condiment is; so it is not a supplement; ok? It's a lifefood; otherwise it’s a dead food; and, is a drug; when any nutrient is indigestible; and is of relentless consumption; it causes global sugar protein and fat challenge; it causes waisting; yet, so many nutritive element in jubbs 4RA formula protects against such dysbiotic frequency even radiation; and, chemical toxin; yet;

Longevity from sea vegetables

Did you know that much nutrient exists in the jubbs 4RA and marine mineral formula that contributes greatly to suppress the effects of the stress hormone cortisol; and, other stress and inflammatory related compound? the formula has element that is very protective and restorative of your body; and this researcher is for simplicity here educating you about how to care for your body; so, discussing all to you from the small list of ingredient element you can find in marine vegetation as is found in the small list of nutritive novel element; being spoken about here in that down regulate mold back into its double spore stage of the colloid of lifecycle; if you want to read more start with jubbs “colloidal biology: and secrets of alkaline body;”

Neoplastic tissue is re-differentiated back into healthy red blood corpuscle; by such novel poly phenolic and glycoprotein that block and dissolve the cell wall of mold; all is made up out of smaller building blocks than your cells ok; structure of spore and double spore building blocks of dysbiotic fermented lifecolloid wrongful inclusion into cells require chitin reslin scleritin fbrin like protein to build its outer skeleton; that is digested by enzyme activity of novel vitamin mineral complex as found in jubbs 4MA formula; as well as lifecolloid probiotic; so we are talking here of neoplastic growth inhibitor as is found of the sulphated polysaccharide mentioned here that is in such Jubbs 4 RA formula as above;

Did you know middle age is a thickened skin of your face? Did you know that muco-polysaccaride mentioned above reduces thickened skin of a middle age look? It also improves the elasticity and mechanical characteristic of the skin giving you a true younger look; Fucus Vesiculosus (fresh from the ocean bladderwrack) has such muco-polysaccharide; that is very skin protecting as it reduces elastase; and, collegenase enzyme that would have been digesting your skin even a small amount of such formula as ten mils gives you 150 percent of RDA requirements to sustain health;

Iodine in its monatomic state is safe and non-toxic; yet, in its diatomic crystalized state it is called iodide; and. when combined with other synthetic drug as is anticoagulant and also antiplatlet drug; challenges with bleeding can have been exacerbated; iodine has been mistakenly put as supplement in health food stores; yet, is actually iodide; that' as indicated is a heavy metal toxin; in your body; because many manufacturers start out with diatomic forms of iodide; there can be no guarantee that there would not be heavy metal contamination in many other formulas sold as supplement; 

love david xxx