red blood cells

Did you know a lifecolloid is very minuscule? It can be as small as a few angstrom ( one angstrom is one tenth of a billionth of a meter) and can be up to about a thousand angstrom; you should know that the red blood corpuscle participates in life far more than simply being involved in colloidal biology in gas transport as modern medicine has been wrongfully taught; and did you know that all cellular repair and growth too can only be that such lifecolloid is present in your plasma?

So everyone is familiar with the electron microscope; it can examine only dead fixed tissue; yet magnified by some four hundred thousand times! And it can have a resolution of about fifty angstrom; where as the somatoscope this researcher is based much insight on into colloidal biology; examining microscopically biological substrate Naessens invented such a powerful microscope mentioned here in that allows a look into tissue and blood that is living; that is totally not possible with the electron scanning microscope;



Did you know that most scientists have mainly concerned themself with biochemistry? Yet the question of observing the infinitesimally small to have an eye witness account required Naessens to have a process that decreased the wave length of light to be very much smaller it could illuminate the smallest units of life all is composed of; and such particulate generally cannot be seen under conventional microscope;

To have decreased and made smaller a wave length of light was discovered through it being noticed that Reich could see motile forms only at certain times of the year and at not other times and this was discovered back then that the ultraviolet light was more during the summer when such motile lifecolloid were only seen; and this was persued by Naessens to build the somatoscope; who applied optics and lighting insight to build the somatoscope;

Most new modern scopes can have magnified a specimen about two and a half thousand times and can have a resolution of about five hundred angstrom; yet the somatoscope can magnify up to some thirty thousand magnification and had a four hundred angstrom resolution; enough to observe the motile lifecolloidal forms not generally seen without such lighting technique as is described here in;

Naessens had such a new idea for microscopy lighting; and achieved such by applying an incandescent light of 3300 angstrom; and combined this light with ultraviolet light of 1850 angstrom; and pulsed this light through a monochromatic filter; such a light ray that passed through such a filter was then beamed through a chamber the has a compressed magnetic field to cause a Zeeman effect; then such light beam is passed through a Kerr cell that increases the strength of parallel lines of the beams force;

Such a light source is is unusual because it is a beam of light that is magnetized; and such a light interacts with the substrate being examined that causes such to be examined of its own light; such a lighting technique brings out the light existing in the sample being looked at; such is a far cry from dead fixed tincture stained microscopic images only; where the cytologist has named most unknown material as merely artifact;

Apoptosis can clear neoplastic cells for instance via kupffer cells of the liver for instance; yet to do this you need a fresh source of iodine; most all iodine in digestion does become iodide; yet because it's not heated or denatured such iodide is as two atoms that are bound via enzyme linked protein; and providing it is an element coming from food that is not denatured that the enzyme linked protein is still present it can become an iodine atom; yet you need iodine to allow dysbiotic body cells to be able to de- differentiate; back into healthy cellular structure; also such iodine is very important to keep dysbiotic lifecolloid at bay;

Neoplastic condition can only be kept in check you have enough iodine in your body; Jubbs marine mineral formula is popular for such and is in its wholefood form; and is not a supplement yet nutrition instead; ok so on another note did you know that half a million beloved have the gall bladder taken out; it's a very popular surgery; and you must have alkaline element; as is proper bicarbonate in your blood most absolutely don't; yet only as the body is functioning normally; can you be able to clear away dysbiotic condition including neoplastic condition; can you look into Jubbs cell rejuvenation and upstream cleaning? Stay tuned for more exciting information coming up on this topic love David xxx