Attention deficit, oppositional defiance disorder, hyperactive, bi-polar-schizo affective, and other behavioral and cognitive challenge; can as a condition have only been drugged without any other thought today. It is of note that synthetic drug(s) is generally a serious nerve toxin itself; and, that daily and weekly drugging singly and by cocktail can cause detrimental psychological challenge including; serotonin syndrome; with accompanying sleeping disturbance and appetite challenge.

A drug given can fail to do what is promised. A drug to awaken can zombyize and create lethargy. A drug to sleep can cause the reverse of that. One’s family and medical support can dupe one into conforming to be drugged; comply to be drugged; and apply drugs; or, if you are a parent, you can be wrongfully charged with neglect. This, even though, as this paper indicates, a valid and reliable, well established, empirical, clinical based cell rejuvenation program that can be combined with the whole brain functioning (WBF) experiential based learning as a true therapeutic protocol that can get at the underlying root cause of mental/emotional and physiological challenge; that, drugging never can.

Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation and WBF behavioral intervention with children and the adult challenged is of equal importance; caregiver training and coordination between therapeutic support systems is critical to have got full success. This treatment can obviate drugging and its accompanying toxicity and direct other dispositive other effects. Parents drug their own children 400% less than state orphaned children! Shamefully the more phantom a parent and caregiver is, and the more poverty and lack of education comes to exist, there exists a 400% more likely change a child will be antipsychotic drugged.

Middle class children with parents naturally governing are 400% less likely to be drugged than welfare children on Medicaid! Sadly, it is today a general psychiatric trend ever more being incurred to drug synthetically; medicalize; and label behavioural complexity with a non-informed medical diagnosis. You must rule out by exclusion that one’s psychiatric condition is not because of dyspepsia fatigue; celiac and serotonin syndrome according to this author.

Temptation exists for health care overwhelm; and, an apparent quick fix. Prescription writing is not a cure for the emotionally distressed subject to economic deprivation. Mostly all these disorders are for the speciality of the neurobehavioral psychologist.

Insurance reimbursement is what dictates a heavy reliance on synthetic drugging that leaves one ill equipped to function independently; that, the root cause be not addressed as put here in. One who is mentally and emotionally challenged deserves proper information consent be put, that a diagnosis can only exist by ruling out a metabolic neuropathy; dyspepsia fatigue and, serotonin syndrome is not a factor.

A non-conforming non-compliant person who can be given over a legal guardian; as are those often in elder care and residential treatment centers, foster care, juvenile justice, the homeless and, group home facilities do not properly provide mental and nutritional health service and ultimately these institutions can be a people trafficking business where no informed consent exists.

Grief, sadness; loss; not being integrated; and, rage can fuel violent behavior and can very often be non functional; non-social; yet, also not psychotic.

A focus on control instead of qualitative investigation is of no legal informed consent; that dyspepsia fatigue is not ruled out by exclusion. No real assistance can be given to the mental and emotionally disturbed to understand feelings; nor psychophysical adverse reacting. One can have just been given a drug that can ultimately do more harm; and no real good; and also be of non-informed consent of one facing a serious obstruction; A drug can increase ultimately costs borne by private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and individual and family cost when only drugging is applied to address such a challenge.

Federal funding to assist the mentally challenged is non-existent compared to other ailment. Little proper advanced training exists. Once can only have been managed by a regular drug prescriber. The same is not said for heart and connective tissue dysfunction. A person with a serious psychiatric disorder deserves to be seen by one who has specialized training. And a diagnosis can only be of legal informed consent that dyspepsia fatigue, celiac, serotonin syndrome and metabolic neuropathy is ruled out.

Blood flow to the brain is shown to be compromised as indicated herein. In mental and emotional challenged individuals, Lifefood nutrition, Jubbs cell rejuventation, and whole brain functioning increases microcirculation over the whole body. This is induced by released nitrogen monoxide nitric oxide and nitrogen as signal molecule. Both these signal molecules act as vasodilators as well as neurotransmitters in a healthy body.

Lifefood nutrition and Jubbs cell rejuvenation increases body magnetic and this in turn causes nitric oxide release which vaporizes into red blood corpuscle capillaries. This action dilates such capillaries improving blood brain perfusion; increasing partial oxygen pressure and tissue oxygenation saturation; cell metabolism of positive and negative ions (hydrogen).

Vital health requires proper body electromagnetics and this in turn as indicated stimulates the release of nitric oxide that regulates blood flow; tissue erectile function, host defences, and inflammation management. Numerous body functions are assisted by vital body electromagnetic that causes nitric oxide to be released.

The greater ill; or exhaustion; the more likely it exists of a metabolic neuropathy and accompanying acidic metabolism due to excessive amounts of positive hydrogen ions. Psychiatric drugging can have been of no informed consent; as one cannot have noted serotonin syndrome, dyspepsia fatigue and loss of RCBF; nor any metabolic neuropathic symptom noted.

Ion exchange intensifies on Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation process and lifefood nutritional fasting that activates macrophage that destroy invading pathogen including dysbiotic spore, mold, fungus, yeast and bacteria that assists to provide vital brain electrics. Nitric oxide as indicated is a neurotransmitter; and acts by diffusion on nearby neuron not necessarily synaptically connected. Insulin becomes activated and so does fatty acid metabolism regulating incremental weight gain and global fat metabolism. The body creates a set point; and when too many positive hydrogen ions attach to blood vessel walls, the nitric oxide channels other than remain open. To therapeutically create change blood capillary must remain open for as long as possible. To heal neurological condition lifefood and anti-fungal is applied.

To have legal informed consent; one must know what the condition and/or diagnosis is; one must have a diagnosis in psychiatric condition that has ruled out by exclusion what it is not; and…

…One must know what condition the drug or treatment will change; and how likely it is to change.

What chances exist that once can be healed by use of natural means without the drug/treatment?

What agreement is incurred of benefit to risk analysis; where one is fully informed as a rational person is involved in choice about one’s health care.

Participants must be made aware of any other feasible alternative that exists: where the physician and patient communicate; where the exact matter of such conversation is detailed in the patient’s medical record. The participant is informed by “reasonable physician/patient standard”. Knowledge and understanding is to be of informed consent and must meet the “subjective standard”.

Other items to be addressed include: coverage and option(s) and cost(s) personally incurred; the possibility of failure in diagnostic and treatment; short term and long term injury incurred by treatment failure; facts and implication and future consequence must be discussed and who, what, where and how, a decision is reached should be written into the medical record.