Over a hundred thousand beloved in the United States die of synthetic poisonous chemicals called drugs; a very conservative estimate because you are relying upon some who create such statistic to police themselves; and who's going to say that the drugs applied caused a beloved to bleed to death in an operation; an operation I'd question very seriously generally; or those in my eyes who upon being given synthetic drugs cause premature death when put into a hospital; and doesn't it occur that a small increase in a drug, the body is toxified from already exacerbate and cause premature death? Yet did you know that some seventy percent of Americans take prescription drugs? 

Did you know that a conservative estimate is that at least half the total population are taking two or more such poisonous prescription daily? And did you know that it's also a conservative statistic that over seventy million beloved are taking mind altering drugs? And that the third most common synthetic drug happens to be opioid? And petroleum laced anti biotic; anti depressives; and then various types of pain relief synthetic drugs; and this is a small list of common prescribed synthetic poisonous drugs; and that women and older beloved take the most prescription? 

Did you know that in 2009 there was some two hundred and fifty billion dollars earned by the synthetic drug cartel? And did you know that all such misuse is very much on the rise? For such a synthetic drug cartel is itself growing like an octopus that is strangling and sucking the Lifeforce out of the beloved as an out of control manchurian plays itself out, fueled by the aging baby boom? 

Did you know that it's only in recent history that children, especially and primarily young boys, have been targeted to be drugged? And that some seven and a half percent of children aged between six and sixteen are being wrongfully drugged? Ok so you know that all prescription synthetic drugs are poisonous and some quite lethal? Did you know that a whole range of adjunctive toxin also typically put, is such prescription? For instance did you know that polysorbate and tween is the compound of choice to sterilize? Did you know that this is put into all protein drugs formulated? Did you know this is only one example? And a large list of toxic compound often exists typically; only as adjunctive to the actual drug? And that all such adjunctive compound is also lethal? 

Poly sorbate and tween are shown to shorten over all survival; increase the risk of neoplasm; cause anophylactic shock; and such is in the cheap synthetic speed given such as Ritalin? It is in the poisonous vaccination given to children; and even young new born babies? Even put into wrongful flu shots; poly sorbate as indicated is only one such adjunctive toxin of a too numerous list that is existing and growing every year; and that such adjunctive increases the risk of heart attack and also stroke? 

Heavy metals such as barium titanium and aluminum oxide; also in persistent contrail by aerosol spraying is drugging without any informed consent; as is also putting the heavy metal contaminant fluoride in the beloved's water drank; did you know this is drugging without any informed consent? Yet in such drugs as prescribed its rare that lethal adjunctive would not be used; and common adjunctive include yet is not limited to: microcrystalline diatomic silica from mountain crushed rock; aluminum hydroxide; ferrous iron in its diatomic toxic state; formaldehyde; 

Mental health of the beloved has to be an apparent major crisis because at the moment a conservative estimate is that some fifty eight million beloved have a serious alcohol challenge; and half of all prescription foisted by the drug cartel is for an apparent mood disorder as a condition; and it's also a conservative estimate yet some twenty two million take zombie stupefying synthetic apparent recreational toxin?

Did you know that in only one year passing twenty seven thousand deaths incur because of overdosing from unintentional drug misuse? Ok did you know that this is one death every every nineteen minutes? What if someone died because of a terrorist attack? What if you calculate how many die of the mafia medical cartel every day would it be equivalent to three large jumbo jets shot out of the sky? And is the war on drugs in America really an attack on the beloved who is African Latino that it is a direct attack on their families? Because what reason is it that they have been targeted to be put in pri-son and to be penal-iced? And for them to suffer when they are only a small part of the apparent victimless crime? And isn't it white people who abuse prescription drugs and alcohol? And when you look at recreational drugs primarily being sold by such that most of these don't pan out to be as dangerous as prescription drugs and alcohol? 

Did you know sadly some twenty two suicides incur every day by soldiers who mostly happen to be our younger males sent of to be in the infant-tree? Did you know that policemen and women also have a high suicide rate?is it because they innocently are programmed to collect money as revenue for the hand above government and all can't stand that because all know that no victim no damage no injury and so a victimless crime can cause the beloved to be broke and in this time take what ever little currency away from the mouths of such parents children?

Would you think it is astute to consider the number of soldiers who are being prescribed anti psychotic synthetic poisonous compound that is at least half of some twenty thousand soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that amounts to some ten thousand are being prescribed anti psychotics and another ten thousand are on other synthetic toxic drugs for another apparent condition? 

Did you know that anti-psychotic poisonous compounds cause suicidal and homicidal ideation? Did you know that young boys are being socially engineered they can become armed prostitutes; and that it is estimated that some four to ten million young boys are forced to take Ritalin and similar synthetic toxin? 

You should know that fluoride is a drug? And it is put into the beloved's water indiscriminately without you informed consent and it is also put into food along with too numerous to list food additive synthetic toxin? Like aluminum; numerous sorb ate; benzoic acid; sodium benzoate; and, also too numerous other preservative; that, is typically a cell respiring toxin; all coloring and also flavoring is synthetic toxin; and too numerous excito neuro toxin such as msg; and glutamate molecule; also bleaching with bromide and the application of phosphate in most all bakery product and also beverages; 

In nineteen ninety nine there was 16849 toxic over doses conservatively statistically noted; yet, today that figure has doubled? So that in the year of two thousand and ten there was 38329 apparent fatal overdoses; and did you know that synthetic chemical; and opiate such as OxyCondone; hydrocondone; and also methodone; since nineteen ninety nine has quadrupled in fatal over doses; and such poison accounted for some 16651 wrongfully premature deaths in two thousand and ten? So every year that passes by a little over 32 000 die in auto crashes; yet 38 329 died as indicated by a fatal overdose of some synthetic drug mafia cartel product; 

Did you know that cooked and over processed food and also non lifefood is received by the body as a drug? And all such is a potential disruptor of normal metabolic functioning; vitamin C is a drug? It's absolutely not like any vitamin c naturally found? Did you know that as you do find vitamin C in nature it is always found in an enzymatic complex of tyrosinase; vitamin P; vitamin K and monatomic copper; and then an ascorbate ring around this? Did you know that taking a synthetic analogue creates a bush fire and deficiency for the other components missing in that analogue? All USP vitamin is a toxin; and is totally not food; nor really is all over processed food; and also dead food full of strange indigestible toxin; runaway DISACHARIDE sugar; and rancid fat; and isn't that the food fed to most all the beloved by a corps? Love David xxx