PEACE,in life; and, peace lives; peace, acted; will, peace cry sufficient good no longer is it? Can you add another day to your life dear one? As, beauty be to this savage?
Way, that looks death is not separate from life; things, dreamed of totality; is, this beloveds song each of us gives I? For, can you not know the value of cotton left in the field raw un spun; as, beauty is this savage;
Is, I found you landed? Need, you only what you take? Hardened, hearted nature from away over moved; a, wo/man; could you know the beauty of a stone left unpolished; you, are as this savage is?
Preciousness, held it be for nature this voice to listen? Chatters, sorrow mind free; will, you cry to afraid be not? For, isn't it beauty you've learned about; the sound of the crickets and running water; the wind in the trees; and birds singing?
Have, you learned about the value of uncut wood as a savage? Future, wisdom past is of no knowing what wisdom seeks space from a savage be to easy; abused used not is that knowing;
Improving, the past is impossible; improving the future is also impossible it hasn't arrived; and how can you be improving this present rimless now; I aware the mind be empty?
Timeless, now is so elusive; yet, what can you be doing to add another day to your life? For, beauty be to this savage; love David xxx