A true healing therapeutic is you changing your ways; so, did it ever incur to you that an energetic vibration exists in what you eat? Did you know that phosphate high: and, calcium low food (Dead food) is of no micro voltage? And it has di-saccharide sugar? Also, indigestible protein? And food devoid of acid / alkaline element; is what dead food is for it initiates ever more fermented inclusive lifecolloid; that, is of the advanced forms lifecolloidal stage of development where, a cell wall of such was able to form; in dead food no natural pacifarin existed; And, if you read Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation; you, can learn more about this; however, you can also consider “Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation; that engages lifefood nutritional fasting; that involves castor pack(s) and, liver / gallbladder flushing: during the twenty one day program;

When blood was ever shifted from its 7.3 range dysbiotic lifecolloid can be seen to have arisen; and, as this is adjusted back; via Jubbs cell rejuvenation; dysbiotic more advanced forms of dysbiotic lifecolloid via AFD return back to its a-virulent form; as a “double spore”; “spore”; and “colloid of life” level in the blood again as it is in health; however,

Light manipulation and focused contrast can allow one to see lifecolloid as small as 150 angstrom (one Angstrom is one hundred millionth of a centimeter); and unprecedented manipulation of light clearly has shown that; prior researchers as Bechamp; Metchinkof; Rife; Reigh; Chishimo; Enderlein; Naessens and Flannagan is correct and a lifecolloid does exist in all biological substrate; it causes all to be in a state of flow versus being concrete I zed; therefore,

Neoplasm is an interperfect-ness with red blood corpuscle being able to electrically flow freely through the matrix of your body; such preparation as Jubbs 4 NR supplies the body with an ammonia and a nitrate; that strips the protective covering; and, inhibits co-cancerogenic K factor [C K F]; that can have been protecting those cells from immune recognition. This researcher is observed colloids of life residing as double spore building block(s) of a red blood corpuscle; and, also colloid of life; and spore; and double spore, reside in all somatic structure; and, fluid; and, as your attention is to a bio terrain change; and, you can have changed your ways; you, can have a true healing therapeutic; and all return to a double spore developmental lifecolloid; that down regulates via an effect of magnicity; all more dysbiotic form; providing blood borne inhibitors is present.

Most, you’d agree, are following a pseudoscience of fixed monomorphic insight; that, is also of a paradigm paralysis; that is discredited by live blood cell microscopic analysis today; and, such also de-bunkd the genetic theory of mitotic cellular division; necessary, by imagination only apparently; for, lifecolloid to have multiplied as it is shown clearly; tissue, can spontaneously retro-differentiate via AFD process; (a more primitive means)

In colloidal biology blood is made of such double spore in the intestinal villi, deep sub mucosa, large cell laminar propria via AFD process; and, under states of autolysis; can, be reverse differentiated; from adipose tissue, lifecolloid, and as such do not remain fixed in a fixed form ever; yet, differentiate continuously; depending, upon its bio terrain found; where, blood borne inhibitors is existed; parasiticed lifecolloid cannot form because such require(s) chitin to be able to form.

Darwin’s idea; that, such was fixed; un-changed; is wrong! And, such evidence supporting colloidal biology is amassed; that, such is of live blood cell analysis today; and it is shown that, terpin; ester; phenol; were found as natural pacifarin; in food eaten; from nature; yet, not much today in a dead food diet; and dysbiotic infection can have incurred in the bile bladder and intestinal tract;


A magnetic bioluminescence of monatomic halo is given of healthy cells versus un-healthy cells; and can, easily be seen via bright; and, dark field; microscopic; work, bio-frequency of a vibrant tissue, versus skeletonized necrotized; or, fermentive; tissue; has been, in its sporalitive stage, isolated; and, applied; does stop cell rot; and, degeneration

Vibrational frequency can block fermentive dysbiotic more advanced; lifecolloid; yet, the old theory of monomorphism; in a fixed in space form; is, totally a brick;un-like that of a colloidal biological brick; that, such a brick; as, can cause; that, wallet past bricks; to, name tumbled down , therefore,

The origin of neoplasm; is, from a red blood corpuscle; in, a contaminated fermented environment; the red blood corpuscle has poly-potency; and, mitotic cell division; assay; cannot account; for all the red blood corpuscle made new every day; except, by colloidal biological process of AFD

Yet, as indicated: a red blood corpuscle; extravated; in a fermentive zone; can become a nucleated: somatic cell; and, simple fetal endoblastic cells; as, well; and, such is mixed of normal cell; and, fermentive spores; healthy tissue has a humoral defense; that, keeps all dysbiotic lifecolloid at bay; kept, only at a double spore state; incorporates into healthy tissue; and, blood; such natural pacifarin; and in Jubbs 4 NR a diet of the past; and, such nutrient is called a natural pacifarin; (natural antibiotic); and, such terpin; does, block dysbiotic bacteria, mold, and fungus from forming; and, is what preserves against such; an, does so because it blocks the wall from being formed called chitin; also Jubbs lifecolloid pro=biotic has chitin inhibitor inside itself; and is acidophile; of a useful innoculant of biofilm for ones intestinal garden;

Ordinarily, proper intestinal lifecolloid produce acidopile nutrient and innoculant even as its own excrement; that eco-steralizes against dys-biotic lifecolloid; such lifecolloid can digest even soggy cardboard; dead food; into, Super Oxide Dismotase (SOD); and, also selenium glutathione peroxidase; such is also very important to have good brain function; Ok, can you more now, innerstand the origin of neoplasm in colloidal biology? That, a red blood corpuscle is more than simply transporting gas; it’s the colloids double spore via AFD can become incorporated into all tissue even being the origin of neoplastic condition.

The term ”bioecology” in colloidal biology refers to the “symbiotic state” of vitality lifecolloid reside together inside a cell; in a mutual lived assistance or corpuscle; or blood fluid; and, the degree of severity of dys-biosis relates to seeing motile (more advanced lifecolloid) that is dysbiotic as, bacteria; mold; fungus; and, yeast; in the blood; where, such shouldn’t be; yet, as normal oxygen reduction capacity was dropped; and, the micro Volt did also; a fermented dysbiotic lifecolloid can have arisen via AFD process and energy got via fermentation.

As disease was such; more advanced pleomorphic lifecolloid is observed; in the blood; and, out-number; double spore; single spore; and, colloid of life; so it is that infection; always reduces oxygen partial pressure of arterial blood; it is normally around 97 mm Hg; yet, in age it can be decreased to 70 mm Hg; yet, infection and impending congestion can lower this to 20 mm Hg! The hypothalamus registers the degree of fermentation existing; and assist manage such; healing can take place; and a certain amount of controlled fermentation does exist in health; as part of the bodies healing processes in its totality;

The severity of any dysbiotic disturbance; can, have been aggregated, and, fed; and, severity related to the body system infected by pathogenic lifecolloid; anywhere a lowered oxidative potential was existed uncontrolled; a red blood corpuscle that was extravated in that area can, become a simple fetal endoblastic cell undifferentiated ordinarily cleared by pancreatin.

Such dysbiotic lifecolloid can as indicated here in; be, down regulated; back to an assisted double spore; and, lower developmental stage(s) of a lifecolloid; all, the way to a “colloid of life”; again, such is so as a culture after more primitive lifecolloid as double spore as is introduced into such culture; You could say all is held together magnetically; and as a strong north negative field; is bought to bare; in the culture; advanced fermented life disassembles via reverse AFD process. It becomes magnetically unstuck back into its double spore stage; that is incorporated into healthy blood;

Symbiogenisis in colloidal biology explains how new specie result in new “organs” and organism via a symbiotic fusion; so, on another note; a Borrelia dysbiotic lifecolloid can arise from double spore lifecolloid extrusion of cell infected and cloaked myelin; and, it does so via AFD (aggregation of double spore; then, fusion of such double spore; then differentiation of such)

Neoplasm incurs as blood corpuscle lifecolloid as double spore AFD pleomorph into a fermentive dysbiotic lifecolloid; it does this as blood became ever more shifted to be alkaline; and, the tissue, ever more acidic; the greater amount of fermentive; dysbiotic; lifecolloid can have also been found interior of the blood is equal to a similar amount of excrement from such everyday… called mycotoxin; Neoplasm incurs that the krebs cycle of oxidative metabolism can have become paralyzed; and, broken; that, in a dysbiotic body bioterrain; a fermentation can have been uncontrolled; because the bio terrain didn’t support oxidative metabolism;

Most, you’d agree; can have missed the bus; and, not have remembered; that, the blood is generally too alkaline; and, the tissue too acidic; and, such a beloveds bio-terrain; has to be shifted; and, sometimes you may need something as Jubbs 4 NR preparation; because, mucus needs to be thinned; and, lymph channels opened up; and, element that is a chitinase enzyme that blocks parasite from making its protein walls; yet, all can help; you understand the origin of neoplasm; and colloidal biology.

Such terpin as found in Jubbs 4 NR; is of a great efficacy; for in past herbalism; such terpin being very anti dysbiotic spore; and, anti-advanced more developed lifecolloid; as is: dysbiotic-bacteria; mold; fungus; and yeast is; in colloidal biology; you are taught that; the body can have broken down into a dysbiotic lifecolloid given the change in bio-terrain; tissue literally becomes by AFD process into dysbiotic lifecolloid; nothing, is necessary to inoculate from the outside; If you’d love to read more check out “Colloidal Biology”; and, also, Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation; and, check out click on “written on the road” and, it can take you to some more fascinating articles:

The application of phytonutrient especially, natural pacifarin as is B17 amydalin; is a powerful anti-neoplastic vitamin; that, is destroyed by heat; and, processing; so is iodine; magnesium and fluorine; Yet, don’t you need to examin the full picture? No magic bullet; is yet better than of changing your ways: isn’t this a true healing therapeutic? Terpin; and phenolic compounds are all chitin inhibitors: elder berry lemon balm; olivaran; mate’; horse chestnut; thyme; oregano; juniper and pinion fruit; has phyto nutrient that is anti dysbiotic lifecolloid.

This researcher has used numerous plant preparations yet; this isopathic preparation is applied in conditions that is existed where a chronic bioterrain needs to be shifted; the immune system can work again; and, what about bringing in natural paciferin; anti oxidant; anti-inflammatory; immune nutrient support?

So the origin of the neoplastic condition arises because lifecolloid in the red blood corpuscle can have by AFD pleomorphed into a dysbiotic more advanced lifecolloid that was fermentive; that, had toxic excrement called mycotoxin; that, can have compromised the bioterrain niche; neoplasm; can, have began; evermore; and, the shift undertaker is really a mold;

Can you appreciate how important having good digestive function is; and, proper liver; and, pancreatic; bi-carbonate; is in having good blood borne inhibitors; that, block the expression of the double spore; lifecolloid; becoming a building block of a dysbiotic parasitical lifecolloid within the body matrix; ok?

Back in the nineteen thirties (1930) Rife was able to magnify sixty thousand times (60,000); and, examine living tissue; and fluid; Rifes approach is similar to Enderlein; Riech; Chishima; Flannagan; and Naeseens; all who is of a pioneer colloidal biological present innerstanding.

Fine optics was applied in microscope the researcher was observing colloid of life by dark; and, bright field; microscopy; by, the late 70’s; and, oxidative stress test in blood reading hadn’t even been applied; nor, knowledge of reading such oxidative tests; yet, much became known that modern medicine has been deaf too! Too numerous other researchers also documented a pleomorphic life cycle that along with Lepenshinskya and Chishima opened up; as to how blood is formed in colloidal biology; and, thus also the origin of the neoplastic condition too!

Jubbs preparation such as NR formula takes a direct approach at reducing tumor markers straight away; so, when it is applied such that Naeseens somatoscope can magnify by 30,000 times; at 150 angstrom resolution existing illuminated colloid of life; lofecolloid; spore; and, double spore and, all toxic; compound do exist that do block the formation of neoplastic conditions; And by blocking parasite cell walls; and fermentation rot and rust is halted.

Such terpin and isopathic salt including ammonium lifts and gets underneath and clears away and, also nitrogen goes directly to neoplastic lifecolloid liquefying mucus, such nitrogen feeds a neoplastic parasite lifecolloid; and, it also draws in the terpin from the phytonutrient pacifarin; that block fermentation; and parasite walls as indicated; and, such an isopathic natural cortisol anti inflammatory preparation opens up the lymphatic system; thinning; and, wetting; sticky mucus;

Once such terpin ammonia nitrogen isopathic element reaches the lymph; it brings it also to the blood; and such isopathic preparation as Jubbs 4 NR (Isopathic nitrogen and ammonia structured terpin) immunity quickly can address respective defense function(s) and, also intra cellular immune cell; communication; the lymphatic system is applied as a portal; of such nutrient into the body; and, it is composed of non-toxic element;

Jubbs 4 NR preparation is isopathic solution that is a pH of 7.0 to comply with injectible standards; and is containing a nitrogenated mixture of four terpin(s) from plant listed above; such is shown dramatically to vitalize monocyte immune cells and others by way of calcium ion up-take.

Such has a remarkable immuno-modulatory role enhancing all by opening lymph to flow; to become oxygenated; and, the removal of neoplastic cells; that, stimulates pro-inflammatory cytokine(s); of anti-neoplastic activity; and, tumor necrosis factor; as well.

Colloid of life is the precursor element that makes up the spore that aggregate and fuse to make up; your DNA; and, RNA; such, has profound implication(s) to organ and skin graft(s); yet, perhaps not needed because greater awareness is of how to grow new tissue; and organ; and, new skin and repair internal organ(s) naturally; co-carcinogenic K Factor; trephine; that is a yeast cell wall growth factor accelerator; is blocked; via such terpin; and also it is a chitinase compound as in Jubbs 4 NR preparation; blocks, all internal parasite cell wall formation.

50,000 rems of radiation will not destroy a neoplastic lifecolloid! Nor, two hundred degrees celcius of heat; or chemotherapy; yet, a nitrogenated ammonium doped isopathic terpin can dissolve all parasite; and neoplasm back into a double spore; and below, that, all is able to become healthy blood again; trephine, is then produced modestly as all know; that, trephine is a hormone that excites re-production; normal cellular repair; and, various other antineoplastic element block(s) such from being released excessively; that includes heavy metals like iodine; cyanide; and, potassium; that act to assist apoptosis;

This researchers approach with Jubbs 4 NR preparation is to provide: an adjunctive; non-cross reacted; integrative; congruent approach; to assist the body’s own immune system; function, again; by, giving the body a chance; that the origin of neoplasm can have been dealt with via opening up the lymph; clearing away cloaking body proteins from dysbiotic lifecolloid; blocking fermentation; making such vulnerable to immune; introducing primitive hydropholic lifecolloid as spore and double spore that is isopathic; that cleans the blood; introducing ones’ own; anti body; and i-toxin; and, numerous other anti-neoplastic isopathic compound; Isn’t this what the bio-terrain actually is in need of?

This may seem too simple to you; yet, it is very simple; and, all neoplastic condition is the same; in, its origin; as, is described above; having arisen from being originally a red blood corpuscle; ok? In colloidal biology a red blood corpuscle has plypotency. And, a red blood corpuscle is far more than a gas transporter; please read Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation to learn more;

The ancient ones used to carvacrol (oregano); thymol (thyme); camphor; and star anise; to preserve; and, block syabiotic bacteria; mold; fungus; and yeast; to preserve; even applied to mummify; ok.

Can you by reading the body; and, blood; and, studying “colloidal biology”; and “Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation”; know a mystery of a twigh-light-zone; of a long lost dimension? Yet, unto them who is without; such a veil pulled back; all is done for you; here in; syntax; it, organizes your DNA; and, RNA; such, is seeing; may see what is said in your own tongue; how you follow instruction of a lifefood lifestyle; and afterwards is what is beneficial isn’t it?

Take a read of “Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation”; and, see what a healthy cycle of the “colloid of life” is; and, see also that blood borne inhibitor; is existing; that, keeps the blood in its proper pH of 7.3; yet, without proper intestinal lifecolloid pro-biotic; even a garden would have become doomed; and, in “lifefood nutritional fasting”; you have a focus on “up-stream” cleaning.

Jubbs 4 NR preparation is “non-toxic”; and, acts to support all other therapy applied; and, is not adversive; yet, on the contrary is “congruent”; and “integrative”; and, can have a better combined impact; than without such;

And, so it is, that the veil of illusion; is pulled away; that the origin of neoplasm arises of no mystery; because, oxidative metabolism, you now know, was blocked; and, extravated red blood corpuscle AFD into neoplastic lifecolloid; that does draw energy from fermentation; and, also becomes animalistic; and, parasitical; in nature; so, in colloidal biology you have blood borne inhibitors of such dysbiotic lifecolloid; as mentioned above; and, such does block parasite via an environment that won’t allow chitin to form; ie pH of blood; it has to have its acid / alkaline buffer; otherwise; parasitical lifecolloid is clearly seen in the blood;

A red blood corpuscle in colloidal biology is of poly-potency; it can become any fixed somatic body tissue; and cell; and, that, body cell can become a red blood corpuscle again; And, this incurs via AFD process; in colloidal biology; This is a brand new insight: yet, as you can see; also of old wisdom; that is the true science of a new frontier in biology; and the nature of this subject matter; the origin of neoplasm;

A paradigm paralysis has existed you’d agree; that has up till this point blocked the view of that useful theory of a “spore”; nor can it have allowed knowing how a cell is formed; nor, what it is composed of; and, what is the qualitative characteristics of a red blood corpuscle; and, also a cell; and, also a symbiotic acidophile; in a probiotic? Did you know, modern medicine is of a dark age of monomorphic imagination; and, only brought what’s unfruitful? Modern medicine(s) monomorphic word has choked thing(s); only lust and a commercial existed; and, deceitful; care sown among thorn; for nothing hidden remained; for all is as a mustard seed; for all giving happens in asking; for seeking has you find; as receiving happens you are asking; and, opportunity is; you; give to the beloved. You can be healed up;

So, this short story is of a true vine; and the masters mentioned above, the handmaiden giants of; colloidal biological insight. For, as a branch not bearing fruit is taken: and, branch that does also; purged; more, fruit is brought forward.

The red blood corpuscle is of poly-potency in haematopoesis in colloidal biology: and, the origin of neoplasm arises from a red blood corpuscle; extravated; outsice capillary walls; in, a fermented bio terrain; that, AFD into neoplasm; and, by changing the bio-terrain; by bringing back

The acid / alkaline buffers; naturally; in the blood; via doing up-stream cleaning; four great circulatory rivers again can flow; stagnation is cleared away; digestion is improved; lymph can then flow; that the cardiovascular system can work properly; that you can have again proper nerve force; and, as blood borne inhibitor is brought in; via acidophile (isopathic form) as “colloid of life”; “lifecolloid as spore”; and “spore” aggregated with other “spore”; that, down regulate all more progressively further developed lifecolloid; back into a double spore stage; and below; that, disassemble dysbiotic bacteria; mold; fungus; and yeast lifecolloid; back to its double spore stage; that, can incorporate back into healthy blood;

Natural pacifarin (anti-biotic) is brought in; that, as indicated is a chitin inhibitor; and, preparation such as Jubbs 4 NR has traces of ammonia; and nitrogen; that along with such terpin dissolves sticky mucous; Lumberkinase from Jubbs lifecolloid pro-biotic provides enzymes to break fibrin deposit down; and dysbiotic encystment; fermentation pathways is also blocked; neoplastic tissue can be cleared away; as also can all dysbiotic lifecolloid from your blood; you can have changed your ways.