Can you think of any reason the origin of neoplastic condition; is, not been resolved? Is it because an old paradigm of the germ theory; and, monomorphism; has been taught? And not colloidal biology? And, Jubbs cell rejuvenation? Does this insight into colloidal biology smash the wrong idea that, neoplasm; and a body cell imaginarily proliferated via mitotic cell division? Is this an error un-recognized, that in Colloidal biology a red blood corpuscle is poly-potent? And in colloidal biology it also does differentiate into all tissue; heeded, a any site of injury? And, also such red blood corpuscle does become extravated; beyond capillary wall?

Did you know:

A red blood corpuscle doesn’t just de-generate; after, merely having been known only as a gas transporter? While, science is not yet able to break through to see this new paradigm in colloidal biology; it, yet, smashes: and, sets back to zero; conventional biology; for a red blood corpuscle in colloidal biology can become nucleated; where no nucleic acid was; this researcher has seen such in a red blood corpuscle; that, nucleic acid does arise; a red blood corpuscle can become a simple immune cell; or platelet; of, budding double spore; and can via AFD process; become a vine like net; to, clot and hold together; spilled extra valued blood;

This writing in Colloidal Biology is of universal principle(s) of magnicity; and, the same holds true for the great ape specie as in all biology; is held together by magnicity; for the origin of the neoplastic cell in colloidal biology does arise from an electrical disturbance in the blood; and, blood vessel cell; and in colloidal biology many a present rule is broken; such as what is fixed; that it is factual: that biological transmutation; symbiosis; pleomorphism does exist; and that: Virchow’s..”omnis cellulae cellula.” Is a fraudulent golden rule; and it was shown a long time ago the famous Lepeshin Skaya; and, Chishima; did publish supportive work many years ago and so did Bechamp; Lepenshiskaya; Flannagan; Neaseens; Etc.; of such supportive Hematopoesis colloidal biological insight.

In colloidal biology; the red blood corpuscle is observed to have poly-potency; and have a dyne level of 48.69 surface tension such a red blood corpuscle easily is seen to differentiate into somatic; and, also on another note; also into parasitical; lifecolloid; depending upon the bioterrain; and is made up of digested element from lung; combined with nutrient from your intestine and a red blood corpuscle forms via AFD process in the submucosa of the intestinal tract; [not require cellular mitotic division. Also a reversible differentiation is incurred under fasting condition; primarily from a fat cell; that can be seen to reverse differentiate back into a red blood corpuscle. In remission from neoplasm; the neoplastic mass can be dissolved back to its double spore stage; and, via AFD process; become, a healthy red blood corpuscle again;

All corpuscle and blood immune cells; and blood albuminous content grows in colloidal biology via AFD process; and is living made up out of double spore; and a red blood corpuscle is too! So, lifecolloid can easily be seen arising up out of cooked starch for instance; and a soggy piece of cardboard can have even broken down into respective lifecolloid; The tree was made: bacteria; mold; fungus; and, yeast; and, all grows as part of the “colloid of life cycle” via a process of AFD in Colloidal Biology and, red blood corpuscle forms also in this same way; and, such does not require cellular mitosis to do so; A red blood corpuscle doesn’t just degenerate.

It is in colloidal biology that, in neoplastic tissue it is observed all transitional stages of lifecolloid beyond its double spore stage can easily be seen; and, also how a red blood corpuscle does become a poly nucleated neoplastic body cell; and where blood corpuscle stagnate; double spore building blocks via AFD form a monera; can differentiate into a poly nucleated somatic cell; it can incur where ever stagnation of red blood corpuscle was existed;

In colloidal biology; a red blood corpuscle; can in health be seen to become a simple lymphocytoid nucleated cell; in the inflammatory region; and, it at this stage; it is also as a primordial neoplastic lifecolloid; in an aggrieved lymphoid monora; that, can via AFD assemble into a mass; of, bright vesicular nuclei; making an appearance; such cells penetrate healthy tissue; and, pancreatin dissolves at night normally; yet, in neoplasm; it shapes into the body niche allowed; often starting from myelin;

Neoplasm starts typically cut where immoral defenses is minimal; and as myelin; as indicated and it grows a vine-like tentacle that is generally more cord shaped; and, it surrounds itself with intestinal epithelial tissue; and it looks microscopically like a tree taking its root; as is an arrested embryological developmental stage; at this stage it looks very similar to spleen venous sinuses; and, red blood corpuscle can easily be seen scattered; and, generally can be seen morphed in higher developmental pleomorphic; transitional; stage(s); depending, upon blood flow stoppage of that micro niche of a red blood corpuscle; all neoplastic element is also made from the double spore building blocks inside the red blood corpuscle; in a bio terrain that supported that stagnant red blood corpuscle via AFD become simple fetal endoblastic un-differentiated cells; and, is scattered with dysbiotic lifecolloid.

All neoplasm is the body response to inflammation; that, can have been chronic; and extraverted red blood corpuscle become vascular endothelial cells and can form capillary; and be a pond; and, pool; more stagnant red blood corpuscle; such transformed vascular somatic structure is via pressure transformed more into pen vascular; and epithelial into neoplastic multi-nucleated somatic cell; via mucor racemosus; and aspergillus Niger and all extraverted neoplastic red blood corpuscle surrounding such an encystment can also be shown to have become neoplastic; in colloidal biology. Can you see how neoplastic condition cannot have been resolved via the old paradigm? And, that colloidal biology sets the old paradigm back to zero?

Did you know that: the “science of breaking down matter;” that’s, not meant to be there; is called AUTOLYSIS? Autolysis is the physiology of extraneous matter being broken down; upstream cleaning; starts, by un-blocking liver function; and, by increasing the transit time of food-stuff through the intestine; and, stopping all high phosphate food; meanwhile; blood borne inhibitors is naturally brought back; and, in an aggressive condition; preparation can be made such as Jubbs 4NR isopathic formula; that is a nontoxic chitinase inhibitor; yet, far more than this; for, blood is beyond a gas transporter; in colloidal biology.

Now, Your saliva should be really thin; and, wet; not sticky; thick; and camel leg-ish in a clear glass of water; saliva; shows the condition of fluid flow in your body, thick sticky mucous is dysbiotic candida forming evidence and; dysbiotic lifecolloid containing substrate; yet blood borne inhibitor(s) of primitive spore is not present; yet as it is such an approach reduce(s) all back to its double spore building block stage! For advanced lifecolloid is all fermented; lifecolloid that is as a parasitical tissue infection; only double spore can remain in such an environment, such as one of a nitroginated ammonia doped terpin of isopathic lifecolloid; from one’s own condition; you apply the concentrate; and it is

mixed with your own urine all reduced to and below a double spore, if subcutaneous used is diluted to point five of a mil per 5.5 of filtered .22 micron urine; so a six mil ampute; can then of such isopathic preparation be applied starting with only .5 or less of a mill injected lymphatic and also subcutaneous of the isopathic 6 ml vial (refrigerated) x2/day for 5 days on 2 days off for 21 days; so a six mil ampule of the isopathic preparation = is applied over one week of five days; a plan is typical for one sun cycle requires three bottle of the isopathic solution for twenty one days; then, seven days off; and, this process is again repeated: it is non toxic and can be applied repeatedly until it is shown your blood markers have dropped;

Jubbs 4 NR can be also doubled up by it being nebulized; only one mil of concentrate is put into 5 mil of filtered .22 micron fresh urine the same way as the injectable; yet twice the strength; once made it is stored in the refrigerator in a six mil pressurized sterilized glass sealed ampule; blood under the microscope returns to show only healthy forms of colloid of life; under such influence; lifecolloid as is single spore; and, also double spore; are also shown; yet, no advanced lifecolloid can be shown in the blood drawn in the blood where such isopathic terpin is introduced; such, says a lot for the value of oregano; thyme; star anise; and camphor; such is made actually from that potentiates your own isopathic element; that is also antineoplastic