Did you know that some two percent have a condition called anosomia? That smell is absent? Hyposomia is when you can have had some smell sense diminished? So did you know that it is estimated that two percent of the population has anosomia? And as far as taste goes; a wide variety exists of those who have lost partial taste; and, some of the population are actually super tasters who have a jungle of well over a hundred thousand taste buds; if you are not a super taster your taste buds can be looking more like the Sahara desert or even the life that's on a frigid tundra.

Your sense of smell and taste provides you with general delight; and also warning; that a food could have spoiled; or be to acrid, bitter or too pungent for you; so a loss of smell and taste can negatively impact the quality of your life; and such a loss is describing a health challenge; and a sign that an ever more fundamental health issue could have existed;

The beloved who describe a loss of smell generally also have a loss of taste; did you know that as a shortage of monatomic zinc you can have had such digestive condition as a lack of ability to smell and also taste itself? And did you know that as the beloved has aged; anosomia increases? And that this condition also generally encompasses a loss of taste? Did you know that for males between age of sixty and sixty nine some twenty five percent have hyposomia? And a smaller percentage of eleven percent of female in the same age bracket also have hyposomia?

Did you know that your sense of smell called olfaction; and your sense of taste called gustatory is part of your aliesthetic sensitivity? Did you know that these senses are part of your chemical sensing? And that what we have evolved to eat when you've got the nutrient, your body switches off so you have a loss of taste and also smell for that nutrient? And that this sense only works for lifefood but not what isn't? For instance a peach is a lifefood but after two peaches you may still be hungry but generally an aliesthetic sense can tell you that no taste or smell was left after consuming only a few peaches; and that you may be still of some hunger yet you can not have been drawn to eat any more peaches yet have some green salad?

A banana is not life food and it's sugar is not managed at all. Your liver that would store generally all sugar that is a monosacharide; yet what's a disaccharide not being lifefood your body has little aliesthetic sensitivity to tell you to stop; some have told me that a bicycler has told people he eats at least thirty bananas a day; possible because it's not lifefood and little aliesthetics has evolved to sense all the disaccharide sugar consumed;

I have been educating all about this aliesthetic sense since the beginning of time of lifefood; that I saw what was so so so hybridized, that as a food does not represent what it was in nature in the beginning; like carrot juice; the beloved can have consumed two or even three carrots juiced with out stopping or having an aliesthetic taste change incur; so it becomes excess that natural triggers are not present to tell you to stop; so some in the family have told me that there is a character who is a bicyclist who has been telling others he can eat thirty bananas a day? and you have beloved also that consume copious amounts of carrots juiced yet it is not a wholefood; and like banana you have little aliesthetic sensitivity to stop; because both a full of disaccharide sugar that is not stored or held onto by the liver and is an example of an inflammatory sugar; You could never do this with a lifefood;

Your aliesthetic sense works with lifefood and it only works with lifefood; not, carrot and corn for instance; that, is like banana; some beloved only have as foodies a concept of enzyme value; some have a concept of vegetarianism; then after that there can be a very deep lack of awareness; you can have had no idea you've consumed as banana DISACHARIDE sugar in excess that stimulates pancreatic function to try to correct that excessive blood sugar; and that while insulin can have had to be released; you can have had no human growth hormone present for cell growth and repair? After banana you can have only aged for twenty four hours? So lifefood is vegetarian only; minus grain and bean and the starchy fruit; that have both runaway sugar; and what's called dead food is generally full of strange indigestible protein and also rancid fat;

On another note your sense of olfaction is applied through an inspiration through your nose; and acts as an accessing cue to assist tune your state specific behavior, memory and learning that involves being motivated for instance; and your sense of taste is applied as you see another licking their own lips; generally applied as one is felt of success; sensory receptors inside your nose is an example of the only sense that has immediate access to the cortex and doesn't go through the thalamus of your brain as all other senses do; a capton is what a microscopic particulate is that is carrying olfactory information; and is also released while masticating and via a channel that connects the back roof of your throat to the nose you can sense fragrance also while masticating; yet when blocked by such a channel being congested many report also a great loss of taste; your sense of olfaction is a necessary compliment to taste;

Olfaction is smell and gustatory is taste; and such disorder can have existed that exist also in other sensory motor complex; and conditioned like pavlova dogs that would salivate to a bell; conditioned biases are rife; so what's not familiar as a misty smell of cheese can be not attractive to the uninitiated; nor can the smell of sauerkraut for instance; yet be very delicious to the beloved that has learned the value and become conditioned to such as lifefood; and also as indicated above physiological conditions can be present; like lack of zinc and sinus blockage; creosote from poisonous dental anesthetic wrongfully given; excessive and no care about how many x rays you can have received by dentists; electro magnetic pollution; nutrient deficiency; toxicity of heavy metal and also excessive sugar from consuming dead food like mentioned above excessive DISACHARIDE sugar as in thirty bananas a day and juicing ten carrots per day; there can be endocrine disruption;

Concussion from mainly boys playing smash face type of activity; and also infection and also inflammation can all have contributed to anosomia, hyposomia and gustatory sensory dysfunction. And so quality of life can have been diminished because little aliesthetic sense was being applied;

All your memory learning and behavior is state specific; and you'd agree that such senses as your sense of smell and taste is linked to a general joy you'd be without if sensory loss was; and on a final note many can have no gustatory words or olfactory words and because it's not so felt kinesthetic ally; nor heard nor seen your sense of smell and taste can have been operating well below what you are conscious of; yet each sense is applied as accessing cues to tune into behavior memory and learning that can have been beyond recall; yet very available because of associative pathways