Did you know that nothing was learned; and not a single beloved was cured nor was any condition the beloved who was experimented on, ameliorated; by the administering of toxic poison such as mercury; arsenic; sulfur: and other heavy metal contaminated synthetic drugs; and that many who were given the poison became exacerbated of internal cleansing condition?

Did you know that a lack of ethics was involved; did you know that many of the beloved didn't participate in getting those toxins at all? And did you know that what those studying found was perplexing to them that those who didn't get the poisonous compounds went on to have healthy lives? And that what was thought to be some communicable condition didn't pan out to be a communicable disease at all?

Did you know that modern medicine still to this day doesn't know about pleomorphisim; nor symbiosis; and certainly have had little attention to any cause of condition? You must also know that a serious lag exists in a corporation as an entity that is fictional because it doesn't have a central organizing nervous system to be able to feel; hear; and see, you? And that what the Tuskegee experiment shows is the perils of having an entity decide a treatment for you; that you went underneath a corporation that is a fictional entity; and that this entity was treating the beloved in the Tuskegee experiment?

Most all doctors agree that they do not know what a natural birth is; and that they also have no idea what even a whole penis is; and cannot name the glands that are sexually mutilated away from the young boy; and that many think what they have been doing is ethical; and have a word salad to try to give you some explanation of a full unknowing; and it's dangerous that you have those who set themselves up that use no no no logic yet have some emotional response to issues like sexual mutilation; also many are deeply sexist and do not even know it; they have never learned what is gender specific behavior; and will tell you to your face that girls should be left alone; not to be sexually mutilated; yet boys must be improved upon; and a very deep misandrism exists doesn't it? So when I've asked the average American male does he know what a whole penis is he hasn't a clue; what reason do you feel is served that this is not a subject matter you've ever talked about? How irrational is the word salad of those who've written about the Tuskegee experiment and never never never question the fact that what was being administered to the white males mainly was poison mentioned above; and even many of these young white males also didn't participate in the experiment; and also just didn't show up to get chemicalized; and certainly a large number of African American stayed away from the corporation as an entity administering such toxic poison; that today those poisons are known to cause and exacerbate an internal dysbiosis;

You live in a world, would you agree, where the doctors have no idea what a natural birth is; and they when asked certainly do not know the value even of an enzyme; nor if asked where the DNA is in the body they mostly don't know; and as far as places of occupation; that you can look at accident rates; it is fatal climbing Mount Everest, but it has a better record of safety than walking through the doors of a hospital; for the hospital has the most highest rate of accidents that are fatal; you'd be far safer climbing Mount Everest as a place of occupation; you'd have a better chance of surviving than you do walking through the hospital doors; the operation that is performed the most is performed on baby boys that are sexually mutilated by an insane society; that doesn't question that we are not hunters; who's males are impressed with perpetual speech, ok killing other young boys; as "the bad guys" a convenient ruse never questioned; and that what's going on is an example of the insanity that can enlist an armed prostitute that can commit legalized sin as those did that administered poison to the beloved in the Tuskegee syphilis experiment that did see the drastic poisoning of the beloved and never openly much questioned the efficacy of such heavy metal poisonous compound administered by such an apparent health worker employed by a corporation that has no central organized nervous system; that is called the matrix;

Nutritional awareness you'd agree is at the same level as fried sticky fingers in the hospital lobby; and all psyched up voices of pandemic that have been bred with un-necessary fear don't even know that most all old disease as Legionnaires disease doesn't exist; and that in most recent time a niacin deficiency was only known as a communicable disease; and that those who suffered from this niacin deficiency had to endure a society that put them to be lepers and beloved who had less rights, and were treated as animals who had a communicable disease; now you should know you are living in a world that is totally not rational; and you cannot blame; yet a strong intuitive sense was that many in the Tuskegee study just didn't show up ever again after the moment they had an encounter with those working for the ENTITY;

So I know a pride exists that he not so much she yet he has to know even when it's so so so clear that he doesn't; and it is interpreted that it is a sign of weakness if he doesn't know; so much speech is very defensive; and very word saladish; to defend the entity; and wooly-hood story implants a good guys, bad guys mentality; that the heart becomes coded that it's the same all of a sudden that a kind hand sexually mutilates and administers toxic synthetic poison as was the treatment in the Tuskegee experiment; ok?

If you have, as this experiment had, many confounding variable that was not controlled, yet all was unethical; and when you look at what happened that those who didn't get poisoned went on to live a long life and that what is still thought to be communicable still isn't and study showed that it didn't pan out to be communicable as was drummed into the beloved; yet who drummed up such misinformation? Certainly a corporation did; that has no central organized nervous system;

Did you know that a fatal condition that beloved died from in japan was blamed on a communicable disease first; and it stuck until it was realized that all had been given a synthetic chemical laxative? And that the same entity was behind this scientific scam as those who at the moment headed up the idea that AIDS has been touted also as a communicable disease;

Pelegra was also considered a communicable disease and those beloved that had such a condition were segregated as outcasts and retreated in the courts like Julian Assange has been; that what is totally not a communicable disease can be treated like an animal, as Sweden is doing to Julian Assange; he's an outcast because no petroleum chemical was between contact; therefore apparently the entity that has no central organized nervous system has had him caged up because of this stupid idea that is not ethical nor scientific; and you can see the mess created that none question an entity deciding your fate; that has no central organized nervous system that many beloved are in civic confinement and entrapment; as was the beloved that was experimented on in the Tuskegee experiment

That you have not ruled out celiac or irritable bowel syndrome; as is the case with pelegra and also legionaries disease; did you know that healthy tissue of the lung when it breaks down, breaks down into tuberculosis type bacilli? And that intestinal tract tissue when stressed breaks down into dysentery bacilli? And that if you've been eating indigestible protein from wheat, dairy and flesh; that if you scrape yourself in the tropics you can have ended up with a streptococcus bacilli that your tissue broke down into? And that this was called howie rot by the originals who saw that foreigners coming to the island got a rot of their flesh if they got a scrape on their skin?

What type of science exists that you haven't ruled out celiac and also irritable bowel syndrome and bile occlusion as to be the fundamental "roof leaking" figuratively; and that other conversation about un-ethical very narrow minded half charged up emotion that never questioned the poisonous compounds used that I will mention here in a moment; yet how bad is your thinking if a confounding variable as is being mentioned here; is a very toxic synthetic chemical was the treatment by the entity that can't see you, hear you or feel you; you've to know it is fictional as an entity is and very imaginary; what reason exists that this is not questioned in what is written; that such confounding variable in the Tuskegee experiment;

If you came over in a boat many years ago; you could have had findings that was discovered one hundred years before that could have been applied yet wasn't; so that you didn't come down with the communicable apparent disease as the bubonic plague; yet it was all cleared up as those afflicted had vitamin C in their diet? did you know that vitamin C is produced inside that you have healthy intestinal flora;

Did you know that insulative cells line the nerve to inhibit diffusion of action potential sent along your nerve sheathing; that if such insulative tissue breaks down through a process of reverse aggregation; fusion; and differentiation; and, such double spore building blocks by such AFD process aggregate into an acid fast cell wall deficient bacteria called myco plasma; and that this further differentiates into a bogadafori Borelli bacterium? And this is also called some communicable condition; it at the moment can't be deciphered by an ENTITY; and you know the reason that this is so don't you? For you know that this is the peril faced at the moment that the beloved has an entity above that has no central organized nervous system; and this matrix is not questioned because it cannot be for it doesn't have a brain; and you and I at the moment have little to no conversation about this do WE?

If you do not rule out confounding variable how can you know what's up? Pelegra was drummed into every one that it was a communicable disease; and such beloved we re-set upon socially to be discriminated against much like if you saw a spider in Italy and Spain you could die of arachnophobia? Yet no other country has this disease; you've got to tell me you know what reason another can have had an allergic reaction to having seen plastic roses they thought real; you know that each modern time the name of the disease changes doesn't it? And also no such scientist ever ruled out celiac? Or ruled out irritable bowel syndrome; what about bile occlusion? The fact is too many confounding variable exist; and that many of the young beloved that were being experimented on didn't come back after the first session; intuitively these beloved questioned the logic of being treated by poison; and dropped out of the experiment totally; and a very large number did this as you'd imagine because it was not trusted at all that an entity could have an integrated mind; and that this is the peril that you have a corps above you; apparently taking your informed consent away;

And so someone like Julian Assange can have been set upon that no petroleum was kept between the beloved; you'd agree it is a serious insanity on the earth at the moment wouldn't you? And young girls always pointed the finger at witches; that would undergo an experiment by a pricked to decide if the beloved was to be put to death; ok you are living in an insane world that wants to have paint brushed all to be the same; and mcdonalize education across the earth; and create little swedes everywhere;

Cognitive dissonance is called Stockholm syndrome for a good reason; because they are very serious fence sitters and are very stuck; that they are the most alone in the world that cannot live in a relation and swedes have the highest rate of beloved that cannot have a relationship; and you cannot home school your child and that for five generations past the swedes haven't had a father; and now not a mother either; they have been so so so socially engineered; and are Angels for having been put upon; yet an entity is in charge of that plantation as here; and this is not the beloved that has a central organized nervous system; and is not coming from something imaginary as most thinking is about what currently the entity words say; a disease is communicable when it is not;

And like the disease pelegra and mumps and chicken pox you have to know you are living in a flint stone era of absolute insanity and word salad reasoning that is not not not scientific; civilized society stopped the death clitorality; I mean the death penalty; because so so so many errors were made, it is not a scientific process and many innocent have been put to death; so before too much poison was given to the beloved that quickly dropped out; for no no no no trust was even back then that an entity would decide another's fate; and that those acted upon would be given mercury; arsenic; sulfur and other heavy metal poison;

Did you know that most know that such chemical treatment is poisonous; and also that such poison caused an exacerbation of the beloved's internal condition; and that for many it was fatal; yet what is the most perplexing was that those who escaped such poison actually went on to have a healthy long life yet some sixty percent of those treated died of very serious exacerbation of dysbiosis; yet the idea of syphilis being a communicable disease didn't pan out at all; anyway you've got to know no idea is present about pleomorphisim and also symbiosis that today modern medicine is a flint stone era at the moment;

Any way check out the writing about such experiment as the Tuskegee experiment and you’re going to find a reader’s digest writing about it and it's very very obvious that such writing is not at all logical and is mostly a word salad that no question exists that those treated were given a poison;

So when we look at the Tuskegee experiment many were very suspicious of the idea an entity would be deciding another's fate like Julian Assange today and fled the scene not wanting to be involved; that they silently dropped out after the first visit; for serious lies were asked to be told; and some were not given the dangerous drugs but even got nutritional advice and herbs to heal up an internal dysbiosis; ok sailors given a proper diet no longer suffered the apparent bubonic plague that was fatal to sailors; and those aboard ships in the past that today we know as simply scurvy; and pellagra simply a vitamin condition; did anyone apologize to all the beloved that have been set upon; they had to be suffered to be treated as outcasts very similar to crazy ideas about what is communicable that isn't; and though a tree and a lifeform can have got a growth and wart it can be said by those totally unscientific that the tree caught this from being born or something; anyway many beloved healed up that escaped the poison administered; that today would not be dreamed of as healing such internal dysbiosis man treated died; and it was also said at the time that they died of their own making and that mercury, arsenic and sulfur drugs that obviously complicated and exacerbated the dysbiosis was the real cause of secondary neurological condition;

Ok so from nineteen thirty two till nineteen seventy two; an unethical issue of discrimination
Is evidence of not much logic; and the perils of an experiment done by an entity that a danger is existing such a corps is allowed to have made a decision for you regarding a health choice; that it is an entity and also a fictional being; of no central organized nervous system being put above you is very unethical; as unethical as administering neo sephenamine; heavy metal bisthmuth; mercury; arsenic and petroleum laced penicillin;

Heavy metal poisoning was not questioned by the fictional entity because it cannot speak and this is the matrix; no beloved says arsenic is not wrong and more and more entity paid patsy now are also slowly realizing that mercury may not be too good either; anyway many young Romans in times past did die of lead poisoning so this is at least known yet not that mercury and toxic other heavy metal like stuff being AEROSOL sprayed at the moment most don't think any of it is toxic; and even are foisting such mineral as diatomic mineral that is sold by apparent beloved who have no no no background in physiology nor logical thinking ok?

So what perplexed the patsy working for the entity was that many non-complying young boys and men mostly didn't come down with the dreaded disease yet a very high percentage of those whose immune system was compromised died an early death; and that no increased risk was noted with those who were being untreated and also those young white men who refused and fled the scene and also didn't participate in the heinous flawed non rational experiment; yet do any other writers pick this up? Check the literature by other authors on this subject and you will see that most really have missed the bus; and today it's still an apparent kind hand that sexually mutilates boys in a very sexist way with total non-logical word salad explanations;

So it doesn't make sense that you can regain your health that your body would have been toxified by heavy metal treatment ; and you should know that the doctors that do this are very serious manchurians, that will not opt for the treatment themselves to radiate their own body condition, yet many will radiate another's body when it makes your condition generally worse; and they who do this will not opt for that treatment for themselves ok and also doctors vaccinate their children the least; and nurse who are vaccinated the most are not spared from dying because of a dysbiotic condition; and no celiac or irritable bowel syndrome is ever looked at; is it so, how can you have any true diagnostics? Most think only in terms that their body was being attacked by foreign invaders like a version of us and the bad guys that have to be killed ok;

No virus exists at all and is totally made up; no test exists that is definitive that an aids virus ever existed; nothing in pleomorphisim ever stays the same and can't really; also you have in colloidal biology today it's known more about symbiosis; if you'd love to learn more you can go to Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation and also Secrets of An Alkaline Body; yet, certainly you can know that modern medicine is anything that resembles rational scientific process yet like the Tuskegee experiment much today is still the same as back in the Tuskegee experiment ok;

Remember it is a kind hand that sexually mutilates young American boys so they will never function again normally and the organ is made to be external that it's not supposed to be at all; and that cleansing condition often gets expressed in the scar tissue of such a horrific sexual mutilation; and that it is the most practiced surgery? Many are still ostracized, mainly young boys that are felt dirty and having the power of Hans the wood cutter, in the story your asked to swallow about beauty and the beast; anyway this experiment was certainly about beauty and the beast; love David xxx