Young, at heart is a body bore new; a new hearts curiosity;
through life? Creatures, for evil spoken not; for don't children
have their own thoughts?
Awareness, do I you have a path of hollow bones; this, path of
formlessness; re presented by none; your,being here of warmth
and blood; not, an entity fictional of of nobody; a heart,will you
have you found a heart from questions asked?
One, as be May I; beside me walking; not following or leading but
walking beside me? Comes things excellence; you, left your ways
behind; you look upon all the places you've left your self behind;
you can find more to leave?
Changeless, and, the changeful; have you courage to know the
difference? Stellar universal is I as is this absolute solvent; death
not is there?
Soul, a shoe maker repaired; three Suns cycle you walked in this
beloved foot steps; a, walk not talk you'd not have judged; not,
discerning of ones own mind; for this be eternal empty space; I
left tracks through time endearing enduring through out all time?
Shrieked, all mental; shrunken, all be strived not; you look at all
these things in nature living out the art of life in perfect
uniformity; in silent prayer? A, savage be you, only, a mind of
humility; truth, spoken; love Happyface xxx